Don’t Make the Mistake

The mistake that I’m talking about is the one which has been very largely responsible for the terrific mess which the entire Western world at present finds itself in. And that is this: To imagine that this business of the human condition on earth is a matter of some sort of personality contest when in fact it has always been a matter of a biological experiment. The sloppy sentimentalists together with the arch conspirators are to be found in bed together in the former camp while we National Socialists are to be found alone in the latter.

But I will forever stress that, yes, they pretty much are running the show, however, look at what kind of show that it is. Now, unless a person is “one of them”, that is some colored type or some criminal conspirator or some brain-raped zombie, then a hard look at how things stand and, what’s more, the curve they’ve taken over the past several decades together with the trend as it is presenting itself for the future, the picture ought to be one of sheer horror.

Someone, perhaps Hitler, said that “they sat by the side of a corpse and in the symptoms of decay saw only signs of ‘new’ life”: The Bible said that “with death they are in agreement and with hell they are in accord.” Pat Buchannan said that, “one man’s septic tank is another man’s hot tub.” This all just goes to illustrate that far too many people in any time or place are just too far gone to pay any serious heed to.

Our race just wants to get along. All other races just want to worm their way in. And should we allow them to worm their way in then we shall be destroyed by it. As Rudyard Kipling said so masterfully in his short poem, “The Stranger”, many members of our own race may be dirty sons of bitches, however we can know and understand their faults while the stranger, while he may come across as a prince of a fellow, is alien to our blood, we cannot “feel his mind” and we do not know when his gods may recall his service to them.

But beyond any of that, it is the threat of direct race-mixing which has always been that sentence of death which hangs over our heads. Death because any crossing between Whites and coloreds results in the end of a White line and absorption into a colored line. Death. No longer to be found “written into the Book of Life”. Satan’s ultimate win. Biological because any race other than the White race is something less, something closer to the animal. More primitive and, therefore, more deep-seated and dominant. This means but one thing: We are the only specie of human type on the planet which has anything to lose.

With the general collapse of the order and the culture of what had not long ago been magnificent, White societies, and with the complete take-over from within of all of our institutions and, above all, media, all begins to appear as one. This was not by accident. Robbed on the one hand and poisoned on the other. People being only what they are – “monkey see, monkey do” – and after a few, short generations of this type of conditioning – and with time and proximity – the broader masses begin to fall like flies to this planned genocide, which is exactly what it is.

Back when I was a youth in southern Ohio, there was an area south of town known as Moss Hollow. We’d go there to party. It was well known who and what I was even then. But up the hollow was a middle-age colored couple. Our hostess had as her only comment that they were “nice people”. Perhaps they were, I never met them. But that was never the point. My own saying that one speck of shit in a gallon of ice cream ruins the whole gallon holds true. It’s what you ARE and not how you may ACT.

You don’t arrive at full blown, wholesale race-mixing overnight. It takes a lot of deterioration on many levels – every level – of the society. In fact, it has to start with a society which contains a significant percentage of racially “strange” types to begin with. Then what to do? One will either expel them or will ultimately intermingle with them, over however long or short a time, and thereby be destroyed. It is crystal clear upon which course this country has set its direction.

The subject of Negroes aside, the great German explorer, Humboldt, commented in the Nineteenth Century that America would one day absorb Mexico and thereby be destroyed. Apparently even he couldn’t countenance miscegenation with Negroes on a grand scale.

But none of it is new. This is only the way civilizations have ever been destroyed over the centuries and the millennia. It is the mistake which they all have made and none have ever seemed to have been able to learn from their predecessors. “It can’t happen here.” Maybe that’s what they thought… if they thought anything at all. Maybe the current situation will go on interminably. What an idea! A lingering death, a lingering hell! But no. It will most assuredly NOT continue on this way forever. It will continue to SINK right apace with the darkening of the general population. It will reach a permanently Third World state of existence from which nothing can ever elevate it.

