Happy Birthday Son of the Swastika!

87 years ago today Charles Manson was born in Cincinnati Ohio to a 16 year old prostitute mother. In the popular system consciousness, Charlie has become a symbol of all that is perverse. The embodiment of greed, jealousy, insecurity, wrath, and manipulation. We know him differently, as he was. A true man. No facade, no […]


The following is an account of a trip taken by myself, and fellow NS comrade, Mike Von Liechtenstein to Los Angeles. LA is a festering cesspool. However, two very important places are located in LA. The Spahn Ranch, and the grave of Joseph C. Tommasi. Arriving in LA was interesting, sort of movie-esk. I was […]

White Man’s Death March II

Stew was a friend of mine. The man talked about in White Mans Death March, Pat, wasn’t. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel for the guy on some level. But I don’t actively think about him when not prompted. I think about Stew though. I see Pat much more than I see Stew. But Stew’s […]

White Man’s Death March

The inspiration for this article is the unfortunate story of a co-worker, who will be called Pat. Although Pat’s story is hardly unique, it was his dismal little version of this tale that got me inspired. And we have likely taken his trail to a degree, although, we had the good sense to stray. When […]


If you are reading this, then there is no doubt you understand why circumcision is a dangerous and unnecessary practice. There are only negatives to it, except in VERY rare cases. And even in those cases, it’s comparable to cutting off badly infected toes. Would you want to lose your toes? Hell no, but if […]