Fundraising Success!

As an announcement from The American Futurist. Our fundraiser to get the funds needed to make copies of SIEGE has been a success. We’ve received over $800 in donations from many of our users within days of our post. Which is nothing short of amazing. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts […]

Kangaroo Court

UPDATE: KALEB COLE SENTENCED TO 7 YEARS IN PRISON. As an announcement. As of 1 hour ago of this post, Kaleb Cole, the former leader of the now defunct organization known as “Atomwaffen Division” as been found guilty on all charges and faces up to 30 years in prison. We, The American Futurist, see this […]

A Letter of Support for Hamas

With the recent news from Palestine, specifically regarding the news around East Jerusalem and the recent missile attacks against Tel Aviv by Hamas, The American Futurist and its permanent staff as well as James Mason gives our open support towards the Palestinian Organization known as Hamas and we wish them success against the illegitimate state […]

On April 15th, 2020, The American Futurist was founded. The American Futurist in both aesthetic and concept had been a dream for roughly a year prior among those who were staff of the now defunct Siege Kultur. This includes Siege Kultur founder Vincent Synder. However it mostly remained a dream. That was until the mass […]

How is this site legal?

A common complaint we have been seeing in regards to this site by our opponents within the greater movement is that “That Siege site is a fed site because there is advocacy of political violence and they host books that advocate for that! Advocacy of political violence is illegal and if you don’t get arrested […]

The New War On Terror

As the situation in regards to the current political climate within the United States seems to escalate as fallout from the Capitol Building Siege continues. One theme has popped up again and again. We are entering a new “War on Terror”. This time however the target isn’t far away Islamic Fundamentalists. It’s us. The Joe […]

Rat Report

As a Public Service Announcement here at The American Futurist. We feel the need to warn our readers and the public of a rat. The rat we’re reporting on is none other than former member of the now non-existent organization known as “Atomwaffen Division”. Reserving your judgements of that organization and its past, whether positive […]