But there was always a third way to go. Not to expel, not to die with the rest but to remove oneself – one’s people – from the dying mess once one has seen and realized that there is no longer any hope for the state or the society or its institutions which have gone rotten. Moving on has always been the way that the Race and the Civilization have been able to survive and go on to new greatness.

However we see something new at present, two things in fact. One, this drive toward racial and national death is moved by a very conscious and deliberate conspiracy. The people didn’t want it at all. They were subverted into it. The 1912 pronouncement by one Israel Cohen said it best and in the fewest words when he declared that they – Jews/Communists – would aid the Negro to a certain “equality” with Whites and thereby cause racial intermingling which, according to him, would deliver America to their cause.

Second, it is presently out of the question for any sizeable group of Whites anywhere to withdraw en masse from any of the formerly White lands, to go out to a fresh frontier, to start over fresh and clean, while the old and the rotten could be left to die of its own evil. The global lock of this World. Enemy is total and absolute. If such a move could even be generated in the first place, the forces of these Alien regimes which govern all of our lands would move speedily to destroy it.

All of this taken together spells only one thing: That the greatest climax ever upon this earth is fast approaching.

The way it now stands, Whites nowhere have any say or control over their own destiny. They are at every turn governed, controlled and POISONED by this same conspiracy which I have just mentioned. Their traditionally White lands are being filled and overrun with colored types. There is no White leadership at any official level anywhere. There are only sell-outs. The media and the educational system deals strictly in POISONING the minds, the souls and the spirits of Whites everywhere. The results of all of this are becoming devastating. And, again, it only points to a great CLIMAX in the near future.

This business of so-called “racism”… an epithet created by the Enemy even as he was formulating all the rest of his attack against us. What it defines in reality is no more or less than a normal condition of wanting to be with one’s own fellows, abide by his own laws, traditions and customs and, above all, to BREED TRUE. Anything aside from this natural condition is nothing more than DEPRAVITY and DEGENERACY, some alien form of twisted and wholly artificial, unnatural mind warp. It arose, took hold and came to dominance through alien Jews whose wish to destroy us as a people goes back at least to their murder of Christ.

For the rest, those of our own people who have labored under the delusion of there being “no difference between races other than the color of the skin”, it has been this mistake, this gravest of errors, which has made this otherwise impossibly outrageous, outlandish and RIDICULOUS of assumptions seemingly “acceptable” to our naturally easy-going and welcoming people. It stood this way for a very long time. Now it has become a DICTATORSHIP without tolerance of any differing of opinion. Now it has become RED-LINED just as I never tire of stressing.

There you have declared – by them – the climax.

Hope? What do I offer by way of hope? None of the silliness or the foolishness of the past. No stupid “formulas”.

This racial idea, at least among human types, is comparatively very new. Gobineau wrote of it in the middle of the Nineteenth Century in a very good but still flawed pioneering work. When King Edward VII of England was put to task over just how to receive some Negroid “royalty” at his table, he uttered that the individual was either a king or just some nigger. True racialism had a long way to go. When the mighty Third Reich was established on earth in the Twentieth Century, the rest of the globe conspired and moved to destroy it militarily.

This racialism is without any doubt an idea whose time has come if there is to be any hope of a decent future on earth. Of that there can be no question.

How will it come about? How will these enemies of truth and natural order be dealt with, removed from positions of dominance? What will become of all the nominally “human” garbage that the earth is presently awash in?

I will conclude by stating only that this has ALWAYS been the way that decency and greatness have been ruined through countless centuries and civilizations. And I know and have seen that today’s present situation was ANTICIPATED, fully described and its outcome documented thousands of years ago. I will say that higher humanity wasn’t planted on this earth for the hell of it. I will say that the Third Reich and its example were not in vain. I will repeat that the climax is here. I will insist that the moment was chosen at the beginning of time.

To the amazement of many I will state that the outcome has already taken place, perhaps many times over, and is about to take place again.

Mortals can be expected to make these mistakes.

Those responsible for the creation of the earth and what life there is upon it do not make mistakes.