Agents Provocateur

As old as modern society everywhere are the police agents who are sent in to spy and/or generate trouble where there otherwise wouldn’t be any.

I’ve seen my share. I never had any difficulty understanding that such things went on whereas a great many others seemed to remain unawares. It’s simply a standard ploy.

Commander Rockwell, in an apocryphal tale, would call over to the FBI office in Washington, D.C., and ask them to send him more infiltrators like so-and-so because he really needed all the help and support that a good agent would provide.

That’s just it. To ingratiate one’s self, to build one’s credibility. Unless that much is accomplished then the agent isn’t going to be of much use. Then one has to judge what the ultimate aim of this individual might be. Merely to gather information? Perhaps to sow disunity in the ranks? Or maybe to actually set one or more persons up for a criminal fall?

I believe I’ve witnessed all levels but how to be sure unless there does follow actual arrests and criminal prosecution with the agent or agents themselves appearing on the witness stand for the prosecution?

The old Right Wing bullshit of accusing this or that former associate of being an FBI/Queer/Jew simply because there has been a personal falling out doesn’t exactly help matters. For one, it spreads paranoia. (And one of my life-long mottos has been, “FIGHT PARANOIA!”) For another, it tends to cheapen the enmity of the very real threat of infiltration. For yet another, it practically renders impossible any chance of later reconciliation.

So be careful. Avoid steps that cannot be retraced.

Those who have met me may be sick by my seeming lack of interest or concern in private backgrounds. No. It’s just my ages-old training in “THE NEED TO KNOW”. I don’t need to know what you do for a living, etc. I don’t need to know what kind of weapons you may own. I don’t need to know – and I surely don’t want to know-what you may be up to. And so forth.

Conspiracy – talk – has probably put away more good comrades than any action ever taken, legal or otherwise.

Happily we today are moving away from the kind of situation where a scenario of that kind is possible. Actually I began saying years ago that if they want to plant someone next to me, they’ll have to by necessity come in accompanied by a full brass band. There’ll be no “sneaking” in as I am a lone wolf.

I’ve never been set up. I’ve done jail and prison time but only because I was guilty as hell. Handling that sort of thing is another story, however. Frankly, I have never seen smoke where there has not been actual fire. In other words, we have to cooperate in the very machinations of these police agents in order for them to succeed.

Let me digress just a bit and say that it just LOOKS BAD, even pitiful, when any movement member – once having been arrested, tried and convicted – claims to have been 100% set up by the police. Was he an idiot? Is he still an idiot? Has he not learned anything by the experience? Is he apt to do it again, perhaps endangering others who may trust him as a leader? These are serious considerations.

It’s hard to say, “I got fucked.” But truth is truth.

I hope everyone reading this article will be keeping up on the four-volume set of reprints of “The Stormtrooper” magazine being now published by Siege Culture. Because in those pages Commander Rockwell stresses over and over about not only how we must not BREAK the law, moreover, we don’t NEED to break the law. Some people, however, don’t possess a full grasp of the geo-political picture and get impatient. But also this is the favorite playing ground for the agent provocateur.

And if it’s hard to say, “I got fucked.”, then it’s impossible to say, “I fucked myself.”

I’ve never heard anyone admit to this even though I’ve seen the situation repeated too many times.

“To Serve and Protect”. That’s the motto down both sides of most police cruisers here in the United States. But back when I was really feeling the pinch of way too much police attention, I changed it to the much more appropriate, “To Harass and Disrupt”. The police mindset is still one more topic that needs its own separate article.

If there is one word for it then that word must be ENTRAPMENT. Within the pages of “Siege” I know I went into some great detail about an infiltration attempt I experienced during the early 1980s. Very professional and well-financed. Went on for about three years with the credibility and ingratiation stage. I realized it all along. The “brass band” I spoke of earlier. It’s a dangerous game and one really should not get involved in it. But just as with polite invites to come down to the station and have a chat with detectives, I wanted to know what it was they wanted to know.

