One and the same. That was a very large part of the theme of the previous entry into this series. That the “lost” Tribes of Israel were in fact and reality the Barbarians, who, as history admits, founded what we know as modern Europe. The big point not to be missed is that they carried with them, even though unbeknownst; all of the prophecies laid out for ancient Israel. And, unconscious of it – exactly as it said they would be – they fulfilled each and every one of them.

If you can think of anything more important than that, or anything more obscure and forgotten, I’d like to hear of it.

Well, here’s one more.

Anyone nowadays who expresses doubt about, or who flatly denies, the reality of extraterrestrials has got to be some kind of professional sports fan or the like.

Generally, I’ve found, the real problem enters with the concept of the FORM of things. If a thing is real then it MUST assume some form. And we have it within our power to at least get it close enough to be satisfied that a thing is indeed real.

The nonsense of the past, apart from flat denial, is that there are limitless galaxies within the universe and that the probabilities of mathematics alone INSISTS that there has to be other intelligent life out there somewhere.

And so they send signals, they set up listening stations, etc. They send out probes carrying basic data about ourselves in hope it may be retrieved by other high intelligence. But they also at the same time go well out of their way to debunk and discredit any and all sightings of what are termed Unidentified Flying Objects. This is government officialdom.

Any who may step forth with reports or stories of their own involving such UFO’s is in for a hell of a ribbing, perhaps the loss of employment if they are part of the aero-space industry. So many just keep their mouths shut for these reasons. Not the first or only instance of the Truth being ridiculed into silence.

Apart from sheer stupidity, why is it this way? Simply because the government knows – and has admitted – that should anything of this sort be in existence, there’s be not a damned thing we or anybody else could do about it should they, for example, be hostile in any way. Obviously, any such technology would render our own as remaining at the dirt-scratching level by comparison.

But science as well as common sense in some areas begins to catch up. We recently lost Stephen Hawking. Not only a pioneer but a prophet. The idea of parallel dimensions and multiple universes is no longer a crazy man’s delusion. And, at the very same time, neither is time travel. And so that at a glance rules out all the business of “where they come from” and “why can’t we track them”. They don’t come from a place but from a time.

Furthermore, they’ve right here with us from the very beginning as even cave paintings indicate.

What do they look like?

The serious UFOlogists claim that there are two types of these beings who inhabit these extraterrestrial craft: First, the ugly, little “grays”, the “goblins”; Second, the “Nordics” who are indistinguishable from ourselves – at least our WHITE selves.

Now, there are proofs positive aplenty that these “gray aliens” are real. What of the “Nordics”? Well, since they look exactly like ourselves, to put forth an alleged photo of one of these would be like taking a photo of any one of ourselves and claiming it to be either “the world’s tallest midget” or “the world’s smallest giant”. It wouldn’t be accepted.

The “gray aliens”, it is said, are artificially created to handle the dirty and the dangerous work. During the Middle Ages those known as alchemists were said to be able to create what were then known as “homunculi”, or something on the order of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. They also were supposedly able to turn lead into gold. (They actually CAN turn lead into gold today but the cost of doing this is greater than the value of any gold which might be gleaned.)

Getting about. We can’t get away from internal combustion, all that “thrust”, etc. How many miles? How many years or light years, etc. None of this even enters into the actual picture. Anti-gravity is what these beings have and regardless what anyone having bolted from “Area 51” might claim, we have not managed to be able to “reverse-engineer” this technology despite the rumors that the government is in possession of crashed UFOs.

They’ve been depicted everywhere from cave paintings to religious paintings from the very beginning. Their visitations have been recorded all along. But it does seem as though things got ramped up a bit toward the close of the Second World War with the “Foo Fighters” as the Allied airmen referred to these UFOs who would be seen dogging their aircraft and then vanishing at the speed of light. Then, of course, they were soon to be dubbed “Flying Saucers” soon after the War.

“Project Blue Book” was established by the government not to investigate these things but to debunk and to cover them up. Same for the entire NASA organization.

“Third Reich UFOs” is just as much garbage as “Third Reich Occultism”. I met the man responsible for the Third Reich UFO myth and he admitted to me that the whole thing was cooked up – with he himself supplying the illustrations of these craft – in order to “get the Jews looking over their shoulder” and, of course, to sell books.

But now here is where it may really seem to get weird. The truth is genuinely stranger than fiction.

