Happy Birthday Son of the Swastika!

87 years ago today Charles Manson was born in Cincinnati Ohio to a 16 year old prostitute mother. In the popular system consciousness, Charlie has become a symbol of all that is perverse. The embodiment of greed, jealousy, insecurity, wrath, and manipulation.

We know him differently, as he was. A true man. No facade, no put-ons. He showed us an unbreakable will, spirit of rebellion, honesty, love for all life worth saving, and uncompromising adherence to the immutable laws of the universe which govern us all. Charlie’s life began as a fight for bare survival and he spent most of his young life in jail.

Here he learned an animalistic existence. Survival was not guaranteed and every day was a true struggle to not get beaten raped or killed. While his peers went to malt shops and all white schools. It was brutal but honest. Charlie made it clear no one lied in prison and it was jarring to see all the fakeness of the outside, and he never fully understood it.

Eventually, Charlie made his way to California, and it was here that the Manson Family as we know it began to form around him. Unlike what the system tells you, Charlie was not prowling the streets for young impressionable kids. Charlie, like Adolf Hitler, simply exuded a radiance that was irresistible to those who were around it.

Charlie gave people whatever they were missing in themselves and they followed him for it. It was with this small group that the early Manson Family went to Spahn ranch. Here his Family lived an existence that was child like in its innocence, they played games, sang songs, and shot targets. Charlie’s Family was exclusively white.

And here they were free from the system. No jobs, taxes, debt slavery, fast food, tv ads, or race-mixing. Just the trees, animals and some instruments. It was in these early stages in which Charlie committed his greatest “offense” living free. Nothing scares the system more than free whites and this burgeoning tribe had its shackles put on them by jewery smashed.

Every day the system and its pigs grew less important to them. And how could it not? Charlie described these people as the children the system didn’t want. When they have nothing and feel left behind of course they would find him.

The system is happy to let these wayward whites die quietly, but to those who pick them up and awaken that primordial vitality in them once more. Lord help them. It was more than simply reawakening the radiance of life and freedom in them. The Family was militarizing.

Charlie was clear about his views of an eventual race war.

Again though this image was warped. This was not him standing on a rock preaching to a bunch of scared high school girls. People would ask Charlie this or that. And he would tell them the truth no matter what they felt about it. And everyone around him could not help but agree as they couldn’t refute a single word.

This had become far more than a mere hippie commune. The Family was growing to include a sizable amount of survivalists and bikers. The California MCs “The straight satans” “Satan’s slaves” and “Jokers from hell” had been brought into the fold.

Bikers being a mostly white demographic like to fancy themselves as outlaws and wild men. So those few who were ready to live by that naturally saw Manson as their icon. Charlie had seen fit to move his people from the decaying cities, further into the desert, to death valley. The Family had now undertaken a project of stealing any vehicle they could and modifying them for desert operations. By this point, the family had come to encompass about 60 people. Patrol routes were established and escape plans were charted. Caches of ammunition, gasoline, and food were scattered all over death valley. Charlie being familiar with local legend knew Devils hole had water.

A fact corroborated by locals. It also lead into a massive cave system. It was there that the seeds were planted to turn the deserts of California into an impenetrable fortress. They would wait, train, and learn. A rebel force, naturally protected, self sufficient, and ready for war.

When race war ensued and all the urban whites had been raped, killed, and eaten they would come for the family. And out of that cavity in the earth, they would burst forth as Erwin Rommell did in the deserts of Africa. White warrior’s guns and blades drawn would descend on the subhuman hoards and paint the sand red.

Ready and able to survive and defend what was theirs. Is this not revolution? Is this not white survival? Is this not what Hitler had done? If it is not, I don’t know what is. Reactionaries fools will counter signal this. “Charles Manson like Hitler? But he smokes weed, has log hair and wears dusty rags”.

These people though are missing the point. The precise haircuts, the uniforms, the spit-shined boots of NS Germany were a sight to behold. But under that were men ready to rip off that cloth and leather and embrace the barbarity their blood was capable of. To kill and win no matter how they looked.

