For as long as the American Futurist publication has existed we have prided ourselves as being an organ of revolutionary thought and exploring various methodology and solutions useful to revolutionaries engaging in this battle we face. That being said it is always in our interest to keep exploring and not stagnate or fixate on one solution but to explore a multifaceted approach. This article focuses on one of the prime targets – that being the infrastructure, that keeps the current system breathing – but looking at it from another aspect other than just direct attack. This being the infiltration of companies responsible for maintaining and operating critical infrastructure, and not only spreading dissent amongst the workers but recruiting them to our cause. The White workers in this country will one day realize that there is no place for them but within our ranks. And when these workers, however few they may be, are on our side, there is much hell they can bring about for the system.

It is always important to look at historical examples of revolutionary actions and seeing what we can learn from their successes or failures. In this article we will be taking a look at the Kornilov Affair during the February Revolution in Russia. You can read about this at the link provided, but the relevant information for this article can be read from that link as follows:

“The Soviet had performed several acts such as working with rail worker unions to impede Kornilov’s army’s progress towards Petrograd as well as infiltrating the army for the purpose of sabotage and convincing soldiers within the force to desert, all in an effort to halt and weaken the forces of Kornilov. In Petrograd the Soviet, most notably the Bolsheviks for reasons that were important later on, were given ammunition and arms in the event that Kornilov’s troops should arrive at Petrograd and combat be necessary. However this proved unnecessary because by 13 September 1917 (30 August Old Style) Kornilov’s army had lost a large number of soldiers and with no more support for Kornilov’s movement the affair had come to a bloodless end.”

What is easy to understand from this is how railway and communications workers of Russia became heavily supportive of the Bolsheviks and how Lenin used that to block the Russian Military’s advance on Petrograd (now St. Petersburg) and ultimately lead to the failure of Kornilov’s coup attempt. Since without transportation and communication, militaries become dead in the water.

This was done by denying access to this critical infrastructure to the military by the workers. It also included strategic targeted destruction of infrastructure that would be very important for the military as well.

Another aspect of why this is worth looking into as an avenue of revolutionary action – that being the radicalization of critical infrastructure workers – is that all revolutions are multifaceted. If there are revolutionaries destroying the infrastructure via direct action, and the workers who would have been used to fix and repair these things are also radicalized to our cause, then it is clear that these segments of infrastructure are effectively ours to control. They can be destroyed indefinitely or disabled when it is seen fit to do so.

What the fuck is the system going to do? The various system elites, technocrats, and more can’t maintain the lines on their own. They can’t drive all those trucks. They can’t man the trains and unload them by themselves. They require workers to do so, workers who are predominantly White, working-class, and already anti-system, albeit in reactionary ways; however, this is no excuse for us not to radicalize and agitate. In fact, it’s even more reason to do so! To paraphrase Hitler from memory when asked about this question, “If we don’t radicalize the disaffected population, then who?”
Let us say, as an example, that we get even just 25% of truckers, electrical engineers, railway engineers, etc. on our side. Do you know how much damage that would do to the system and empower ourselves? Please seriously consider this. This has been a proven effective method in past revolutions. This country’s skilled labor, we must reiterate, is already majority anti-system. They just need more pushing and agitation to fully come to us.

In the recent past there have been several incidents whether due to weather and natural reasons or intention that things like the electrical grid of an area, or a substation has gone out of action. In due time these things were repaired and replaced. While this may not always be the case depending on circumstances (this can be discussed in later articles) it would be an interesting scenario if when these things went down, the workers who normally would be tasked with repairing them refused to, or refused to unless certain demands were met, or perhaps even threatened further destruction somehow to exacerbate an already critical situation for the system. The main point being that in this multifaceted approach, having the workers of these critical infrastructures on our side opens up new and greater possibilities from a revolutionary approach. Just think what would happen if railway engineers refused to allow shipments of coal, grain, and other important things to an area. Even a few can sabotage normal operations, especially with their technical familiarity and granted physical access to all relevant things.

With all this said it is also important to ask this crucial question, “And then what?”. While this article is not meant to outline such an answer or educated response, it is important that everyone keeps this question in mind. After such things possibly happen to critical infrastructure, it is very important that a plan is made following up with what to do next. The ball must continue rolling.

Once again, it must be stated that many of the White workers at the companies that control critical infrastructure in this country have some degree of anti-system views and are very susceptible to radicalization. Surely some of you reading this might even know someone who works at these types of places, we sure do. And what can the System really do to stop us? More diversity hires and powerpoints talking about how you’re a piece of shit if you’re White, further alienating the capable White workers, pushing them towards us? Or just not address this, allowing us to operate freely? Or not hire White workers for these jobs any more, leaving it to the hands of retarded incompetent shitskins? It seems that the System is damned if it does, damned if it doesn’t.

Plant seeds of revolution wherever you go, they just might sprout up into something magnificent.