And the Truth is…

One doesn’t have to preach hate or violence although simply refraining from doing so will not prevent one from being called a “hater” or a “domestic terrorist”, etc. Still, this provocation should not be taken as any kind of go-ahead for actually living up to those epithets.

It’s not necessary to hate anyone. And to ever resort to violence, at least within the setting we have here at present, is to buck up directly against the admonition of Saint John when he said, “He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.” Translated, this means should you so much as pick up a pea-shooter you’ll right away be facing the S.W.A.T. team.

The violence will continue and it will increase but let it do so without us. We should know better. We have no control over it. We do not advocate it as demonstrated by these very words. We counsel against it, once more as demonstrated by these pronouncements. But we do understand that this is a nation beset by an ever-growing number of alienated individuals who are, step-by-step, arriving at their respective breaking points. As there is no resolution to the situation which breeds these feelings and, to most, no constructive or positive channel for their anger and frustration, they will continue to go off.

We tell our people this: Your life and liberty are precious. We need you with us to help awaken the rest of our people. Going and taking out one or a handful of others will in the end achieve nothing except to take YOU out of the picture and provide more grist for the mill of the enemy media. Don’t waste your time and, more importantly, don’t waste yourself. It’s been tried, I assure you, and we have seen the results. It is a negative and a loss. Don’t do it.

We don’t need violence. We can’t use it. If we today are so impulsive as to give way to such urges – no matter how seemingly justified – we play directly into the hands of the enemy. Let’s not, therefore, be foolish.

I can and do say this because the reality is that we have always had TRUTH on our side. Some kind of “moral victory”? No. I myself don’t have any time for that sort of thing. More a case of pure physics. You know, “equal and opposite reaction” plus “cause and effect”. That sort of thing. The man jumping off the high building may think he’s “defying gravity” and, for a short while, he is. But that ground does come up very suddenly and very hard.

We have a society, a culture, a civilization which has quite literally jumped off of a high roof and presently is in free fall. This is absolutely nothing new. They’ve all done it, every great culture that has ever risen and then fallen has done it exactly this way. But, as I’ve stressed in the past, THIS TIME is different in the respect that, one, our present fall has been deliberately RED-LINED by an identifiable group and, two, the whole process was predicted – prophesized – and literally FORESEEN two thousand years ago. So who’s kidding who?

Everyone is blind, running around with their heads up their asses. They have embraced the culture of death and, as the book says, “with hell they are in agreement”. They’ll kill you and believe that they are, again in the words of the book, “believe they’re doing the Lord’s work.” Hard Left or Hard Right, it matters not. They both fall into this category. Never think otherwise as it’ll cost you.

The LIE is in total charge. It may seem to be making some kind of “go” of it because that which it targets the highest – the White, productive element of the population – as yet hangs on, suffering and groaning but still shouldering it all. Remove that and hell rises. I’ve said it and I’ll keep on saying it: If you really want to see the final outcome of this great, liberal-democratic experiment, you don’t need to wait. Just travel to ANY Third World spot and have a good look around. Nice? Anything to be desired? Any sort of goal worth going after? That kind of world which you would want to bequeath to your grandchildren?

Well, it’s coming here and at a steady pace.

This couldn’t be the case without MILLIONS of duped Whites taking part in it and, yes, shouldering it as well. Brain-raped as we call it. All of their instincts having been perverted. Self-hate, actually. How could such a thing come to pass? Media monopoly. Buy it all up and then it becomes your own plaything. That’s easy enough to check out. We know and we state flatly that this has been the work of Jews going back more than a century. It’s only a fact. But is it “hate”? It’s certainly not a lie. Since its beginning, however, it has been willingly joined by these same millions of previously duped minions who don’t even need to be told what to say: They are unable to say anything other than what has been planted in their brains.

And with all that “education” – read CONDITIONING – they’ll spit and sneer at anyone who assumes a different stance. I’m afraid they’re like rabid dogs.

This truly is then one hell of a spot. The prognosis isn’t a very pretty one. How could it be what with the “best” who are running the show all in lock-step with the drum beat of death? Yet decency and civilization have come through in the past and they’ll come through now. The hard part is that we just can’t see it right now, the way of it, that is.

So what then is the big truth and the big enemy? What is that thing which you can point a finger at without necessarily being seen right away as a “hater”? For we must not fall into the trap deliberately set by the enemy and ourselves trigger the knee-jerk reflexes which he has planted within the entire population. Only a genuine grasp of the TRUTH and the appropriate means of handling it can avoid this.


Confusion is the answer. That is what is killing us.

Confusion within your own bodily system is what will unleash the cancer that will kill you as an individual. You don’t “catch” cancer. It develops from within. At present we are stricken with SOCIAL CANCER.

Just as with the appearance of AIDS – a message from God, if you like – which was unheeded as what it really was… a sign to KNOCK OFF CERTAIN UNNATURAL BEHAVIOR OR PAY THE PRICE… these people sought only some means by which to go on with their abominations and thumb their noses at the natural reaction. No lesson taken.

“Diversity”. In the book this is referred to as “confusion of face”. It is forbidden to us by God himself. Now there doesn’t have to be “hate” and there doesn’t have to be “supremacy”. But there does have to be CLARITY, which is the opposite of confusion. “Democracy”. I prefer to call this managed confusion with only the plotters at the top being the managers. You’re supposed to hail and embrace this “diversity” and this “democracy”. It is a shell game and we as a people have been losing steadily at it throughout our long history on this planet.

These brain-raped dupes positively HATE Donald Trump with a passion for, among other things, his motto of, “Make America Great Again”. Anyone would sense that this can only mean, “Make America White Again”. So the inference is that America is no longer great at present. But it once was. And that would be back before all of this damnable DIVERSITY had a chance to set in. These types actually LOVE THE DISEASE which is killing us! Maybe it’s largely a matter of they themselves simply not being of our own stock. If there is any real hate involved anywhere, it is coming from their direction and toward ourselves.

But I would say to them also: Go and live in a Third World spot. Who would you hate then? What would you or could you do? Why, you’d get out of there if you could, come here and then begin agitating against the White order as it remains which is the ONLY THING separating this place from that!! Insane? Criminal? Evil? It hardly matters.

Stricken by confusion. With nobody save ourselves calling it as such. Do they hope for improvement? They cannot and will not face the reality and pronounce the proper diagnosis. What chance then? To attack us ever more vehemently for calling it as it is? We spoil the dream, or the nightmare, for them. Without us naming the truth, then the lie could much more easily be ‘able to masquerade as the “truth”. That’s the reason that they hate us!

But there’s your truth, as plain as I can make it.

Let us base all of our thoughts, all of our words and all of our actions upon it.