Finally I found out that they wanted to use me as a bridge to get next to three of the then most prominent movement leaders in the country. Once having ascertained this, I went to an excellent attorney I’d made the acquaintance of previously – ex-FBI – and gave him the story. He quickly found out that these people were with a private detective outfit near the State Capital of Columbus, Ohio. To get the full story would require some bucks. As the three men were the ultimate targets of this, I wrote each one and said I would need about $500 From each to go forward with the investigation. Not one responded. Later came the Ft. Smith, Arkansas, sedition trial with each one of them hauled into court and with one of the infiltrators I had identified as a State’s witness. Then they were willing to listen. I may have included that this was one of the reasons I first ceased publication of “Siege”, the newsletter. Right Wing bullshit.

But perhaps the best ever illustration of this sort of thing that I have ever witnessed is one that, for whatever reason, I don’t think I have ever related on paper. Classic. Textbook, as they say.

It was late in the 1970s and the big communist push for school bussing for the purpose of school integration was on hot and heavy. Two Right Wing brothers in Ohio thought they’d “push back”, as the saying now goes. There commenced the typical Right Wing meetings dedicated to the matter. The old “show, blow and go” routine. But I felt it my duty to at least show as I had known the two for some years.

One day the leader of the two told me he had a new head of security for his group. I asked how well he knew this person. He told me of a “master stroke” he had devised on the subject: He said he had two applicants for the position and that he had them check each other out. The winner was the one who did the best job. Why, natch! The informant working for the police did the better job!! He got the spot.

Some short time later I was arriving home and was informed that I had an urgent call from the father of the two men. It was all over the news, they had both been arrested and charged with plotting to plant a bomb under the elementary school where the daughter of the federal judge presiding over the local school bussing program attended.

I and one other comrade gathered what was requested by the court-appointed attorneys and headed straight off for the fifty-mile trip. One attorney was the sort you wouldn’t want defending you on a traffic ticket. But the other was a genius to put Perry Mason to shame. So goes it with court-appointed representation. We were asked to present our own identification first. Then the photos of the accusers which I had been careful to take at one of the meetings. The attorney said he’d be right back. When he did return, he had determined that here were members of the police, the fire department and one plain, old fashioned agent provocateur.

(Yes, this was the same attorney I went to later.)

Now all of this was just before the breaking of the DeLorean case and the Abscam case in the world news. These both turned out to be what was then called ENTRAPMENT cases but at this moment in time the world had yet to become acquainted with such dealings. More to the point, the average person – from whom juries are selected – still couldn’t believe that such things even took place.

The agent came to the two men and suggested some sort of dramatic action be taken to get things really stirred up. He said that “Terry” could build and plant a bomb for them. A logical target might be that school. All that was required would be for the two of them to SUPPLY THE MONEY to purchase the bomb-making ingredients. When the elder of the two got to feeling a little queasy about the whole thing and attempted to back out, the agent warned that “Terry” would be very pissed off by this and might just plant the bomb under their own house! And so it went forward, right up to the moment of the arrest.

Every detail of this came out in federal court. I attended each day of the week-long trial. At one point the attorney had the agent crying like a baby on the witness stand. And yet the jury took practically no time in returning with a conviction. The judge jerked back at the news of the verdict as though he had been electrically shocked. In the end he was as light on them as he could be, even sending them to a white-collar facility together. But only afterward came Delorean and Abscam, a little late for their purposes. Five years for being stupid and weak.

“Avoid even the appearance of evil.” You ought to know what book that came out of. It was the same even two thousand years ago.

If we ever needed this sort of thing, we don’t need it now. And if we ever could afford this sort of thing, we can no longer afford it. Best news of all is that we are moving to a new stage where we are becoming almost immune from this type of infiltration. That and the fact that there is plenty of real terrorism being carried out by those not connected with ourselves in any way.

Remember, the agents will go free while you go to prison.