If This Were A Hundred Years Ago

No, I don’t wish that this were a hundred years ago. Because a hundred years ago it was a terrible time. However, it was a time far better than this. Pointless to live in the past or even to long for it. But lessons may be taken from it. Indeed, that’s about all its good for now. I always get sick to my stomach whenever I see or hear repeated by the communists or the liberals, “Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat its mistakes.” Yes and absolutely. But what the hell are they talking about?

It seems as though they are always referring to Hitler and his National Socialist State whenever they decide to use this saying. But why? Hitler has been the ONLY ONE to have really learned from the past and saw to it that the sins of old would not be repeated. For this they hate him more than any figure before or since. Perhaps, in their sick and devious brains, this has something to do with “guarding against” any return of Nazism. Heaven forbid!

Here we’re not even going to learn from the past. Merely make certain comparisons. And in every case we don’t even need to hearken back a full century. My own lifetime would do for the most. All of it to draw a certain illustration. And that from which to learn, hopefully.

That crack whore. What would she have been a hundred years ago? That slime-dripping queer. What would he have been a hundred years ago? That hopeless drug addict. What would he have been a hundred years ago? That filthy race-mixer (of either sex). What would they have been a hundred years ago? On and on I could go but I think you begin to get the idea. All the human wreckage we see everywhere. And I’m only regarding Whites here. From all the bums to all the dirty, useless politicians and so-called “leaders” that we are saddled with at present and for a long time past. What would any one of them have been a hundred years ago?

That’s far from being a useless pipe dream. It begs the question: Were any of these people really BORN to this?

Hitler said that people, by and large, are born blank slates, to be influenced and molded by the influences around them. Here he too was regarding only Whites. This because HEREDITY is primary and foremost. But, as Rockwell said, you can take a born idiot and put him through the best universities and it will do him no good. But you can take a born genius and raise him in a dark, locked closet and thus ruin him that way. These are extreme examples. They are nonetheless perfectly valid. In real life, however, we see these principles at work in somewhat subtler shades.

A saying I only very recently saw and one which I can wholeheartedly agree goes this way: “Don’t tear down a wall until you first learn why it was built.” I never tire of quoting Nietzsche when he said, “Man is a rope stretching between the animal and superman. A rope stretching over an abyss.” I’ve said that animal intelligence is perfect. Human intelligence is flawed. Imperfect because it contains strong elements of both the superman and the animal. I guess this is what is called “human”.

And we have all different levels – species if you will – of what might loosely be called “human”.

Saint Paul admonished, “Be SPIRITUAL, don’t be CARNAL.” This was a nod to nobody else but Nietzsche himself. And to me as well. Science realizes that our craniums contain two brains: The cerebellum and the cortex. The first contains all the most basic instincts. The second is the much more highly evolved – or “human” – brain which separates us from the rest of the animal realm. Paul was really saying, “Rely on your God-given brain and not upon your animal brain.” The reality is that most of the human types on earth have a lesser proportion of this God-given brain than do some of the rest. And here again, we are regarding Whites. In short, you may rule out the coloreds. Those in whom you can literally SEE the animal in their very countenance. And by that things are greatly simplified.

My more redneck friends love this one: “You can take the nigger out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the nigger.”

From the Bible all the way up to our own Founding Fathers here, certain specific laws were promulgated to protect and ensure the future safety and integrity of the societies they were respectively establishing. Why this? Again, learning from the past. White societies are the only ones to fall because they are the only ones to rise. Even among Whites there are a few leaders while there are many more followers. This is only natural and Hitler saw it as a matter of personalities. But it also makes the take-over of a society by an invading enemy so relatively simple.

The White pagans isolated as they were in their northern homelands did just fine. No Jews to lead them astray. No coloreds with which to pollute their blood. They could hardly have gone wrong under these circumstances. But Whites have development and destiny. World domination and high culture as well as science. The reach back to the stars from which they had come. Contact with colored races. Penetration by Jews. Ease and luxury time. A chance for bullshit thought to occur. All high civilizations die in just the same way, with all of the same symptoms.

While some knew this, for the remainder it had to be impressed. “You’ll live and conduct yourself in this manner or else.” For the good of the whole. I remember this. And life was good. Then the Jews and the sickos moved in with their whisperings of “freedom”, “equality”, etc. And life is no longer so good.

How monstrous to contemplate the subservience of the higher brain to do the bidding of the lower, animal brain. But that is precisely what this call for “freedom” results in. How much more monstrous is the thought of the highest of “ideals” in the present day being but the worst of all lies imaginable: “Equality” among human types! But there it is nonetheless. The driving force behind today’s world. The result? Not a Utopia but a hell on earth. A drive toward a permanent and universal Third World condition across the entire planet.

Now they say that the kind of social aberration which exists here at present does not exist like this within the Third World. True. A constant state of physical squalor, yes, but all of this neurosis, no. It’s found its own level. What we are witnessing here is literally the DEATH THROES of a formerly great people. On their way to hell. The word is ALIENATION. The core having been removed from the atom. A world without gravity. No up or down. A coming apart.

Nothing rises all at once and nothing goes to hell all at once. Maybe I seldom come across as a “sympathetic” person. Perhaps this article will be the closest as I ever come. But I see all these teeming types of people, lost Whites really, and I have come to ask myself, “What would he or she have been a hundred years ago?” When evil wasn’t rampaging right in their very midst as a physical force. When their leaders weren’t themselves but brain-raped assholes sold out to all of our own worst enemies, their kind of thought and their agenda. When the laws and the social strictures wouldn’t even permit this sort of garbage to go on.

“Tough love” in the strictest sense? I think so.

Everybody has heard this one or at least should have become acquainted with it by now: “The breaking points are different.”

The most susceptible will fall first. And they are. Falling like flies. They’re being LED TO IT. Everything of worth removed or condemned and everything of poison and filth reintroduced and hailed as the highest expression of “freedom”, etc. The flaw and the frailty of the human condition is thus exposed.

The thing to always note carefully however is that this time today it is by no accident. It is DRIVEN. It is RED-LINED as official policy. Its controllers are the most vicious and intolerant tyrants ever to have appeared on earth. You see the hell they give to the U.S. President who merely wants to have what’s right and healthy for the nation. No, they demand nothing short of a headlong dive into depravity and death.

They are the Jews and their brain-poisoned lackeys.

The formerly White society of this country is rapidly dying and has been replaced by something evil and totally unnatural. All of this to suit an evil and unnatural agenda belonging to the very enemies of humanity itself. The more or less early victims are to be seen everywhere. When will YOUR turn come? Or that of your children or grandchildren? With this evil force in command, it is only a matter of time.

They talk about “hate”.

Try to imagine what kind of HATE drives this!