That Poisonous Crap

I lambasted the Church pretty well in the pages of SIEGE nearly forty years ago and have had no occasion to turn back upon anything I wrote then. Let it stand. But it was Manson who stressed that all of the formerly White institutions had died and rotted away, becoming in essence, tools in the […]

And the Truth is…

One doesn’t have to preach hate or violence although simply refraining from doing so will not prevent one from being called a “hater” or a “domestic terrorist”, etc. Still, this provocation should not be taken as any kind of go-ahead for actually living up to those epithets. It’s not necessary to hate anyone. And to […]

November 9th

As National Socialists the date November 9th stands out on any calendar along with April 20th and January 30th as the most sacred and significant of holidays. (And what is a “holiday” but a Holy Day, to be kept separate?) However it is of the utmost importance that we never allow our holidays to become […]

Day of the Martyrs

…or rather Night of the Martyrs as it was in the wee hours of October 16th, 1946, that close to a dozen of the finest men who ever lived went to the gallows in Nuremberg, Germany. This is not to bewail the details of that but it is necessary in order to set the tone […]

A Communist Defeat

As I’ve said in the recent past, I’m going to stop using such wishy-washy terms as “liberal”, “left-wing”, “democrat”, etc., and stick to strictly calling things by what they really are. Our political opponents are COMMUNISTS regardless of any degree of shading, etc. Let’s all start to call everything exactly the way it is. This […]

Whose Jews?

One would surely think that what with Jews in Trump’s own family plus his moving of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem the Jews themselves would be pretty much in his corner. But no. One of the absolute cornerstones of basic awareness is that the media everywhere is in the hands of Jews […]

Last Chance Cafe

Round about these parts there are a lot of places named “Last Chance” this or that. And back in the Nineteenth Century this was no joke. But today it has assumed a kind of “cute” ring to it. Last evening as I was poring over some old Hard Right tracts I pulled one up which […]

It’s Not Too Late to Hate

But it is too late to love Sharon Tate. Terrible what has become of National Geographic magazine in recent decades. My father would buy every old copy he could get his hands on at the local Goodwill Industries back home. In those pages would be recounted the study and exploration of the globe by White […]

House Cleaning & Commemoration

What is it they call cleaning out your computer once it has gotten all full and overwhelmed with useless, outdated information? Well, no matter. What very little I know of computers and how to use them lets me know that unless this operation is performed now and then, the computer itself will become slower and […]