New Book by James Mason: Out of the Dust

The American Futurist is pleased to announce the release of James Mason’s book Out of the Dust which is a collection of biographical tales, ideological articles and more by James Mason. Volumes One and Two will be available for download below. Out of the Dust Volume One Out of the Dust Volume Two Please keep […]

James Mason Prison Articles

As an announcement, the essays and articles written by James Mason in the 1990s under the pseudonym of Robert Burns (James Mason’s favorite cigar brand) while in Colorado State Penitentiary for Firearms Charges, all the essays are in the form of two PDFs and made as books. Volume One of his essays tends to deal […]

New James Mason Video: GLR-A Retrospective & More

As an announcement, the documentary on George Lincoln Rockwell known as “George Lincoln Rockwell – A Retrospective” made by James Mason has been re-released on the JamesMasonVideos Odysee Channel. Check it out below. George Lincoln Rockwell-A Retrospective Also check out the other documentary done on George Lincoln Rockwell by James Mason covering George Lincoln Rockwell’s […]

Interview with an Attempted Mass Shooter

This article contains the letters and art given to James Mason from Lindsay Souvannarath. Lindsay herself is quite the person of interest. She is half Asian and half White and was the former girlfriend of the former admin of Ironmarch Alexander Slavros (who himself is also half Asian and half White). Lindsay gained her fame […]

More Truth

Last entry on this subject – although we deal only in the truth – was headed, “And the Truth Is”. In it we stated that the true enemy of all civilization and decency was CONFUSION. Going further we pointed out that CONFUSION is, in all reality, what is represented by EVIL. To the opposite, it […]

Nazi Humanitarians?

Sounds highly contradictory, doesn’t it? That however is due entirely to the atmosphere made up almost exclusively of lies, generated and maintained by the enemy, alien Jewish media. In effect, the image held in the minds of most people regarding anything “Nazi” is really of a JEWISH “Nazism”! Take that piece of crap, “Hogan’s Heroes”, […]

Trump II

Those who have been with us for awhile will know that we launched this series about a year-and-a-half ago with a feature entitled simply, “Trump”. One could say that we are now two years in with regard to the Trump presidency. I think it’s time to take some stock on what’s been transpiring during this […]