As their ancestors before them did. The ancient Germanic people who fought off a Roman invasion. Hordes of wild Norsemen some in animal pelts others naked defending their home. The finely crafted blades, standard-issue armors, and ornate shields fell in the snow as the German barbarians killed the Romans to a man. Is this too

an embarrassment to the Aryan race? This same fanaticism defined the family and the Aryan spirit from the snowy forests of Germania were awakened on the other side of the planet in the dry sands and plains of California.

Charlie dubbed his vision for race war and the collapse of America as “Helter Skelter” taken from a Beatles song. And appropriately weird name for a weird group of people. Or as Charlies termed it “Witchy” sounding. Helter Skelter was nothing groundbreaking, but it was completely true. The peoples of America being crammed together in cities would become

confrontational and racial violence would escalate. Which would in turn lead to racial reprisals. Big brother becoming weaker every day would lose grip on the fiasco. And Pandora’s box would finally burst open. From there, the pampered whites of the cities, weak of mind, body, and spirit would die in mass. Too trusting of non-whites they would be easy pickings.

The world would be thrown into chaos in the absence of white rule. And it would be here that the Family would rise from Devils Hole and rule the earth. “Whites lose the race war? Edgy anti-white!”. Is what you’ll hear from anti-Charlie shills. This is born of genuine or purposeful misinterpretation. Charlie’s vision was not every white minus him and his girls being killed and him ruling a planet of niggers for himself.

Rather the White population would be massively thinned down and those remaining would be Charlie, the Family, and those who did not know Charlie but knew his truths. From here these whites tempered and proven by hardship would ascend to the nobility of their blood and take their rightful place as rulers of this earth.

Small in number but absolutely superior. This global rule of an Aryan elite was explored in detail by other champions of our worldview, notable Savitri Devi and Francis Parker Yockey. Helter Skelter is a truth in which the degenerate whites of this world would be cleansed via a baptism by fire and those left would be the best. This is in line with the worldview of all ardent Fascists. Charlie like us was not a white egalitarian. And those who malign this lay bear their inferiority without even realizing.

Charlies is also notable for his militant environmentalism. Charlie fought for the Air Trees Water Animals, ATWA. These things would be kept pure under his watch and his goal was to see ATWA pure globally. Manson like Devi was extremely anti-humanist in his beliefs. This was about the organism of existence. Not humans.

He was quick to call out the hypocritical environmentalists who drive cars to rallies and sign petitions on dead trees (paper). Humanity needed to be thinned down and sent back to humbler means of living. Helter Skelter would aid this, as it would lower the human population through violence and stop the industrial system dead in its track with no more willing slaves. He said things other fakes didn’t have the stones to say. He perfectly displayed that death is the essential ingredient for life and this human serving at any cost “environmentalism” was a big brother scam.

The system loved fake environmentalism, the kind which aids the population explosion of chinks and niggers, humans being piled like rats in buildings similar to places like shanghai, and being fed on insects, rice, beans, and carcinogen/estrogen filled processed “food”. No one wants to live like this.

Hence Charlie’s real alternative scared and angered the system.

Charlie was building a small army for total revolution and was enabling these people to live free and in rebellion against the system. He had to be stopped. And so like the martyrs of Nuremberg was put on a trial he was not allowed to win for crimes he did not commit. But members of his Family did. He was forbidden from representing himself for being “manipulative”

And the president of the united states said he was guilty before the trial ended. Life imprisonment for murder even though he killed no one. A text book contradiction comparable to having to pay your brother’s parking tickets. When all was said and done though. Charlie had spent most of his life in prison. And with a guitar, he was able to make music.

The most important thing to him. So they took his guitar away. Throughout his life, Charlies was forcefully drugged, saddled out for interviews designed to humiliate him, and parole hearings he also was not allowed to win. Charlie though, completely in tune with the universe did not allow this to break him. In his cell, he transcended to plains most can only guess at.

