As a topic, especially within the Pro-Siege/Accelerationist Faction of the movement, that is often up for discussion is that of systemic collapse. An issue that I often see however is just a flat out wrong idea of what a systemic collapse would look like. This being a uniquely American problem as I don’t really see people outside the United States propagating these ideas like Americans are. I personally blame two things for this. Movies/TV and American Ignorance on Foreign Policy, Geopolitics and History.

The wrong idea of collapse that I’m speaking of is that of people thinking a systemic collapse would mean Mad Max come to life. People eating each other in the streets and roving gangs of cannibals roaming around. It isn’t just those within our faction of the movement that believes in this either, a large portion of Americans believe in this. There is an entire industry worth $10.5 Billion from it. In my home state there are a lot of people who buy into it. They stockpile guns, ammo, food, water and alike for the coming catastrophe. Whether it be nuclear, civil war, biological war etc.

The issue is that this is just wrong headed. Not saying you shouldn’t own guns nor should you not have stockpiles of dried foods and water. However when you actually dive into their beliefs about what a collapse would look like. All they can draw from is movies and TV. Rather than historical examples. I myself used to buy into this narrative but after my own careful research I stopped and approach “preparing for the collapse” in a realistic approach based in what collapse has always been historically rather than drawing from movies like Mad Max.

First off, if a societal collapse happens then that wouldn’t mean people eating each other in the streets and total chaos and anarchy forever. That’s just not true and never will be true. Historically when a society collapse occurs it isn’t as drastic as movies make it out to be. For example, collapse situations don’t occur overnight, it’s a gradual process of a downward spiral. Things such as the currency becoming more and more worthless, jobs being harder and harder to get, inflation getting worse and worse, the system being less and less able to enforce rule and more.

If you want a perfect example of this, I point to modern day Iraq or Syria. The governments of Iraq and Syria still exist but they’re only able to maintain control over small portions of their country effectively and their currencies are as about the same worth as toilet paper. They have to bribe and give concessions to militias to maintain control over the rest of the country and they constantly have issues with terrorists and criminal gangs causing problems. This was the same problem that was with Afghanistan before it ultimately couldn’t even maintain the major cities anymore after NATO pulled out and the Taliban rushed in. I’ll go more into the Taliban later on.

In the case of a US collapse however, for myself in the absolute worst case. I can only see us going towards something similar to China’s Warlord Period. The United States being fractured among various territories ruled over by former government officials, militias, criminals, foreign governments and alike. Now even during this there aren’t people eating each other in the streets and total anarchy, that’s just not how things work and that’s just not how humans are. I strongly suggest our readers to research into the Siege of Sarajevo during the Yugoslav Wars in Bosnia to see what I mean. Despite the daily artillery attacks, sniper attacks and alike, people still carried on with their daily routines, children still went to school, people still went to the market to get food, people still went out to visit friends and family and I could go on.

During the war in Syria, those on the ground have reported time and time again and even on the front lines in places like Aleppo during the siege there, people still carried out their normal lives. That’s why to myself the idea of “DUDE COLLAPSE IS TOTALLY GOING TO BE LIKE MAD MAX WITH CANNIBAL GANGS AND WAR BRIDES!” is nothing but a fantasy. That stuff just doesn’t occur outside of Hollywood fiction. Collapse is actually quite boring and mundane really when you look into it. This also applies to war itself as well, anyone who’s ever been in a war will have all corroborated just how boring and mundane real warfare actually is. Sadly fiction is more action packed than real life.

So now that we have established what collapse truly is. Let’s explain why such a thing would benefit us politically. Obvious to anyone who’s studied the least bit of political history, with a weakened system comes a disillusioned people looking towards systemic change, this is how nearly every successful revolution worked. We can see this in examples from the Bolsheviks in Russia, the Nationalists in Qing China, Meiji Restoration in Japan, Rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire and more, we see the ruling system get weakened severely and a new system takes its place.

However this cannot be done by just us shooting off guns in the woods and telling everyone “DUDE WE’RE SO PREPARED FOR THE COMING RACEWAR AND STUFF, MY 5 FRIENDS AND I TOTALLY GOT THIS COVERED!”. No, as I covered in my Hamas article in which I covered how exactly Hamas took over Gaza in Palestine, they didn’t take over by just shooting off guns in the desert and telling everyone how cool they are. They first set up a power base in Gaza through things such as social services, education, business and more, since if you don’t have ties to a community that you want to support you then why would that community support you? It’s absurd. Despite the outward propaganda, neither the Taliban nor other Islamic groups such as Al-Qaeda just engage in 24/7 combat, they themselves also engage in social services all the time in areas they control, even ISIS did this in the areas of Syria and Iraq they controlled. One cannot just control an area with just a gun.

Just because a collapse happens, it also doesn’t mean you automatically win. If a collapse happened today, we’d be fucked out of taking power. That’s why to myself it’s absolutely retarded to see people state how “DUDE I WANT COLLAPSE TO HAPPEN NOW AND SHIT”, my question is why? Do you actually care about seeing the society you want be created or are you just an edgelord using my political beliefs as a mode to just be edgy? As I said, if a collapse happens right now, we’d be fucked. I’m sorry but you’re not going to conquer shit with you and your 5 friends.

On top of that, if you’re the type of person who LARPs how “DUDE ME AND MY FRIENDS ARE GOING TO FORM RAPE GANGS AND GET WARBRIDES AND RAPE AND PILLAGE EVERYTHING!”, I want you gone. I hate people like you because it’s people like you that make the rest of us look like anti-social loser sociopaths rather than people who care about creating a better world and society. People such as this are a product of the FBI as well considering from my own personal experience, literally every single big promoter of these things have ALL BEEN FBI INFORMANTS, Joshua Sutter for example being the biggest promoter and even wrote a book about it called Iron Gates that was bankrolled by the FBI which included Child Rape and other disgusting things. Real mystery here why the FBI has a vested interest in making us all look like sociopathic monsters who want to rape kids. Either way I don’t want you people in my movement and if you support this stuff then go find another movement to be a cancer to, you’re not welcome and you’ll never be welcome here.

I strongly suggest readers of this site look into this topic of collapse further, understand what collapse actually is and how to build up for it. I’ll be providing resources below covering this. It’ll all be YouTube videos since those are the easiest to consume.

Full history of the collapse of Imperial China:

Decent Video Series that covered the Life and Death of Sun Yat-Sen, the man who overthrew the Qing in China:

Collapse of Imperial Russia:

Texas Revolution:

Mexican War for Independence:

Irish War of Independence:

The Troubles of Northern Ireland:

Collapse of Yugoslavia:

Chechen Wars:

This isn’t the end all be all, however it’s still just enough to start your research into collapse and revolution and how successful revolution looks like.