Day of the Martyrs

…or rather Night of the Martyrs as it was in the wee hours of October 16th, 1946, that close to a dozen of the finest men who ever lived went to the gallows in Nuremberg, Germany.

This is not to bewail the details of that but it is necessary in order to set the tone properly for what is to become one more genuinely national holiday not only for White Americans but for Whites everywhere once they have been reawakened to their danger and to their destiny.

“War Criminals” they were called and still are for the present. But as they themselves said at the time, they had broken no laws. No matter. The invading “Allies” CREATED some brand new “laws” expressly for the occasion. Ex post facto was and is the legalistic term for this as pointed out by then Ohio Senator Robert Taft as part of his condemnation of the whole, ugly – and illegal – farce. (And Taft himself might well be counted among the martyrs as it is rumored and was suspected that he was murdered by the same forces not long afterward.)

The number of the dead might have been an even dozen had it not been for the suicides of, first, Dr. Robert Ley who early on following the arrests of the German leaders decided not to participate in this charade and then, lastly, of Hermann Goering who, after he had stood boldly and bravely forth throughout the sham “trial” defending Germany’s honor, ended his own life just hours before the scheduled executions.

Conditions throughout the one-year-plus ordeal amounted to, at best, slow torture what with starvation rations and freezing conditions not to mention the torture of not knowing the whereabouts or circumstances of their families, etc. Direct and overt torture in other cases as with Hans Frank and Julius Streicher. At the end, the hangings themselves were “botched” so that it might require up to twenty minutes for a man to die of slow strangulation.

And recall that these “trials” were put on – “hosted” – by the Americans, not the Soviets, etc.

One more U.S. Senator, Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, was besieged by some of his constituents of German extraction that there were terrible outrages being committed against the German people by the occupying “Allied” forces and that he needed to investigate this. He did and was shocked and horrified by what he found. Later, of course, he became famous – or infamous – for his disclosures of the extent of communist infiltration into the U.S. government, business and industry, etc. One more martyr himself, he was first undone by burrowed communists in government here – from Eisenhower on down – and then he too was murdered medically.

General George S. Patton – a man who more properly should have been fighting WITH the Axis powers rather than against them according to his own personal beliefs – was likewise murdered in December of 1945 at the orders of Joseph Stalin, carried out by agents of the OSS, forerunner of the CIA, for his similar discoveries of such outrages and his statements that the Soviet Union needed to be taken out militarily forthwith. The martyrs are to be found everywhere.

Crimes? As far as the Germans are concerned, remove the so-called “Holocaust” – which has long since been debunked – and what do you really have left? What of Taft, McCarthy and Patton, etc.? They didn’t even get a typically Stalinust show trial. They were on the “winning” side. They couldn’t be “tried”. They just had to be bumped off.

The “crime” of the Germans was that they had awakened to the world wide conspiracy, had freed their own nation from its grip and, when attacked by the rest of the world still in the grip of the conspiracy, they fought like the proverbial tigers and almost won. Beyond even that, they held a worldview which was totally anathema to the conspiracy of the Jews and which – in the eyes of the Jews – had to be criminalized as far as the rest of an unsuspecting humanity was concerned. Hence, show trials.

These so-called “trials” and subsequent murders didn’t stop there. They continued into the 1950s. In fact, these persecutions – for that is exactly what they are – continue to this very day with old men in their nineties who may have been low-level functionaries, radio operators, etc., at different Third Reich facilities being arrested and/or deported even as they must be hauled about on stretchers.

The number of the martyrs extends well into the millions. Those who died at the fronts in the Second World War, those who died in “Allied” captivity after the war which was an even greater number, those civilians who died in the mass murder bombings of the cities, those who died of murder, rape and plunder, and the suicides also of those who desired not to face life in an enemy-occupied world. And none of this is strictly confined to Germany. Practically every nation in Europe experienced the same thing for it had been a European civil war… a struggle for European freedom against the aggressive encroachment of an alien, communist agenda. What tipped the balance in favor of the communists was United States intervention.

Then, with that struggle over with, the alien agenda turned its sights against the United States itself. Those servicemen who imagined they were going off to war to defend their country and their way of life – some of whom are still living – little realized that they were being duped, being used to actually go and undermine and destroy Western Civilization at the behest of the worst enemies of one and all. They now wonder, those who are left, what the hell happened to their country. These too could be considered among the martyrs. Every unborn, White child aborted, sacrificed, murdered in the name of the resurrected god, Baal, is likewise one more martyr and they alone number in the millions.

Now, if a thing such as this cannot be counted as worthy of official note, then nothing can. Not even the persecutions of the early Christians can satisfactorily compare.

This is all world-historic despite still being mainly seen by the vast majority as something entirely other than what it was and is in reality Author and historian David Irving coined the term “Innocenticide” as a far more appropriate thing upon which to attach our attentions and our sympathies. Innocent people done to death on account of some foreign and aggressive doctrine, a conspiracy, determined to control the earth and to reshape humanity into some kind of brown and mediocre mass, ideal for the dictatorship of the Jews.

Oppose this and you are immediately, automatically a “criminal”. Why, they have had their so-called “Hate Laws” in place now for a very long time. To the extent and the effectivity that you may actively oppose this criminal insanity itself, to that same extent will they send their hired minions after you, to ruin, to imprison or to kill you. And so, with that firmly in mind, the list of the martyrs is not a closed one.

I have recounted elsewhere the occasion when I was summoned from out of my maximum security prison cell and to the office of my then “case manager”, a Black. I don’t recall the actual purpose of the “visit” but I do recall that on the wall of his office he had a large print of a great mass of children, all of them either brown or black. No Whites. That, as far as he was concerned, was the “future”. That is the “prize” upon which they must keep their eyes. I said, “No.” That it would never reach that point. He replied by saying that it was all due to people like me, those who were “resisting”.

I am no martyr nor do I desire to be. But it could just as well happen. Could have taken place several times over by now and could well still happen in the future. I’d prefer to keep on fighting until I am allowed to die a “straw death” at home in bed. But we seldom get these choices.

Rather, I have found myself in more recent years – in my mind and heart at least – there in that cold dungeon in Nuremberg among those, some of the greatest martyrs of all time, and sharing with them, in my imagination at least, every hardship and privation. I get no form of pleasure from this. I only find it to be inescapable.

But thinking even of the millions – a majority of whom were burned to death in bombing raids – their sufferings were no worse than that of our Lord, Jesus Christ, dying upon the cross at the hands of the very same fiends, with the very same purpose in mind.

So when I say “world-historic”, I mean it.

The climax approaches.

The absolute and concrete presence of such an evil conspiracy must be taken as the “hostile witness”, the proof positive that things are not to be taken just at face value, which things are not as they seem or are made out to be.

All of this terror and suffering as well on the part of the brave, the good and the innocent is the price paid for ultimate victory.

The blood of the martyrs cries out.