Christian Identity

I will the term “Identity” rather than “Christian Identity” as at no time do I want to even risk being misunderstood.

Those of you who may have read Siege will fully know just how un-religious I am and will always remain.

Let me start off by saying that the Church is but one more of our own ancient traditions that first lost its “bite” and then was subsequently taken over by our enemies and turned against us as just one more of their tools.

And so, at best, the Church as it presently stands, is useless. At worst, it is another machine by which the enemy gets gullible people all revved up against themselves.

But it is the same for government, education, media, culture and anything else you may care to look at. It is all hollowed out, rotten and meaningless. Ours is a people adrift and it is suffering the consequences.

However, it wasn’t always this way as anyone ought to be able to know. Otherwise – as it goes – we wouldn’t be here today. But we are here today and it is tomorrow we are concerned with.

As a life-long National Socialist, to me anything minus a Swastika embedded with it is an up-for-grabs neutral, a generic and something I don’t have time for. This is because without RACE as the core and foundation – stated right up front and indelible – then anything whatever amounts to no more than silliness and fooling around.

And THAT is the lesson which, if not learned, will condemn anyone or anything to retracing history’s painful steps.

But to the term “Identity”. If you don’t have at least that much then you don’t really have much of anything else. If you don’t know who and what you are then you can hardly hope to have a chance of discerning your own place in things or what your stance should be in any given situation.

THAT is what they are trying to take away from you.

While there are still plenty of obvious and very apparent Whites all about, they can’t deny that they exist. They can only maintain that it doesn’t matter whether one is White, Black, Yellow, Brown or whatever as “we are all equal”. This is the greatest lie ever propounded.

I can recall a time when this sort of garbage was being said and in places where it shouldn’t have been said but the vast bulk of the population did not go along with it. And ours was a far better society than the present one. But that Swastika was not deeply embedded and things were capable of being pushed off foundation, off course. And so they were. And here we have arrived.

But “here” cannot hold. It must go one way or another. The way it is pointing is the way toward a total, global, permanent Third World situation. Only a fool or a maniac could think of a scenario like that as anything desirable.

And so, yes, we must re-achieve our own good government, our own media, educational system, culture, etc. But none of this can be achieved unless and until we rediscover our own IDENTITY.

There is the significance and the importance.

I have hesitated and will continue to resist using the term “Christian Identity” because I know that will right away turn off too many good people who have been so badly let down and turned off by the Church. I was one of them for the first forty-five years of my life.

Then I went to prison on a gun charge and had lots of time on my hands to do little more than read, write and exercise. All of this I did. Since I was last in lock-up twenty years prior on an assault charge, things had changed drastically. Censorship and P.C. were everywhere dominant. I went in an instant from minimum to maximum security when my politics were found out About the only “literature” one could receive was religious and we are immediately back to what I’ve been saying about the Church all along: That very “opiate of the masses” that Karl Marx said it was.

But somehow a group calling itself Canadian British Israel was on the “approved” list. I wrote to them. Very soon thereafter I received a large box containing a ton of literature ranging from tiny pamphlets to hard-bound books. Utilizing my built-in “filter”, I was able to scan right through all religiosity and arrive at the core of the matter.

The supposed “Lost Tribes” of ancient Israel – some ten million individuals – made the unified decision to depart entirely the Middle East and make their way en masse into Europe. A great majority entered via the Caucasus Mountains of southern Russia. They broke upon the scene at about the same time as the “Barbarians” enter history.

The “Lost Tribes” with no exit point and the “Barbarians” with no entrance point. But at the same time.

We thus step right out of the Bible and into secular history. It is OURSELVES we are regarding here.

This is a most jarring realization.

I assure you that it is all highly documented and proven beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt and we will list sources you may check for yourself in order to gain the most minute of details of this most fantastic of hidden truths.

To me, everything turns on this.

Certainly I had been roughly introduced to Christian Identity as long ago as 1969. The Movement in those days would rent out – or steal – one another’s mailing lists and you never knew what might next turn up in your mail box. Then about 1970 a Movement gathering in northern Ohio was invited to use the church building of one Christian Identity minister. But all of this was so very RELIGIOUS that it just rolled off of me.

I was political. I was racial. And that was it.

About everything I have written by way of books since Siege has been of a biblical nature. Surprisingly, very little of it has to do with Identity but rather with the affinity between National Socialism and early Christianity, or with the explicitly RACIAL aspect of the Bible itself.

I think I’ve done something not done before: I have striven – successfully I believe – to address in a strictly NON-RELIGIOUS way the subject of our Identity. As stated above, I haven’t harped away on it but rather I have woven it straight into our collective history, hardly without any seam.

I leave the hammering away at details to the scholars. I shoot rather for the IMPLICATIONS.

What are those implications?

Firstly, it is that WE ARE THE PEOPLE OF THE BIBLE. We are “God’s Chosen People”.

