Half Mast

Approximately fifteen years ago I began commenting in reaction to an increasing national trend that they might as well just leave the flags at half-mast rather than raise and lower them every whip stitch.

When I was a kid, seeing the flag lowered to half-mast was a sight rarest of the rare. I think the first time I ever witnessed this was at the time of the death of John Foster Dulles, a member of the Eisenhower administration. The teacher explained that this gesture was done as a symbol of deep respect and of loss for a most significant person.

Today it has become quite a different thing. I think my Dad would comment that they’ll need to oil those pullies, etc., on the flag staffs on account of all the increased wear and tear.

Now some screwball shoots a place up and down goes the flag.

I make light of it because what else can one do? To take it “seriously” as all the rest seem to do is to fall into the same trap as they’ve fallen into. This is the world “through the looking glass”. Let’s see if I can get it more or less straight: Some creeping and spreading evil continues to rise and manifest itself in mass deaths – becoming absolutely the new norm – and the best anyone can do is lower the flag and propose harsher gun restrictions.

Have you got any idea what this implies?

There’s an endemic and fatal malady metastasizing and these people are not only powerless to prevent it, they’re either unable or unwilling to name it. And you next know what that means: It’s going to ride it all the way out to death. But of course this is but a symptom and it is far from being isolated.

When I was still addressing teacher’s seminars – also about fifteen years ago – I had been invited there to share some personal insights regarding school violence and gang activity. I told them the truth they’d never heard before but, alas, it was not what they wanted to hear. I think they must have wanted to hear something along the lines of what was needed was “more democracy”. No. That’s what got us INTO this mess in the first place and we don’t need to be pouring more gasoline on the fire.

Alienation. That and anger. Put the two of them together and you have a population of walking time bombs albeit with fuses of different lengths. I have known both and in intensity I know would have driven most right over the edge. My difference was I was part of the movement and I at least had a handle on the “why” of the whole thing. The movement, of course, is so driven underground that the real chances of the average person coming across its truth are just about nil. (That, by the way, is the “straight and narrow” gate versus the wide and gaping gate.)

Hitler, the threshold of anger. Manson, the threshold of alienation. These reactions, these emotions may well be what drives a person to these images but, at least, when one gets there, he will begin to find answers. Without these answers, loss and devastation and the very real possibility of violence outburst only increase.

Anyone can easily understand anger. But alienation is a different thing. The dictionary says that it is to “make hostile” or to “estrange”. Yes. But how has it been done here and on so grand a scale? This way: After having succeeded in usurping the entire “nervous system” of the country in preparation to impose their private agenda, they proceeded to turn this place into a multi-racial, multi-cultural “Babylon”. Whereas it was founded and grew to greatness as a WHITE NATION, it now had become an open and overflowing Sewer.

But this condition, they will tell you, is to be “celebrated” as magnificent “diversity”. Diversity, yes. But we as a people were warned and commanded to AVOID this very thing as it would ultimately lead to our own national death. But death would not be swift. It would slow and tortuous, filled with shame and disgrace. But the same people again insist that shame and disgrace actually are “pride” and “freedom”.

You can certainly fool the intellect, as these people have proven through their misuse of mass communication, education, etc. But you cannot fool the subconscious. You can’t fool the instinct which has evolved over millions of years with a few decades of lies and distortions. There will be deep conflict within the person. Every sort of negative response all the while great damage is being done. You can certainly shatter a society all the way down and into the very unit of the family. They’ve done it! Man, being a social creature, can only react to this in ways which are nothing nice.

Everything worthwhile has been taken away. What other result can there be apart from alienation?

How do you “fix” that?

A person who genuinely feels part of something isn’t going to go and shoot it up.

Coloreds and other alien types – both racial and religious – may be naturally expected to do so. But they shouldn’t be within a White society in the very first place. Indeed, it was this “integration”, the fracturing of White society, which has led directly to the condition I am discussing. In order to “succeed” at this kind of aberration, one has to surrender to it completely and embrace it totally, about the way the liberals, the queers and the race-mixers have done. (Oh, and don’t forget the dopers.)

This is what they are being driven to do by every “official” voice everywhere. But not us, of course. But then, according to these same voices, we are moral lepers and beneath contempt.

Anytime you detect a move which places agenda above the good of the people, you have found what basically amounts to a criminal conspiracy. It may not work but that’s immaterial. They’ve already seized government and media, etc., they own and control the police, etc., and so they have everything they require to FORCE IT INTO PRACTICE. That and to drive any true opposition underground.

Two elements to this as I’ve said before: Those in the know who fully realize that the agenda is to DESTROY A PEOPLE, the only people not already destroyed, the Whites; And those absolute pieces of shit who either believe this is some formula for Utopia on a global scale or who sense that this is the side of the bread that is buttered for them. But, really, who would continue on in a-pattern which clearly doesn’t work? And then ATTACK those who claim to have an answer? Sick, criminal, both?

I make light of the “flag” thing because it stands as an undeniable indication of the bankruptcy of the system. It is the “chickens coming home to roost”. When I left Ohio twenty-five years ago, I left it with my curse: MAY THEIR OWN EVIL NOW CONSUME THEM.

There’s a built-in problem however with blanket curses and that is that they play out exactly as a blanket. That and no one ever wakes up to realize what is happening. Just enveloping darkness and everyone left to wonder why, which is if they even wonder at all. At a bar only yesterday I was talking with a rather thoughtful person who seemed to believe that, in the end, they will wake up. I grew a bit angry and said, “No. They’ll die in their shit.” (I felt like saying “sins” but didn’t want to seem like a religious nut.)

I asked this same person whether he had ever actually seen anyone who woke up or changed. No. The enemy knows – as the inventor and master of psychology – that people will absolutely cling right to the death to those delusions they have been inculcated with and which they have bought into with everything they’ve got. A matter of pride as much as a matter of not possessing the strength or will to pull out in time.

And that is how a people and a civilization is destroyed and dies.

Small comfort for ourselves. I can only repeat that, for the salvation of a situation such as this one, it is going to require extraordinary and outside intervention. Well, in all of the ancient myths, the gods have promised this much. And as I’ve said before, it’s about time for them to either use it or get off of it.