3D Printed Firearms: A Definitive Guide

A: sudden, radical or complete change.

B: the overthrow of one government or ruler, and the substitution of another by the people.

C: activity or movement designed to effect fundamental changes in the socioeconomic situation.

REVOLUTIONARY: a strong advocate and active supporter of said revolution.

A true revolutionary must be flexible and able to adapt quickly.

With the way the 2nd Amendment is being sandblasted away directly in front of our faces, adaptability is a life or death must.

On August 24th, due to a AG-approved wording change by the system pigs at the ATF, purchasing frames or receivers of any completion percentage, will require licensing paperwork. So in essence, an 80% will require the same exact 4473 paperwork a fully built complete firearm does. This is being done to curbstomp our ability to DIY build without their permission.

If you share the same racial background as me, the federal government has made it loud and clear, that we are the enemy and their number one target. In every non-White neighborhood in this country, those lesser than we, are arming themselves to the teeth. Never in America’s history has it been more crucial to be able to arm, and defend yourself and your family. The system itself hates our whole race. The White race. That is what we’re fighting. Its trivial laws should not impede you in any way.

As revolutionaries, we must be innovative and creative, always ahead of the curve. The ability to clandestinely produce weapons that are useful to us is paramount to our success. We don’t have a trillion dollar defense budget.

Almost every empire or republic, has failed, ended or at minimum started collapsing on itself before 250 years. The Athenian, Roman, Persian, Ottoman, British and if you’ve been outside lately, ours. This 246 year old experiment that’s been a failure from the very beginning and needs to be ripped out from the roots and replaced with something fresh and in our image.

This article was wrote as a guide and direction, for proven applications and equipment, to 3DP at home. Don’t let the ignorant boomer mindset of “cheap plastic trash guns” negatively sway you. 3DP and DIY has come a long way in a very short time. GhostGuns.com said it best “Keep regulating and we will just keep inventing, ignoring, subverting and dissenting. It is impossible to stop us. The signal cannot be stopped.”

They have a countdown clock on their website main page header. As of posting

(11th of July 2022), there are 43 days left currently.

Necessity is the mother of all invention.

Nothing shows that more so than 3DP/DIY.

New great innovations in this realm are coming out all the time and are constantly being engineered to be the best they possibly can. Two things come to mind are the MG-47 belt fed and also the Canzerfaust.

Now, thanks to a brave few that led the way, there is no country on earth that you cant 3DP/DIY a very capable weapon, for both defense and offense. Weapons and their various accessories, magazines, drums, and even ammo (with a more refined skill set).

There is no excuse. No matter your location. Time is literally up.

For beginners, I recommend starting with PLASTIC DEFENCE:

All associated skills of 3DP will come with trial and error. There’s no desktop shortcut. You have to learn and then do. You will mess up more than a couple prints. Prepare to learn. Listen to the proven builders, don’t have an ego going into this. You wont get far.

The list of innovators is long. Most notable are Cody Wilson and his Defense Distributed, setting the groundwork with Liberator. Next in my mind is the man who I’m dedicating this article to, JStark, despite our political disagreements, he was truly a great innovator in the space.

“You cant truly call yourself peaceful unless you are capable of great violence. If you’re not capable of violence, you’re not peaceful, you’re harmless.”

Two relative quotes from George Lincoln Rockwell:

“We are the new barbarians. Forged in iron hardness in the fires of their hate and persecution. All over the world, we wait to pounce.”

“Without a deadly hate of that which threatens what we love, love is an empty word. A catchword for hippies, queers and cowards.”

Here is the most in depth and comprehensive beginners guide I know of. The Complete Getting Started Guide — CTRL+Pew

Where to find 3D Printed Gun Files.

Complete 3DP cant be taught in an article.

Learn everything you can while you still can.

I personally recommend spending a few extra dollars and buying an Ender 5 Plus. But for all intensive basic purposes, an Ender 3 can do everything you need it to. And has by plenty of the top tier level builders in the buildspace. Files exist for almost every common firearm known, along with plenty of custom one-offs.

A few of my favorites:

Plastikov V3

The MacDaddy 2.0

Invader G17

The 3011

JStark’s FGC-9 MKII


Many have paved the way before us. Some paid dearly, and some have paid the ultimate price. Standing against the diseased totalitarian kike system trying to enslave us all. Respect those before you by printing as many of everything you can, now.

Filaments, temperatures, layering and print layouts will come with experience. All the info is out there for you. But just like you the reader, JStark himself had absolutely no experience prior to starting.

You’re out of time. We’re out of time. You have 44 days. If you don’t think they’ll come for non-chassis accessories, printers, etc immediately after their August 24th change, you’re not paying attention. Their laws are not our laws. So they don’t matter. Do what you need to protect yourselves, and stand an offensive when the non-White hoards aren’t able to be controlled by the kikes anymore. Its do or die time.