A Study in the Hermetic: A Modern Armanist Monk’s Grail-quest for Aryan Gnosis

What follows will be, what I hope is a recurring yet infrequent publication in which I seek to reproduce the notes from my own hermetic journey. There is no order, or instruction, the inspired will take what they wish, or not.

A disclaimer: much will be made and much will be insinuated about the motivation and implications of such a work. It then must be stated outright the mere exploration of occult themes does not declaim the use of other less NS aligned concepts. Should the reader have any doubts, they should be debased of those now. Both the LHP and RHP are comically misunderstood by nearly all who discuss them. Nietzschean transcendence should be the goal for all true sons of Hyperborea.

As this is derived almost exclusively from my own personal notes, the reader will forgive the lack of proper source documentation for ideas and concepts which will undoubtedly be glossed over in the course of this work. The only modifications made were to spelling and some grammatical adjustments. Where possible, in order to preserve the authenticity of the notes, obvious grammatical changes were omitted. All mistakes and misunderstandings are my own.

I have titled this first entry, An Exploration of Modern Magick; a gnosis of runes

The following notes date from sometime in the summer of 2017. Seeking to emulate my ancestors, at dusk I embarked on a journey of physical and mental trial. Hiking to the top of a hill on lands occupied by members of my bloodline for close to three centuries, I exposed myself to the elements and entered into a deep meditation. I recorded my experiences in what was initially a meditation journal which would in years to come evolve into my “Grimoire.”

What of the runes? How would a manipulation of lines and form have an effect on the casual? One thinks of the rune streams of Thorsson the runes as keys for the aspiring shaman to tap into cosmic ley-lines which themselves preserve the echos of the Ginnungagap. It is clear such objects, such forms, such cosmic cryptokeys are more than a mundane form of notation. Many hours have I spent in deep contemplation of the mudras of the east. Serrano spoke of these too. I have born witness first hand to the utility of these god-forms when used to focus the mind. I am convinced true gnosis can only begin once one has developed the god-mind: the ability to see past the fiction of consciousness, to debase oneself of the backward notion that a mariner sails themselves a machine within the mind. Nonsense. This childish Semitic-derived concept of simian brained free will and choice which provides crude justification for passing modernity-inspired judgment from a position of slave-wrought divine authority.

Deep within the god-mind I believe I have found the answer to such ideas, or at least glimpsed the answer when I have rid myself of surface level concerns. Much more work will have to been done, but suffice for the present, the utility of the mudras in this endeavor is beyond reproach. It would stand to reason then, as Serrano and List and Thorrson have, that the signs and angles, those god-wrought runes, preserved by aryan masters – sensationalized as those of Agartha – themselves are also useful in pursuit of the gnosis of the god-mind. It was in such a mind that I undertook this night’s ritual. I formed the circle as is written, hallowed with sage as is known and warded as per the instructions, evoking Fjolnir as the knower of the runes, and elhaz as shield. Nine runes I formed in the center, the number of mystic gnosis, nine the nights Farmr galga hung. As Haptasnytrir I deprived myself of food for nine days in preparation, a lamentably trifling homage, on these runes, this bind of my god-minds creation I focused, allowing my breathing to fall into the rythym of no mind, in and out, in and out, never counting, never allowing the ghosts of modernity, those who seek to ruin gnosis through temporal concerns and want, to intrude upon the sanctum of my inner mind. I do not know how long this trance persisted. It was dark when I began and it was dark when I ended. I took no time keeper as instructed, my possessions were meager. The means to make fire, a whether-worn blanket of natural fibers, my knife inscribed with runes of poetry, preserved meats and water for the rituals conclusion, a pen and this journal.

When my eyes opened I glimpsed in the still-warm coals of my fire [that which] I had sought: the meaning of the runes. They are guides, a gift. Tool. Relics of long ago age to focus to the god-mind, learned by ancient masters to assist we, the devolved of the present. Jost speaks of this preserved ancient wisdom. Serrano too. This is the Golden Thread or a strand of it. Lanz also speaks of the ancient’s innate abilities: he mentions the control of the body electric. It is deeper than this. All things are atoms, bound by invisible yet empirically observed force which adheres to its own laws, yet to be fully grasped, but made fact and understood by science as gravity. What if through rigorous training of the god-mind we could do as Lanz describes? Convoke true Vril into the casual, demand as our ancestors did through pure Will to Power that the cosmos adhere to our will. This is Aryan wisdom. Aryan magick. This is the secret of the Runes, known to List, perhaps to Willingut. They provide a path to a power we cannot begin to grasp due to our involution but can access.

I remained at the top of the hill until sun-up at which point I ate and drank, breaking my fast. Descending to my home I began a prolonged period of silence wherein I contemplated what I had be shown, recording the above.