A Communist Defeat

As I’ve said in the recent past, I’m going to stop using such wishy-washy terms as “liberal”, “left-wing”, “democrat”, etc., and stick to strictly calling things by what they really are. Our political opponents are COMMUNISTS regardless of any degree of shading, etc. Let’s all start to call everything exactly the way it is. This action alone will begin to bring results as the air itself is cleared.

And what is communism other than the alien, Jewish-inspired move to overturn and destroy White, Western, Christian civilization through the means of forced “equality”, the general “dumbing down” and the resultant miscegenation which will send this nation and any other spinning in a downturn – irredeemably – of Third Worldism. So are they insane, are they criminal or exactly what? No matter. This has to be STOPPED.

Unless I am grossly mistaken, this communist move within the United States has NEVER SUFFERED A SINGLE SET-BACK in its long assault against this country’s real values and traditions since the attack began well over a century ago. I wrote earlier about the struggle to prevent the confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and exactly what hinged upon that. It is with an eye toward the overturning of the Roe vs Wade abortion decision. As of this writing, it appears, even according to the enemy media, that Kavanaugh WILL be confirmed. Eventually, the attack will come against Roe vs Wade and the conservatively “stacked” Supreme Court will shoot it down. A communist defeat. The first. Hopefully not the last.

We are a peaceful, tolerant people who were and are just trying to “get by” with our lives, etc. Then entered the alien, Jewish invaders with their conspiracy to not only take us over but to literally wipe us out by corrupting and twisting our culture and our institutions to the point where they barely resemble their former selves. Then, of course, to mix us with niggers, etc., so as to quite effectively erase us from the face of the earth. All of it, be careful to note, done in the name of “fairness”, “justice”, “freedom” and, of course, “equality”. They were able to get many of our own people to join them in this big lie.

All my life I resisted, didn’t give a damn about the “news” because, from the age of fourteen, I, as a member of the National Socialist Youth Movement had learned that all official channels of “information” were enemy controlled and not to be heeded. But, of course, there remains that principle of the “hostile witness” and the being able to learn even from a liar just so long as you knew that a liar he is. Attacks on those people from Rockwell to Wallace and beyond. Then it came 2016 and Trump. This man, I was told, intended to build a wall along the U.S./Mexican border. Wow! Then I became a devotee of the “news”. Lines were drawn and I knew it was no put-on, no bullshit. AND THEN TRUMP WON!! I have previously stated how I, in the wee hours of election morning, shed a tear of joy at that miracle.

No bullshit, indeed. The communists and their minions everywhere have never gotten over that. They can’t even really conceal their hatred and contempt for the man who won the hearts of the true, real Americans which yet remain. And now it’s happened again with Kavanaugh. They went all-out by sending in LIARS and prepped, trained communist agitators to shoot the man down at the last minute exactly the way they had tried it against Trump in 2017. And it failed again. I cannot overstate what a turning point this does represent.

But it’s all been too close, painfully close, and the trends of demographics – the increase of the colored population against the Whites – is going to tell the tale eventually unless something is done. The communists have been having their way, uninterruptedly, over the past century because of the previously entrenched Jewish conspiracy with their money power and their control of the media, etc. However, that has not been all.

In the earliest stages of the Twentieth Century the Jews and their communist dupes decided to TAKE OVER the Democratic Party and turn it to their own use. This they did. What had been the Party of the Old South, the White Man’s Party, was now just a tool of the Jews. Tragically, many stoic Southerners couldn’t see this and actually help elect what – if there were ever a genuine Anti-Christ to appear on the face of the earth – was their champion, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a partial Jew himself.

It was done through the atmosphere of panic due to the Great Depression of 1929 which, again, they themselves had artificially kicked off in order to “redistribute wealth” non-violently as opposed to the way it had been done by their “Russian Revolution” of 1918. Roosevelt forced through Marxist socialism in this country, went on to engineer the Second World War to take out communism’s last significant opposition on the world stage and to set the ball rolling for the so-called “Civil Rights Movement” which today just about has the American society shattered to pieces.