These “Foo Fighters” and all the limitless sightings of these craft in the Post War period coincides with the fall and destruction of the Third Reich and the implementation by force of the System of Satan over the whole earth as a result. Anyone who doesn’t think that the destiny of the world arrived at a critical climax at that time and that it remains so to this day, again, has got to be a professional sports fan.

Technology is at a high – at least insofar as accepted, recorded history is concerned. But all else is dead or dying along with that race of people who has pushed this technology to begin to approach even that of God… the Whites. And if this global situation is allowed to continue to where the Whites are either snuffed out or become merely a marginalized “priest caste” with the rest of humanity crawling the earth as a non-descript, brown mass, then the light has gone out FOREVER.

But time-travel and prophecy again. The one would equal the other. How can one accurately “see” the future if the future has not already happened or is in the process of happening? And how can one manage to do that unless he – or some interested party – has the power of time-travel?

There are those who deny God. There are those who deny UFOs. There are those who deny them both. There are professional sports fans aplenty. Is one to be considered an atheist if he insists that these UFOs together by helicopter with the crews that man them are in reality God and the angels?

Terms such as “gods” are very, very antiquated. But, as has been pointed out by others, should you or I even today come down by helicopter in some of the more remote, primitive islands in the Philippines, we would instantly be hailed as “gods” ourselves. And it does always seem as though the “gods” were white with red beards… who, incidentally, promised to come back.

When I had wrapped by my personal study of the Bible, some twenty-five years ago, I had managed to boil the whole thing down to what I – in all due modesty – call my “Eight Words”: THIS IS A DNA COLONIZATION FROM DEEP SPACE.

It is NOT some personality contest. It is a biological experiment.

Why no direct involvement on the part of the extraterrestrials? I think the answer to that has to do with degree rather than any lack of. One doesn’t intrude upon an experiment, otherwise it is no experiment at all. Conservationists in the wild must sit and watch the young of every specie perish and die rather than rush in and rescue them to a zoo or a laboratory.

But aren’t we different from animals?

I’d ask you to try to tell me WHY if indeed it be so.

So I’ll tell you instead.

We are different in a couple of ways: First, we are piss poor at the game of survival and we MUST have an artificial environment in which to survive; Second, whereas all other animals exist perfectly within nature in a fixed status, we know no limit to our potential for development… to even extend to getting back to the stars where our DNA first came from.

BUT… it is a flawed intelligence, containing part of the animal and part of the godlike. You really don’t witness insanity or self-destructiveness within the animal world. Even those along the line of Nietzsche saw it and commented, “Man is a rope stretching between the animal and the superman. A rope stretching over an abyss.”

Currently we stare down into the abyss.

All talk of “supermen” is strictly OUT… unless of course it has to do with some Jewish-inspired comic book character. Why, that was what Hitler was talking about!! Can’t have that! Ain’t right. But who said that?? The very ones driving toward a one-world brown, non-descript mass of sub-humanity. Apparently there IS some kind of struggle at work. And the WRONG side is in command of all the power and institutions of the earth.

But, as I learned in my studies, even this, especially this, was prophesized as well. The outcome, though not pretty, is in our favor. Who will turn the tables? You guessed it…

They said they’d not sit idly by and watch their experiment simply go down the drain after all this time and trouble as well as all their promises to a select few among us.

The term “alien”. We are being swamped everywhere, constantly by the real aliens, those who are alien to our BLOOD. Then there are the alien concepts and beliefs that are universally being pressed upon us by a media 100% in ALIEN hands. There is the alien culture which has replaced our own culture, once more through these same means. At the end, they want us to mix our blood with that of these aliens and thereby DESTROY ourselves. All of this too foretold and even attempted in the past.

Saint Paul referred to what we call extraterrestrials as “celestials” and said that one should take care whenever entertaining a stranger because he might be entertaining an angel.

The perverts of Sodom and Gomorrah attempted to accost some of these very messengers of God and the whole place very soon thereafter was nuked as the glazed remnants slightly submerged along the shore of the Dead Sea bear witness.

The very resurrection of Christ – which they have always gone out of their way to deny – was carried out in much the same way. In the instant he was transformed into pure light to be carried away, the image was left on his death shroud by which we have that “negative image” of his appearance.

So we cannot call our own progenitors “aliens”. They are the furthest thing from it. But they are extraterrestrials.

History can PROVE that the Barbarians and the Israelites are one and the same people. For the rest you have as evidence literally everything that is around you. It requires the power of thought which also was imparted along with our extraterrestrial DNA.

You can choose to use that power of thought or you can go on with being a professional sports fan.