Esoterica and the House Fire Situation

Let’s go to the dictionary once more to check out the definition of the word “esoteric”. “Designed for or understood only by the specially initiated; Private; Secret.” The “esoterica” part is my own invention.

Earlier in the month of January, during the course of a meeting of Atomwaffen and Siege Culture people, it came up that there are those who are enamored of something they are calling “Esoteric National Socialism”. After a weak laugh, I commented that the terms are mutually exclusive and that this could be nothing more than some kind of a useless diversion on the part of those who have no real idea of or stomach for confronting the enemy or arousing the people.

The situation Hitler found himself in the middle of in 1919/1920 -indeed all of Central and Eastern Europe – was literally a house on fire. Through the shock and exhaustion of the First World War, the old, established order had been weakened sufficiently so that a comparatively small clique of Jews and a somewhat larger coterie of duped hangers-on had been able to seize power and declare such things as the “Bavarian Soviet Republic”, etc. Mass murders were taking place on the part of these Jews against the local, White, Christian inhabitants. The economy was in shambles. Foreigners were overrunning the borders.

And then, once the Freikorps had been able to get much of that back in hand, a sort of half-death, half-nightmare situation set in which became known as the “Weimar Republic”. The name came from the fact that the traitorous Social Democratic Party (actually Marxism without the balls) didn’t feel safe in Berlin and set up its headquarters in that outlying town. Open Communist insurrection was stamped out but foreign troops still stood on parts of German soil and the border skirmishes continued else-where. The economy was still a mess. But more than that, an atmosphere of the worst sort of immorality had set in. Over here at present, the situation of deplorability has almost caught up to the way it was in Germany at that time.

The Communists were still the largest party in Germany and, following the defeats at the hands of the Freikorps earlier, the Comintern, under the direction of Stalin, ordered that they try no more grandstand plays and rather just wait for things to develop, then to step in and take power. This was on its way to happening. Had the Germans gone to Communism, the awful burden of so-called “reparations” would have ended. Had any one or more of the various German states broken away from the Fatherland, the same would have occurred. And at least some form of “order” would have been reestablished. They resisted this admirably but it was a situation which couldn’t have lasted.

The Jewish-Communist plan would unquestionably have worked had it not been for one thing: Hitler and the National Socialists. This is the reason that they hate Hitler above all else right to this very day. It is NOT for some supposed “crimes” he committed. It is because he ruined their master plans. THEY know it even if the rest do not.

Lenin had always desired Germany far more than Russia but Russia dropped into their hands first. Germany was and is key. People have little realization just how deeply infected even the West was with Communism and Social Democracy even then. They sat in the sensitive positions most everywhere but could not have the satisfaction of coming right out with it and declaring their own soviet republics and pressing forward, unhindered, with their radical Marxist programs. The general populations might just have revolted and they’d have been through.

There were those at the time of the Russian Revolution who were well aware that this was a take-over of Russia by international Jewry and who were warning their respective governments that action needed to be taken IMMEDIATELY to snuff it out before it could go further. But, as I said, the “hidden hand” was already too deeply entrenched in places like Britain, France and the United States for anything like this to be allowed. Had Germany been taken by Communism in the Twenties or Thirties, no one would have taken any action whatever. How do we know this? Because in 1939 and 1940, the Soviet Union was attacking and overrunning places like Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Rumania – not to mention eastern Poland -without any move or protest from the West. It was a set-up.

And, as it is now known, Stalin’s great push against the whole of Europe with, as the historians have been claiming, more tanks, planes, artillery and troops than held by the rest of the world combined, would have gone off and would have been successful. Had it not been for Hitler and National Socialist Germany. (They still officially claim that Hitler “betrayed” his “ally”, the Soviet Union.)

This is not even to touch upon the tremendous social improvements provided by Hitler and the National Socialists. Here their achievements were at least as stupendous as were those on the battlefield. The German people were freed and remained so until 1945 when the crush of the rest of the world came pouring in on them. The military threat of the Soviet Union was at least partially thwarted through some remaining sense of national interest on the part of the United States after the death of Roosevelt. But the undoing of the great social progress made during the Third Reich was absolute so that the German people might take up again where they had previously left off with regard to slow, national disintegration.

But, as Rockwell said, Adolf Hitler had fought the Alamo of the White race. And so it was.

Better to the point, Hitler had not done this esoterically. He and his followers screamed it at the top of their lungs in all public places. They clashed with the Communists in the battle for the city streets and many were killed. The Communist-supportive government outlawed them and jailed many more. Way ahead of the Third Reich and way ahead of the so-called “Holocaust”, the scum-bag elements in Germany were smearing and defaming Hitler, etc., because they knew and saw that his policies, if gotten into power, would clean Germany up and ruin their own, rotten game.

There never was a moment to be lost. There was a people and a world to save. Esoterica directly implies a lot of time to be wasted, a lot of games to be played.

There were plenty of game-Players in Germany at that time. One of Hitler’s early followers – Ernst Hanfstangle – described from his having been an eye-witness the scene at the Burgerbrau Kellar the night of November 8th, 1923, just prior to the Munich Revolt, that Hitler had not jumped up onto that table and fired his weapon into the ceiling in order to frighten or intimidate people. No. He had done it in order to WAKE THEM UP after their having been put to sleep by these very game-playing esoterics who desired to babble in the face of Germany’s house fire.

There were game-players which had to be violently dealt with in 1934 and again in 1944. (And it had been game-playing that resulted in the deaths of the Sixteen Martyrs at the time of the Munich Revolt.)

Quite naturally, official history does not do well at recording the actual motivations behind the attempts against Hitler in 1934 and 1944. Sell-out in the first instance, probably, and complete loss of nerve in the latter. But nothing clear. Remember that: Nothing clear. And that would be my own definition of the term “esoteric”.

The poor fool, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, so often hailed by these champions of esoterica today, was a profoundly confused individual but one who acted upon his confusion. It cost him his life.

And how have I myself often described the term “democracy”? I have long been convinced that it represents nothing more or less than MANAGED CONFUSION. Nothing staid but an unclear drive in an unclear direction coming from an uncertain source. But the society and the people can be CLEARLY seen to be going to hell.

And so this business of esoterica can be found anywhere and at any time, in any situation. Of its own, it can never start or account for anything positive. Within something which is positive, it can do great harm.

I realize we cannot take up arms ourselves at our nation’s borders at present nor can we physically assault our nation’s enemies as they slime-drip their way down our city streets.

But we can and we must deal in only the most PLAIN AND UNVARNISHED truth as is available to us. And that truth is always going to be the message of RACE!

Anything that veers from that path is some form of esoterica and we haven’t got time for it. There is a house on fire!!