Secondly, it is that racial Jews have as their allegory SATAN.

Thirdly, all of the “racist” and “segregationist” and “apartheid” institutions which the enemy has been hard at work dismantling over the decades came originally as COMMANDS OF GOD as the means by which we were to protect and preserve ourselves.

My own books go into these matters quite effectively and these are readily available through this website. In all due modesty, I wouldn’t know who or what to recommend more highly.

I have clearly demonstrated in my book, The Theocrat, how Adolf Hitler was fully, 100% in line with the strictest word of God, the Prophets and of Jesus Christ. But was the Third Reich at all aware of Identity? I really don’t think so. But no matter. They were acting out God’s own will.

We will be taking up this question of “God” in subsequent pages of this website in the near future. Save to say for right now that anyone who still believes that all of this “human condition” business on earth could ever be by “accident” needs really to do some very serious considering on the matter. The available evidence to the contrary is everywhere readily to be had.

One of the few – perhaps the only – experts in this field of “Ancient Aliens” has been its very originator, Erich von Daniken, when he let it slip in one major-league documentary series that the real trouble began on this earth when the higher beings began cross-breeding with the more primitive ones.

They apparently had lost sight of their own Identity. They had given over to lust and the enormous conceit of man’s own, hoked-up notions of “equality” among “citizens”, etc.

Here was the first and the deadliest of sins.

The Bible’s “Chosen People”. The ancient Indians’ “Aryans”. Adolf Hitler’s “Master Race”. The Canadian British Israel people refer to themselves and indeed to all Whites as, “The Servant People” which might throw some but not if one takes a look at it. “Servants” – or stewards – only to God as it comes down to the care-taking and actual running of this earth. In working practice, MASTERS.

It still holds very true: Go in this world – or in your own community – to where it is White and you’ll be okay; go where it is colored and you run a risk. General conditions betray the rest. And oh, the ways in which they attempt to deny and to otherwise obfuscate that reality. Somehow, according to them, it is WE who are to blame for their miserability! If we weren’t around anymore, then maybe they wouldn’t feel or look so miserable. When in truth a world without Whites would soon become a DEAD PLANET.


Who or what would wish for such chaos?

I’m not a believer in anything “supernatural”. I am a believer in what has been recently termed hyper-physics or nano-physics. And within this realm of thought it can be easily seen that the Bible is a gift to us both from the extreme PAST and the furthest FUTURE. What only a century ago was considered as “myth” has since been confirmed by science. With regard to the outlandish-sounding prophecies – visions of the future foreseen thousands of years ago there have since been born out by events themselves. All of it amounts to the DESTINY OF WHITES.

No development, no history; No history, no destiny.

That’s ourselves and only ourselves and never let any enemy, alien media taste-maker con you into believing otherwise.

Adolf Hitler had to have had some sense of the immutability of all this judging by his actions and pronouncements, especially at the end. Because it is a story that’s already been told and is in the process of being told once more. The best minds have it that even though it has all happened before, it is not a mirror image and does contain possible variables. That would be the reason for the necessity of those “Men Against Time which the authoress, Savitri Devi, wrote of.

Even at the end, at the moments of their own deaths, men such as Jesus and Hitler proclaimed that “it is done”. By their very coming they did not “change” history. Instead, they kept history right on course.

And it never was for a movement or a personality but for a PEOPLE. The WHITES!

Things look bad today for Whites everywhere. Bets are against us. But the reason for this situation is that we once lost sight of our own IDENTITY at which point the age-old enemy crawled his way back into our midst and assumed control over the very workings of our own societies, thus enabling him to turn an essentially “neutral” condition into one decidedly ANTI-WHITE.

And so the importance of Identity?

I never did and never would have placed any sort of value on “somebody else’s” book the way that the Bible has been and as yet remains considered. I began life at that very same “neutral” position and at an early age I learned what Jews really were all about. And if these were “God’s Chosen People” then all of that nonsense could GO TO HELL!

That much and all the “love”, “brotherhood”, pacifism, equality plus all other such poisonous garbage as peddled by the Church to enable the self-destruction of our people could just as well BE DAMNED!

But none of that is what the Bible states.

I read it while in prison. Had I not gone to prison, I’d have never read it.

I was positively COMPELLED to distill all of this so that it might more easily be gotten by as many of our people as resources or invention could allow. Short of seizing a major network, this website is probably the best possible means to this end.

Now, realize there is such a thing as desire and capacity. Most will have neither the desire nor the capacity for any of this. However, some will. Can you imagine how this sort of realization might come over a person with genuine desire as well as capacity? A transformation to make a movement to salvage a people.

Then for all the rest a system of government dedicated to their IMPROVEMENT and not to their continued devolvement the way we see it today.

National Socialism is that form of government but it will remain a distant dream without the awakening to IDENTITY.