Too few will know what “ATWA” means. But the initials simply stand for “Animals, Trees, Water and Air”. This is the creation of none other than Charles Manson who will one day – after all the smoke and the poison within our culture has dissipated and blown away – be recognized as the environmental champion par excellence.

There are those who expressed the need of a statement on our part outlining our stance on environmentalism. Right enough. But I couldn’t title it that way. The reason being that the concept and even the word itself have been so co-opted by our enemies, the liberals and the communists, that I find it hard to even spit them out.

Why is this? Exactly as with everything else they touch, even things which might be of value if taken correctly, so-called “environmentalism” has been thoroughly sullied and ruined. Why, again? And, again, it is because of the very nature of these same liberals and communists, etc., to turn everything they touch into “phony baloney”, a mere hook to get otherwise good and sincere people involved in their garbage, spin their wheels, but become otherwise caught up in their poisonous, left wing crap.

These types are serious and real when it comes down to their assaults against White, Western civilization which they hate and want to see destroyed. But anything and everything which might otherwise be seen as “helpful” is but a sham. Manson himself would point to them and observe, “They go out to these ‘Save the Environment’ rallies, basically all ‘show, blow and go’, then hop back into their cars, go home and turn on the lights.”

I bump into them myself when out walking in the downtown in the form of “Greenpeace”. Those trying to get money from me is an impossibility. My trying to set them straight on exactly what genuine environmentalism would call for is equally an impossibility. So it stands.

Sure, maybe we all can refrain from littering and perhaps indulge in some recycling. But, as we would like to say back in Ohio, that’s about like pissing in Lake Erie. And I well recall the time when the fish from out of that lake, as well as the rivers back there, could not be eaten due to the amount of pollutants they had ingested. Happily, this is no longer the case and so we see that improvement can be made.

The point to remember is that any improvement of this nature and on a scale that really matters has got to come from above and not below. It must be by governmental command. It has to be made the law. State power. At all times that must be the goal. Only then can a comprehensive program be placed into action and enforced and real and rapid change be affected. Otherwise, it pretty much remains at that same level of “show, blow and go”. I don’t know about you but we haven’t got time for that.

One will never know the pain I experience whenever I catch one of these ads about the endangerment to animals or the forestation or the ocean, etc. They want your money. I’m naturally in favor of anything which would alleviate any of this kind of danger or suffering. But how can we be sure? We can’t.

Some years ago I found myself in the middle of a situation wherein a colony of about nine feral cats was about to lose its home. A property had sold. There was no way in hell that I could have stood by and watched this occur. Yes, I did try to reach one of these pro-animal organizations which advertises quite heavily but found it to be impossible. So much for that. I had to take it on my own.

You see, feral cats cannot be adopted out as they are mainly wild. So you can forget the humane society unless you don’t care that they are right away euthanized. Personally, I’ve always held animals in greater value and esteem than humans. Yes, you can live-trap them and remove them some distance away but will there be adequate shelter for them, a food and water source, etc.? But, at any rate, under such circumstances they will always try to find their way back “home” and will likely perish in the attempt.

No, first you must find for them, ideally, a “tack barn” or some other similarly enclosed structure where they can be held for at least thirty days until they have come to realize that this is their new home. At that point they can be released, ideally again, into a country setting but near to that solid shelter. I spent one whole month burring up my telephone time as I networked trying to locate just this very thing. As you may assume, it was not easy. But I’m sure that something in my voice conveyed the urgency of the situation and ultimately it was accomplished.

Then utilizing borrowed live-traps came that period of catching them. This was heart-rending in itself. Two traps and, with luck, two cats per night. The very first to go was naturally the most tame and friendly of the lot. Their usual food source had to be eliminated and the only food placed inside the traps. That was a cold and rainy month and I didn’t get much sleep. The woman with the barn would make approximately a hundred-mile round trip for each pair of cats until it was done.

