If you are reading this, then there is no doubt you understand why circumcision is a dangerous and unnecessary practice.

There are only negatives to it, except in VERY rare cases. And even in those cases, it’s comparable to cutting off badly infected toes.

Would you want to lose your toes? Hell no, but if necessary to prevent the loss of your foot, or death, so be it.

The specific defects caused don’t even need to be

listed, but I will quickly list a couple for the sake of it.

  • Extremely traumatic for newborns, creating a permanent mental scar
  • Dries out the penis head
  • Makes the penis smaller
  • Increases risk of ED and premature ejaculation
  • Takes away most of the penile nerves
  • Makes sex less pleasurable for the man and woman

This much is known already, the point of this article is not to expand on the above points, as that’s been done by others.

Rather I would like to explain why circumcision is SO characteristically Jewish, why it couldn’t be more perfect for the Jew to inflict on his Goyim slaves, and himself.

Aside from Jews, circumcision is practiced by primarily Americans (white Americans chief among them, unfortunately) Arab/African Muslims, and some African Tribes.

I couldn’t care less about these non-whites though, and for the rest of this article, I will be focusing on White Americans.

Its nothing short of genius (and disgusting) how the Jews have managed to get American parents to

mutilate their newborns by the millions for no real reason. It would be like if they had cattle branding themselves.

How did they do it? It changed over the years, it started with the Jews infiltrating the medical/academic communities, media control, and the manipulation of religion.

Circumcision was originally pitched to Americans as an anti-masturbation method, which was seen as sinful and generally nasty to the Christian majority, combined with the more well-known lies of circumcised penises being cleaner and less prone to disease.

And this was all pushed by Jews in the medical and academic communities, who were able to use their lofty credentials to push their lies.

In modern times, Jews still use their medical/academic credentials. But also have the porn industry, the now decades of precedent, and a more sexualized culture. By this point, they have the fact that millions of Americans have been circumcised by now.

Porn has made the sight of circumcision common in most American’s minds. And a more sexually open culture has allowed for an all-new myth. Now it’s all about how women love circumcised dicks,

uncircumcised is weird and smelly to them. You wouldn’t want your son’s first-time ruined, because his dick looks like an anteater would you? These methods were not viable 50, 60, 70 years ago. Jews in every period have played on their misused status and America’s unhealthy relationship with sex to pull the wool over their eyes.

So this is how they do it, but why is it so perfect to inflict on American gentiles? Firstly it’s a form of ritual scarring. Just like how cattle are branded

and negro slaves were whipped. Circumcision (among other things) is a visceral, personal, and vulgar statement of domination. The Jews can mutilate your most private body part,

your parents will pay for the privilege, and your stolen flesh will be publicly used in beauty products, to be bought by your mother.

It’s total domination. America being the golem of world Jewry, it makes sense to scar their slave

soldiers in the humiliating manner of their master. And it is a constant reminder of whos the boss.

Jews have done this since the dawn of their existence and circumcision was also a mark of slavery in Greece, Egypt, and Rome.

It’s doubly perfect because Jews have managed to make the victims of this practice its greatest advocates.

Of course, there is always the stream of blatant lies in media and education. Even so, anyone is free to not circumcise their kids, yet they still do.

Tribal scaring is a powerful thing, historical precedent proves that. Much like common racial characteristics, it can create an othering of the people who do it. Giving them a stronger sense of differentiation.

But scarring the penis? One of the foundations of a male’s sense of manhood? That’s on another level. And it has kept people doing to their children, kept a sense of loyalty to the practice.

So this is why they do it to gentiles, but why in the hell themselves? Keeping with the cattle metaphor, the farmer doesn’t brand himself. Why they do it, is something only

a Fascist can understand. Jews are the embodiment of falsehood. Be it genetic or spiritual (or both) is irrelevant. They will destroy by whatever means necessary that which is true and natural.

It might stand to reason, that Jews would be glad to be born foreskin-less, but that would be too easy. It isn’t simply not having foreskin that they care about, for themselves or gentiles.

It’s the ritual mutilation. It’s the destruction of the body, the trauma, the scaring, the sight of a writhing and crying baby on a table, which concerns them. It wouldn’t be good enough

for foreskin to disappear. It would rob them of their ability to destroy, humiliate, desecrate, and traumatize.

They destroy healthy societies, and they destroy healthy bodies. Even the niggers in Africa wait till the kid is 16 as some sort of initiation into manhood. Not the Jews though.

A baby is fragile, defenseless, and extremely receptive to any stimulation, traumatic or not. Why pass that up?

As we see from Hollywood all the way back to their holy texts, Jews relish the abuse of kids. They see it as a right, a pastime even.

Even if Jews were being born without foreskin tomorrow they would just create some new scaring method. Because they will always find a way to cross every boundary.

What are the implications of this? The Jews are a race that subverts that which is natural. But circumcision lays bear not just how they want to bring degeneracy to the other races, but for they, themselves, to become degeneracy. As Fascists, the expectation is that we live our worldview.

Hard as it might be to live Fascism is to radiate it and be a living example of Fascism’s superiority. And by radiating it we hope to spread it because we know it to be true. The Jews are no different. They want discord, perversion, and degeneracy to succeed and so live it in order to spread their evil to the maximum.

It’s an important distinction to draw, circumcision is not a means of keeping the conquered docile, it serves that function too. It is a means of submerging and hence radiating the degeneracy the Jews can’t help but spread.

The Turks didn’t make their own boys Köçeks. Why would they? It was a means used for conquest. Whether or not the method was immoral is irrelevant, the Turks weren’t ghoulish enough to do it to their own. For the Jews though, it’s not only a weapon to be wielded against his enemies, but a tool to use for themselves.

Just imagine some hook nosed old man in the desert, ripping off a babies foreskin with his nails and teeth,

the babies screams echoing through the synagogue, and then the old perv sucking the blood, knowing damn well this was done to him, and this will be done to his son.

Can you really imagine anything more Jewish?