It was in prison where he was contacted by James Mason. James had looked into the Families exploits and saw merit no right-wing pretender ever could. It was through this correspondence NSLF was dropped for Universal Order. The m16 logo, had to go because NSLF had no standing army so don’t indicate you have one.

Use the scales of justice with a leftward Swastika. Perfect justice. Advice and gifts were regularly given to James from this point on from Charlie.

The question becomes if Charlie was such a threat why wasn’t he killed? Rockwell and Tommasi before him were. I like to stick with facts but I will now insert my opinion into this section. Charlie would have to go eventually as a threat to the system. At some point however be it intentional or not, Charlie slighted someone or some people in the system personally.

And now they would have to make him suffer. They did the same to Mussolini. Swiss communists and American invaders desecrated his body. The horrifying images thrown in our faces constantly. Hitler would have suffered the same fate had he not committed honorable suicide. His heroic soldiers not being as lucky. Thousands were paraded down enemy streets to be spat on, yelled at, and humiliated. It cannot be understated these torturous tactics are not just for demoralization, they are to repair the extremely offended egos of the torturers. They are deeply disturbed and furious anyone would go against them. Charlie rebelled, he lived free and held his head up. And they HATED him for it.

Most infamously while in prison Charlie tattooed a Swastika in the center of his brow. The most ancient solar symbol he imposed over his third eye, one of the main tools humans have to communicate with the incorporeal.

As an expression of ultimate cosmic truth, it fit Charlie like a glove. Before this, you had to hear him speak, now, you need only look to see that gorgeous emblem on his brow. To see Charles Manson the embodiment of Universal Order.

When Charlie was a boy his moonshining mountain man uncle Jess told him “We aint surrendered we’re still rebels. And we’ll be rebels until the end of time”. Fitting. Charles was the ultimate rebel bested only by Adolf Hitler, not against a government or a worldview but of the rot of the universe which brave beings like him give themselves to cleanse. A cosmic rebel until the end of time.

The following are quotes from Charlie which only Fascists can truly grasp. Happy Birthday Charles Manson!

“When I stand on the mountain and I say ‘do it!’ it gets done! If it dont get done then I’ll move on it! And that’s the last thing in the world you want me to do!”

“Every one of you out there has tried to kill me for the last 25 years and I’m still here ha ha ha now what?”

“You do what you feel is right…I’m walking in line with you and I’m holding the line with you. what you do is up to you”

“If your gonna do something do it well. And leave something witchy. Leave a sign to let the world know you were there. Have a good day”

“As long as you have love in your heart. You will never be alone”

“Maybe I haven’t done enough. I might be ashamed of that for not doing enough”

“You wanna live, get in line we will live. You don’t wanna live hurry up”

“I did not break the law! Jesus Christ told you that 2000 years ago! You don’t understand me that’s your trouble! I don’t understand you either but I don’t spend my whole life trying to put the blame over on you! Because my cigarette didn’t light or something didn’t work right!”

“What do you wanna call me a murderer for!? I never killed anyone! I don’t need to kill anyone! I think it! I have it here! I don’t need to live in this physical realm”

“In the spiritual world is where I live! I exist in places you never even dreamed of! You talk about you know this little physical realm you live in ‘guilty sin’ hows your courts guilty!? How many people you think you’ve hung on the ventilators in the nut wards and forced medications on them!? You see what I’m saying!? You don’t have any idea what the hell’s going on, if you knew what the hell was going on in your own system the you’d say ‘now I see what creating this”

Society’s creating it, societys saying we want these rambos we want these killers!”

“The ways of the animals I identify with more than the ways of the humans. Humans are pretty stupid humans won’t survive. Humans ain’t gonna survive not the way they’re going”

“My perfection is in the air the water the trees and the wildlife”

“Anybody that’s got a brain and wants to put order into the world has got to stumble upon Hitler. Because Hitler started putting order into the world and when he started putting order into the world they threw him out and overwhelmed him”

“We’re all our own prison, we are each our own wardens and we do our own time. Prisons in your mind. Cant you see im free?”

“Believe me if I started murdering people there’d be none of you left. Because my children are coming. I told you 20 years ago”