Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter is a never-never land, a mixture of fantasy and reality. Nevertheless it has forever become part of the mass consciousness and the popular mythology.

Of course, a “Helter Skelter” is properly an amusement park ride although one seldom if ever encounters it by that name anymore. Beyond that perhaps it is a reference to a situation rather anarchic.

In that latter sense then did I first become acquainted with the term. Just part of the language and a very antiquated part at that.

The release of the Beatles’ “White Album” really turned the trick. The cut on that album entitled, “Helter Skelter” altered things forever. Of course, as the world knows, Charles Manson took that piece really to heart. The bogus, fiction writer, Vincent Bugliosi together with his ghost writer, chose it as the name for their magnum opus book, later to be turned into a television “docu-drama”.

If there are any truly magical words in today’s vernacular, then Helter Skelter has to be paramount among them.

One fond memory of my days working out of Cincinnati just as things in the movement were beginning to break out and get hot, any time we’d gather at La Rosa’s Pizza Parlor, I would quite deliberately play on the juke box, “Helter Skelter”, despite the fact that I simply detest that brand of music.

It did seem to reflect the mood and the sentiment that was then straining to be unleashed. Certainly it was also at that time that I designed my “Independent Genius” poster which featured Manson in his perhaps most famous mug shot and those words by Bernard Shaw. As Goebbels said, “Let the storm break loose!”

The movement then and now was heavily split on this subject of Manson and, thereby, of Helter Skelter. It was sort of a “crap-detector” for any and all remaining conservative residue. So be it. As I said even then, one might conceivably be “sold” on Adolf Hitler. But no one could ever be “sold” on Charles Manson: You were either there or you were not.

The former being the “threshold of anger”; the latter being the “threshold of alienation”. Put ’em both together and LOOK OUT!

When my contact with the Manson Family was still new and we were excitedly exchanging what our two “sciences” had independently discovered, I took a paperback edition of George Lincoln Rockwell’s book, “White Power”, removed the Swastika-bearing cover from off of it, and sent it in to Red and Blue, both still then confined at Alderson, West Virginia. The chapter I wanted them to read most was entitled by Rockwell, “Nightmare”, and detailed a scenario as later depicted by Bugliosi in his own work. They were most impressed by this.

The overthrow of White civilization by coloreds and all the violence and horror which that would entail. But of course, had open violence broken out at that time, the coloreds would have been swiftly and easily annihilated. No. It was ever a matter of slow, racial AMALGAMATION which has been the real threat. The enemy declared it to be their intention and goal well over a century ago. We can see it kicking into high gear today.

Helter Skelter was never at any time a thing which Manson had either masterminded, much less ordered to take place. The setting, the back-drop for any such scenario is the damnable mess that the ENEMY SYSTEM has created over the decades from out of a society which – even as I can plainly recall – was peaceful and happy, clean and decent. It is they who created this, not Manson or any of ourselves in the present. When we rightly prophecy what will occur from out of this, then the lying, twisting enemy media makes it out that it is solely due to us.

Dishonesty plays a very real part in this. But, greater than that, these types which are generally in control everywhere are helpless to say or do otherwise. They are HARD WIRED to carry on exactly in the way which they do and are HELPLESS to do otherwise. We on the other hand are those with a choice and we willingly choose the TRUTH, regardless of any cost.

But Helter Skelter is all around us, everywhere, all the time and at all levels. In Siege I stated that, even in the 1960s, the liberal mayor of New York declared an on-going, permanent state of “slow-motion riot” in the land. Over the ensuing half-century that has gone far beyond anything even our own most dire prognosticators would have dared to imagine. Problem is that it has become the “new norm”, as they say. A really twisted, perverted atmosphere in which to exist.

Helter Skelter has many faces, however. This death is not going to be a peaceful one, regardless what any sick, twisted enemy minion might wish. The mass shootings which now are epidemic and growing; the suicide rate which is equally epidemic. These are the unwilling, unwitting results of a society that has become totally ALIENATED and to which NO ONE may truly feel a part of. As is said of many human conditions – all of them negative – “only the breaking points are different”. Some will go off the edge sooner, some later. As conditions worsen – and they can do nothing else but worsen – more and more will be reaching, their own, personal breaking points and they WILL GO OFF.

Gun control, my ass!

They’ll go off with a BUTCHER KNIFE if necessary.

A sweet saying that I involuntarily came up with on my own just a few years ago is, “Let the system’s own evil now consume it!”

So it shall be.

They denied an orderly resolution to the jinni which they themselves let escape from the bottle. Their own insanity, their own criminality, their own evil. It doesn’t matter which.

We called for this order. Manson called for this order. See what we got instead.

We told you so.