An American Nazi Looks at “The Holocaust”

Probably my own first, personal glimpse at a sight from what later became known as “The Holocaust” was a double-page spread in one of my father’s mens magazines. A huge pit filled with dead, emaciated bodies. Wow! Here was a sight not often – if ever – encountered. Certainly not thus far in my young lifetime. The year no doubt was around 1961. It was also around the time of the kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann by Jews in Argentina and the sensation arising from that. Prior to that time, not much.

Years later Commander Rockwell wrote that his was happening when it was in answer to renewed, world-wide Nazi activity as spearheaded by himself and his American Nazi Party. It only just makes sense. At the kangaroo court held by the so-called “Allies” in Nuremberg during 1945-1946, defendants such as Hermann Goering were tying the prosecution up in knots until films from some of the concentrations camps were brought forth. This more than “levelled” the playing field in favor of the prosecution. It stunned and sickened even the German defendants. From that point it was all downhill for them until the time of the hangings each of which was conveniently “botched” to last up to half an hour before death finally ensued.

Can one believe their eyes? Short answer, yes. But exactly what was it they were seeing? Horrific scenes from camps located in the west such as Belsen and Buchenwald. Places where starvation had begun setting in months before due to the total disruption of any transport by “Allied” dominance in the air. Were the Germans to permit their own good citizens to starve before inmates of criminal facilities? That alongside mass outbreaks of typhus is what created all that carnage.

Heinrich Himmler is well-known for having begun negotiations with the brother of the King of Sweden and the Swedish Red Cross to start getting some of these inmates out and to where they could be better cared for. This kind of testimony at Nuremberg or any place else would have been most inconvenient for the “Allies” and so Himmler was murdered while in British custody (contrary to popular mythology that he committed suicide.) As for Count Bernadotte? He was murdered some years later in Palestine by Jewish terrorists.

United States Senator from Ohio, Robert Taft, was at the time outspoken against the concept of these so-called “war crimes trials” on the basis of two things: Ex Post Facto law which meant that the “laws” and the “charges” all were created after the fact expressly to fit those to be charged with “something”; And the fact that the victors were the accusers, judge, jury and executioner. A legal and moral outrage. AT the time when the so-called “United Nations” had already been formed, the thing to have done – if all of this was even for real – would have been to choose nations which had been neutral throughout the war. Nations such as Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and so forth.

But to think thus is to entirely miss the point. Roosevelt’s brainchild, the “United Nations”, was brought into being at the height of the Second World War. The target? You guessed it. Just when the war was turning clearly against the Axis – meaning Europe itself – all of those many second-and-third-rate countries of the world unmistakably were getting the message that they’d better now fall into line with the way that the wind was blowing if they cared at all about their own future. The “Allies” themselves had demonstrated they’d not stop at invading and occupying sovereign nations such as Iran, Iceland and those of North Africa.

The great masses of people are really, really stupid. Always have been. Always will be. And the World Enemy knows this the best. And he makes the best use of it.

Total hypocrisy. Total illegality. All of it artificially draped in the robes of the highest of morality and the highest of legality. Easy done when your opponents literally have no power or voice. What there was at the close of the Second World War was a COMPLETE LOCK upon the Earth by the forces of the World Enemy, the Jews and their accomplices. That is the sad fact. And to hell with any view toward any Third World locale, look instead to the formerly White nations – victor and vanquished alike – and see what they have degenerated into after close to a century of Jewish domination. You may then begin to see who is the attacker and who is the attacked.

The Second World War was engineered by World Jewry to physically TAKE OUT its serious opposition in the world, to SILENCE it and, ever afterward, to CRIMINALIZE it. It is right here that “The Holocaust” comes in. It is right here where any rational and intelligent discussion ends. Emotion and reaction and, should that fail, quasi-legal persecution take over. You can’t even QUESTION this just like you once couldn’t question the Earth revolving around the Sun.

And now perhaps we get into the meat of the issue.

