Christian Identity

Christian Identity has quickly been revived in recent times in the movement. Something that hadn’t been significant within the American movement in well over 20 years is now gaining steam again. With many who were formerly Orthodox and Traditionalist Catholics converting over. While not significant within accelerationist/SIEGEist circles of the movement, within our own corner, many hold Christianity as a religion in question and with skepticism to say the least. Religions such as Paganism and various esoteric practices, or, in my case, a lack of religious beliefs (I myself am a deist in the sense of believing in a higher power but not any particular religious belief whatsoever), are the most common.

For example, no one on the staff of this project is Christian, with only Cameron Denton becoming Christian Identity adjacent while we were known as Siege Kultur from 2017–2020 until our change to The American Futurist. Although Cameron Denton has no involvement with The American Futurist whatsoever out of respect for his current temporary release requirements, he’s held to them at this time.

Despite the contempt many in our circles have for Christian Identity, I see this as a positive. While I myself am not a Christian, I see Christian Identity as an extremely useful tool for our end goal of a White revolution. Let me explain myself.

Our target demographic in the United States is White rural lands whether you like it or not. The urban areas are majority non-White and dead ends for revolutionary recruitment. There is no salvaging it. Most people who join the movement now come from these rural areas, mostly the rural Midwestern and Southeastern US, Texas, and Appalachia, based on my own experiences as well as trends given by people paid to monitor us by the US Government.

These areas, whether you like it or not, are generally Christian in belief. Not in a hyper-religious sense, mind you; most don’t even attend church on Sunday. However, they still read the Bible from time to time, largely speaking, and still consider themselves Christians and hold to many of the core beliefs. These people, from my experience as someone who frequents these areas a lot, would never accept some guy coming in and telling them their core cultural religious beliefs are bullshit and wrong and how instead they need to follow Pagan or Esoteric beliefs.

This isn’t how you ever convert people to your cause. Human beings are egotistical whether we like it or not, and we don’t like someone coming in and insulting things we hold as core principles as dumb or stupid.

You coming in and insulting Jesus and trampling on the Bible will only make them hate you. It doesn’t matter if they don’t even go to Church or whatnot. You’re insulting their own cultural values and acting like an asshole. Instead, the way to convert people, that being propaganda 101 in general, is to find tendencies that already existed prior and use those to bring them over to your own beliefs fully using those tendencies. Even if you’re a revolutionary, public relations is still important from a practical standpoint.

This is where I see Christian Identity as an important tool we can use to gain a foothold in disaffected and ignored areas of the United States and radicalize and turn revolutionary segments of populations that we need. Robert Mathews (someone who was Christian Identity himself) pointed this out: White rural America is ripe for the picking, but our greatest enemy are the mainstream churches and community leaders who act as system enforcers.

South Africa, for example, fell because of this, with the Calvinist churches there working with traitors in the government to exploit pre-existing Christian beliefs to promote racial integration and anti-apartheid beliefs. Same with the Southern United States, where the Civil Rights Movement was propped up by various church groups that invoked Christian beliefs as a way to subvert the population to their own political ends.

What I’m proposing is using Christian Identity to the same effect. Using Christian Identity beliefs to subvert and gain ideological footholds in these disaffected areas. These people will be Christians no matter what, but which pastor would you rather they listen to? To a Christian Identity pastor who supports us, or to some system collaborator who uses his religious position to promote the system’s rule? I know what I’d pick.

I don’t give a damn about petty differences or just because you don’t like Christianity or Christian Identity in particular. I’m a pragmatist and also secular in the sense that I don’t care about what someone’s religious beliefs are unless they’re actively harmful to my cause of the White Revolution at the end of the day. I care about what will result in our victory and nothing more. So we need to stop being so damn hostile to Christian Identity and being extremely anti-Christian because all it results in as a logical conclusion is us being a small irrelevant group of loser weirdos that sit around pontificating over meaningless things that’ll eventually die out and be forgotten (see what the NSO9A is currently for what I’m speaking of).

Hitler himself actively did this too with his purging of many of these types of people from the NSDAP, as prior to him joining, the NSDAP (DAP at the time) was a tiny irrelevant group of weirdos who sat around pontificating over meaningless things and not even putting in the effort of trying to be more than just a tiny cult that was actively hostile towards beliefs that were Christian and acted as if being a Christian meant you were retarded. Had Hitler not done this and taken a more secular and pragmatic approach to things, the NSDAP would have been just another irrelevant group of weirdos lost to time. You have to be pragmatic and take into account your situation and what you can use to win if you wish to be a true revolutionary who succeeds.

In Criticism of the American Christian Identity Movement:

While discussing this topic, I also hold criticisms of the larger Christian Identity movement in the United States and how they need to improve in order to even make this work. While yes, it is rising, there are glaring issues internally that need to be addressed. Specifically, they need to be both more radical and more socially aware in how they operate. I’m speaking of this as someone with Christian Identity friends who have complained about these issues too, so it’s not just an outsider thing. It’s a sentiment many of this faith are also having with certain segments of the “old guard”.