But it has been shown that the Democratic Party, under the auspices of the Jews, at least possesses PARTY UNITY and, yes, even LOYALTY quite similar to that discipline and loyalty as demonstrated by the Communist Party itself. And why not, after all? It doesn’t matter that it is relying upon the efforts of armies of WHITE DUPES to help destroy their country and themselves. The enemy media and so-called “educational system” has long ago rendered these types as nothing more than BRAIN-RAPED ZOMBIES. But they ARE committed to discipline and loyalty and, yes, they are true FANATICS about it.

The Republican Party and conservatism in general lacks all of these things. There is no huge, powerful conspiracy behind them; there is no brain-wash apparatus to swell their ranks with wild-eyed zealots; and there most certainly is no party DISCIPLINE AND LOYALTY. The recent spectacle of some of the more weak-titted and confused senators, etc., among their ranks was enough to make a person sick. They lack a HARD CORE of their own fanatics and this alone can and will spell the difference.

In a long interview with ProPublica recently, I know I disturbed them when I came out and said that we had learned from the failure of the armed revolution attempt of the Eighties and Nineties and now were taking a closer look at the likes of Trump and the U.S. conservative movement in general. Things have changed dramatically and, I stress again, that it is FOR REAL. Even the enemy media can’t resist decrying that this country and its politics have never been more divided than they are now. Their atmosphere is CONFUSION. Our atmosphere is CLARITY. Even as Joseph Tommasi said in the Seventies, HEIGHTEN THE CONTRADICTIONS!!

Commander Rockwell announced the formation of the American Nazi Party in 1959. In 1967 the name was changed to National Socialist White People’s Party for a look and a sound of greater seriousness and believability. How many other such “parties” existed at the same time and for essentially the same purpose? Commander Rockwell made a LEGEND, at least, while none of the others even achieved that much. But as for ever having been any kind of true “party”, I’m afraid not. Not even close. And today it remains the same. And it will always remain this way.

But as the Commander said way back then, IT IS WE WHO ARE OUR OWN PEOPLE’S HARD CORE. As such, we cannot permit ourselves to continue going to waste in this precious role. The Commander envisioned a Right Wing movement operating much the way the communists do, through a Hard Core and working its way out in more “softer” fronts so as to attract less fanatical supporters but in greater numbers. But no. That total lack of DISCIPLINE and LOYALTY prevented the Commander’s dream from becoming reality.

I myself, ahead of the most, disdained totally the thought of anything not overtly National Socialist and not openly displaying the Swastika. I still do. But even as Hitler said in the 1934 film, “Triumph of the Will”, we must in our strategy and our tactics always remain flexible while in our philosophy and our worldview we must remain as hard as steel. Nothing demonstrated the correctness of this outlook greater than the failure of the Munich Revolt of 1923 and the subsequent march to victory in Germany in a legalistic fashion in 1933.

Never would I have, nor did I ever in reality urge anyone to adopt this or that ridiculous “strategy” of the likes of “pull up all roots and move to the North West”. Not even “abandon your life and livelihood and relocate to national headquarters.”


Echoing the “Lone Wolf” strategy. Infiltrate.

You will sacrifice nothing. Join locally and quietly. Keep your more fanatical tendencies quiet for the moment. Become actively involved. Become a leader. Eventually run for office. Don’t do any of this if there is anything in your background that the enemy can use later to destroy you should you begin to achieve success. On the other hand, never back-peddle the way some movement luminaries have done in the past when their backgrounds were blown up in the enemy press. Doesn’t look good and won’t help. There IS a party there, waiting for us and it is up to us to go and assume control of it. Who gives a damn what it may be called or what the condition of it may be at present?

Pipe dream? Can’t be done?

At least it doesn’t sound crazy. At least it doesn’t entail the risky or the dangerous and the illegal. It only requires some DOING on the part of some genuinely CAPABLE and SINCERE individuals.

Remember Hitler walking into the tiny German Workers’ Party in 1919.

Are we or are we not at least the equals of these types filling the ranks of the Republican Party today?

We’ve nothing to lose by it and it may even be fun.

(Perhaps even stir some madness!)