What did I know about the Jews as a fourteen-year-old kid when I joined Rockwell’s Youth Movement? Only that I liked them as entertainers, etc. Rockwell himself was one of the first pioneers – the lonely few – who were strenuously debunking “The Holocaust” even though that name had yet to become the trademark which it is today. He was made out to appear as a complete “nut” when up against such “evidence” as those pictures I began this article with. Here was a tremendous challenge. We today enjoy TONS of material, literature and evidence of our own which literally demolishes the big lie of the so-called “Holocaust”. Rockwell had not this luxury.

Rockwell cited the experiment he tried in about 1958 when he submitted a totally fictitious concoction of his own to one men’s magazine centered around “Nazi atrocities”. As he revealed, they not only accepted the story for publication, paid him for it but they produced their own illustrations to accompany it! Conclusion? Any damned lie – so long as it seems to come from the “proper” and “accepted” angle – can expect to be published as FACT. Most oddly enough, I did the very same thing myself while still in middle school. I was a dues-paying member at the time and I wrote a terrible tale on the same theme and submitted it in English class. Never received it back or discovered what kind of grade I may have gotten on it however.

I lived for a time in Poland during the early years of this century. Loved the place and its people. Poland used to house most of the Jews of the world. (Today it is the United States.) And today one would be hard-pressed to bump into a Jew in Poland. They went somewhere. Of course, I visited Auschwitz. A damned nice place, I thought. I’ve been myself in far worse lock-ups right over here. (And the “gas chamber” and crematoria were located well OUTSIDE the compound wire meaning that no one went there unless they were ALREADY DEAD.)

The Jews carefully hung all of this “criminal activity” onto the German SS. At Nuremberg the SS was declared to be “a criminal organization” so the lowliest raw recruit was in for a hell of a time. Why this? Because the membership of the SS was literally the best of the best. And the Jews and their communist agenda specifically TARGETS the best of the best, the cream of the crop and all forms of EXCELLENCE. Their goal is a mud and mediocrity planet. One which they can rule over openly.

As a National Socialist and one long-since having been fully apprised on the score behind “The Holocaust” right alongside the role of the Jews in world historic affairs and the tremendous harm they have inflicted upon the White race, I say that I would be greatly disappointed and downright PISSED OFF had not the Germans done their utmost against these people while they had the chance. After all, with the cameras grinding, Hitler did state that, should world Jewry succeed in touching off another world war, the result would be the end of the Jewish race in Europe.

“Gas chambers”? No. It is a disproven lie. Flat out. But it does capture the imagination. The image of “innocent victims” being herded to their deaths at the hands of cold-blooded murderers. Those poor, innocent Jews being done to death on orders of a mad man. There could have been no doubt then or now as to the reaction which could have been expected to a thing of this sort on the part of the masses of people. Calculated to CRIMINALIZE their opponents.

The Jews of the world at that time – and still largely today – had control of the greatest nations of Earth. Churchill was partly Jewish, as was Roosevelt, and I’ll come out on a limb here and state that Stalin too was probably part Jewish. Their regimes were Jewish-dominated. Their respective medias were Jewish-dominated. Each of their agendas mirrored one another. It was more of a subtle world lock at that time. But then came Hitler and action had to be taken.

The mighty Jews were outside his realm and surrounded and attacking Europe. But within his realm Hitler had the bio-mass of the Jews. Where did all the Jews go? The big killings, even as they say, went on in the East where most of the Jews were to be found. The German advance of 1941 was so swift that many of these Jews weren’t able to flee eastward with the Red Army. The Germans along with the White Europeans of these eastern territories FULLY KNEW what these Jews were all about. They WERE the Reds, they WERE the oppressors, the torturers, the overlords of most recent months and years. They KNEW because they had seen and felt it at first hand.

“Now we’ve gotcha!”

And the mass shootings commenced, largely at the hands of the respective native people but under the auspices of the German Army. Mainly Polish old-timers were fond of saying that Hitler had it right when it came to the Jews. Manson said that, “Hitler levelled the karma of the Jews.” A huge clean-up took place. Hallelujah!

But this truth wouldn’t play all that well, that is from the Jewish standpoint, alongside their own Holohoax rendition. But it is true that hell was really packin’ ’em in during the early 1940s.

So much for “The Holocaust”, a work left uncompleted.