Specifically regarding the issue of many pastors being anti-radical and downright pacifists, openly opposing militancy as “un-Christian” and the like. Which, while I’m not a Christian, I ask these pastors to please read Matthew 10:34, in which Jesus outright says of his teachings “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”. On top of Jesus himself being extremely militant within the New Testament.

Such as when Jesus found the money changers occupying a temple of God. Did he pray the money changers away? Did he whine about it? Did he wait around for them to go away? No. He went inside the temple and beat them with ropes, screaming with anger as he threw them out. As long as no one did anything, the money changers would continue to operate unimpeded.

“And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money changers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.” – Matthew 21:12–13

Thankfully, we are seeing more militant beliefs come from the younger Christian Identity that I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with. Despite this, however, there is still a significant amount of those within this community (mostly those who are older) who are just downright pacifists. You can see this in news interviews with them—how they brag to the media about how non-violent they are and how “We just got to wait for Jesus any day now! He’ll fix this!”. Even James Mason, when he recently attempted to make his own pseudo-Christian Identity cult around himself, spoke of this frankly heretical belief of pacifism, de-radicalization, and how we all just got to wait for Jesus to come back any day now.

Jesus of Nazareth would spit in these people’s faces in disgust. He preached the exact opposite of what these pacifists taught. Say what you want about Jesus’s ideas; Jesus was a militant and a radical. He used violence and renounced pacifism while preaching revolution. Even telling his disciples to sell their possessions if they must obtain swords.

“Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. For I say unto you, that this that is written must yet be accomplished in me, And he was reckoned among the transgressors: for the things concerning me have an end. And they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them, It is enough.” – Luke 22:36-38

Of the apostles who carried swords, the apostle Peter was famous for his sword. Even cutting off the ear of a high priest’s servant with it for his participation in the arrest of Jesus to make an example of him in public. Again, do these men sound like pacifists? Do they sound like people who sit around waiting for God to intervene in their problems without doing any work themselves? Of course not. These were militants and radicals for their God, doing the work of God through their own actions.

Christian Identity as a whole should adopt this tradition as the standard. Embrace militancy and radicalism. Become a force to be reckoned with. Christian Identity is a part of the wider movement whether you like it or not, and we are only as strong as our weakest links. So I personally would rather have a movement of militant Christian Identity followers who are fanatics for their beliefs and warriors for God than old men demanding pacifism and de-radicalization.

Beyond this, being even more militant and radical is what makes young men interested in such beliefs to begin with. The youth, as a youth myself, are turned off by those calling for pacifism and peace. We demand militancy and revolution.

The Christian Identity movement in the United States should champion its radicals of the past, including men such as Robert Mathews and organizations like The Order or even previous groups like the Silver Legion of America. Show that “this is who we stand with; this is who we are spiritually”. We need the zeal and militancy of the old Christianity, not this neutered bastard of modernity-type thinking in general within our cause. I want radicals, not cowards who sit around waiting for God to fix all their problems without putting in the slightest of efforts to fix things on their own.

This radicalism can later be used to create future foot soldiers for our revolution and the defeat of this rotten system as a whole that we otherwise wouldn’t have in our arsenal.

In Conclusion:

To summarize all that I’ve just stated, I see the need for the growing Christian Identity movement within the greater movement for our own ends of the White Revolution. Having radical Christian Identity pastors on our side allows us to gain footholds in areas with disaffected White populations that non-Christian Identity individuals would struggle with.

On top of this, having militants dedicated to something higher than human politics makes a great warrior. I point to Islamic militant groups such as the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and others in the Middle East that fight for their God and fight tooth and nail to the last man decades later, despite attempts by nearly every major power in the world seeking their destruction. They don’t give up as they see surrender as a sin against God. I want such people with similar convictions for ourselves.

Beyond that, in a hypothetical situation in which we take power, the United States is largely Protestant-Christian. We’d have to take these churches under our control. Something the NSDAP, for example, had to do themselves. The reason is that we don’t want some subversive anti-White pastor using his position as a church leader to lead against us. So replacing him and all other Protestant churches with Christian Identity churches would be the best way to prevent such a situation from developing.

For readers who might disagree on this, I ask you to look past your own personal dislikes of the Christian religion and instead focus on pragmatism and thinking ahead of the curve. In US history, the US Government relied heavily on the Mormons (who early on were Christian Identity before they sold out in the 1970s) in the Indian Wars and the conquest of the Great Plains. As Mormons, they had the belief that the Great Plains were lands given to the Whites by God and that, like their ancient Israelite ancestors, they were to conquer it from the cursed hordes of savages and make the lands their own promised land, their Zion.

Let this be something to think about for the future.

Hail Victory!