Anti-Zionist Jews aren’t your friends

Within the greater movement at large, there is a subsection of that movement which values “Anti-Zionist Jews” as allies. Since they’re against Israel so they must be good right? This idea is dead wrong and only shows such a person not having a single understanding on how Jews operate, their internal factions and fights and […]

Public Transportation

A topic that always comes up in my mind when going out for a drive either to the grocery store or to the market or else what is “why?”. Why indeed. Why do I have to spend my time driving a car which after its all said and done ends up being nothing but a […]

The Insurgent

Something that I see too common within our own community is not knowing what the fuck they’re even doing and falling into the trap of LARPing and ineffectiveness and worse. So I’ll be clear myself on what I even mean by this. We within the subcommunity of the global Fascist community, that being followers of […]

3D Printed Guns

As a sort of announcement at my own request. The American Futurist will be adding the coveted and feared 3D Printed Firearm to its information collection available at the Library (3rd to bottom section). As a result as well, we will be accepting non-book items and materials for the Library as long as it meets […]

War, The World’s Only Hygiene

In the words of F.T. Marinetti “War, The World’s Only Hygiene”. What do these words mean? Well, theymean as they say. War is the world’s only hygiene. It can cleanse races and societies and make themstronger. This is a proper rebuttal to those revisionists who whine “No More Brother Wars!” in referenceto the World Wars […]

Animal Welfare

Just as we care about our race and the environment at large, so do we care about Animal Welfare. All of this goes hand and hand. During the time of the Third Reich there had been many great advancements in this goal. From the banning of animal testing to putting limits on hunting and fishing […]

Oliver Cromwell: The Demon

Studying history is always of great importance. It helps you learn the source of things and where things started from. A historical figure that constantly pops up as the source for many of the societal ills we face today is a man by the name of Oliver Cromwell. Well who is Oliver Cromwell? Oliver Cromwell […]