On one occasion I found that I had caught two more cats only to find a little later than someone had actually released them. Not a chance of ever catching them again. So I provided for them nearby and they were with us for a few more years, living quite well. The very last one only died last month of very old age and I had his body cremated. (You see, “animal control” will pick up the body if it is left by the curb and will then take it to the dump. You don’t do this with a creature with whom you’ve had a very real relationship.)

So one could say that, in these areas, I am committed.

I think that here we are regarding direct action. Here was extremism that did some direct good and, I assure you, won me the respect and admiration of the neighborhood. And this sort of thing in itself can and does pay dividends.

If I could do something, anything, to clean up the oceans or the skies, you may be certain that I would. If I could do anything to prevent the further predation of any animal species, I would. I would hang up high and in public any and all who would so violate the sanctity of God’s nature in full view of the general public and this sort of thing would soon be erased. But I can’t. And those who advocate actions far less severe are merely blowing smoke. So it will remain for a time uncertain.

Manson and the rest of us who will forever honor his name and memory are different also in another, very major respect. Racial hygiene. Sure, the “developed” countries are emitting the most pollutants by virtue of their heavy industry, etc. But, as I have said, this sort of thing can be altered at a command once the proper leadership has assumed its place. And I say again to hang ’em high any who go against a command of this sort. But travel to any Third World area – or, hell, to any “ghetto” in this country – and see how they live. They exist in garbage. They generate the garbage in which they live. Whites – unless they are absolute renegades – do not live this way.

The very ones who sit in charge today and for a very long time past and who are also the ones to persist in the destruction of the common environment are at the same time the ones in line for the destruction by gradual erasure of the White race. They either don’t give a damn for anything but their own profits or else they are actively, consciously part of the Satanic conspiracy which has as its stated goal – and has had now for thousands of years – the death of the White race. I speak of Jews and their psychic kin.

Here is the challenge and the only real issue. Remove this cancerous tumor within our national body or else see it eventually, sure as hell, kill the whole entity. “Tolerate a little cancer?”

Now you can go out and wear outlandish costumes, even commit certain criminal acts all ostensibly in the name of the environment and no one will raise much of an eyebrow. You may collect paltry sums of money on the street to “save the whales” but their numbers are still shrinking. (And we just don’t have zoos for the great whales.) And you may even go home feeling good about yourself for having done so. But get to the bottom of the issue and you begin to encounter serious trouble.

Race. Whites, when left alone and their highly evolved instincts remain untainted by liberal/communist influence, will gravitate toward the proper direction. And, especially when they are led and represented by a true, White leadership, they can move mountains, work miracles. Today they are not only burdened by an impossible and unnatural load of useless human types, not only poisoned and turned against themselves by an unnatural and alien “culture” and brainwash, they are MISLED by a thoroughly EVIL kind of scum-of-the-earth type of sub humanity and in many cases those of our own blood having succumbed and gone over to the cause of the enemy himself. We see and live within the result of all this.

This is the real cause, the real issue. And nothing of any significance can be accomplished unless and until it is finally resolved. Either that or the slow but sure death of the entire planet.

Coloreds are basically included whenever speaking of the flora and fauna. That used to be the clear message one received whenever reading an issue of National Geographic magazine. Today, with a Jewess in control, that is no longer the message. Now the message is a lie. The lie dominates all. They hail the lie. Should you dare to – or are even capable of – questioning the lie then you let yourself in for very serious persecution. For until all light has been extinguished, the lie cannot safely and securely pass itself off as “truth”. Here you have your so-called “hate laws”.

So don’t kid yourself. The environment IS in danger. So much so that one cannot think otherwise than that a great climax is being approached. However, it all hinges upon the reality that a great EVIL is in control of all of the workings of the great nations of the earth. And, by that, I mean the WHITE nations of the earth who alone would have the desire and the capacity to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And should they succumb to the push that is now on, full blast, for race-mixing then it is a 100% guarantee that the earth and ALL life on it will DIE.

And, ask yourself, who or what could be behind a program such as that?