It’s Not Too Late to Hate

But it is too late to love Sharon Tate.

Terrible what has become of National Geographic magazine in recent decades. My father would buy every old copy he could get his hands on at the local Goodwill Industries back home. In those pages would be recounted the study and exploration of the globe by White men as it was subject to White, Western civilization. And any “natives”? Well, to us then, “natives” meant coloreds and were about as seriously regarded as any of the rest of the flora and fauna.

(We used to chide one another: “Your grandmother was a centerfold in National Geographic.”)

Now that venerable old magazine has gone the way of just about every other thing we used to look upon as an institution. Multi-cultural and multi-racial, where the savages are no longer savages, etc. Caught it by accident on some news program where the current editor-in-chief – maybe even publisher – is some dirty, old Jewess. Sad. And, yes, I do HATE it!

But somehow I got hold of a copy of the March, 2012, issue of National Geographic where the feature story was entitled, “The Journey of the Apostles”. Photographic illustrations of present-day “Christians” depict colored low-lifer even while reproductions of ancient artworks clearly show solid White types as the earliest Christians. You see the deliberate slant.

But they inadvertently let slip with a big hunk of truth when they printed this, “An immense multitude was convicted, not so much of the crime of firing the city, as of hatred against mankind… Covered with the skins of beasts, they were torn by dogs and perished, or were nailed to crosses, or were doomed to the flames and burnt, to serve as a nightly illumination, when daylight had expired.” That Was the Roman historian Tacitus writing in the year 64 A.D.

So, according to Tacitus, the earliest Christians – who didn’t even call themselves that but rather believers in “The Way” – most probably were not responsible for the burning of Rome but were instead scapegoated as being “haters”. And this went on for a good two centuries.

We know how Gibbon described the slow death of ancient Rome, when the Roman cities were no longer Roman, etc. They taught us in elementary school that the Germanic north did a brisk business with Rome for blonde hair to be fashioned into wigs for Roman women because they couldn’t understand why there were fewer and fewer blondes in Rome. And still the blonde ideal remained the highest standard for beauty.

But everyone was a “citizen” – either a citizen or a slave – and there were plenty of slaves, both White and colored. Form ahead of function. You might be tossed to the lions if you did not worship the emperor as a god. Superstition. Having been a Roman citizen more than once saved the bacon of Saint Paul. We know how it is here today in the United States with all this business of “citizenship”. Anything that can crawl under the wire as nominally “human” and do the prescribed paperwork can become a “citizen” and, if they are any kind of “minority” – and so-called minorities represent nine-tenths of the world population – then they have greater rights than YOU and are quite literally a protected species.

So we see a move toward what might, with extremely blurred vision, be seen as a policy of some sort of national unity, certainly on the basis of an ersatz “equality”. Maybe Eisenhower was thinking this same thing when he first ordered the schools of this country integrated in the 1950s. But then we have reality versus image. The image may have been sweet. But the reality is that our education system went from #1 in the world to where now the schools are literal jungles, conditioning and not education is the object, illiteracy is the outcome, mass shootings are getting to be the norm and metal detectors and armed guards are becoming permanent fixtures. And, worst of all, Whites subjected to this from the earliest age are poor representations of what Whites were once and what they ought to be. And no one thinks that a mistake has been made and that it ought to be fixed.

No one. For that sort of realization would automatically be termed as “HATE”.

So what then? Just go on ahead and die?

Some of the works we have this year been releasing clearly demonstrate what Christ and the early Christians were really all about. They were OURSELVES of two thousand years ago. The first real HATERS! Any person who does not HATE that his country, his culture and his people are being destroyed has got to be – as Commander Rockwell said – some sort of INTELLECTUAL QUEER! That or else one of the enemy.

Very recently one of our comrades was confronted at his place of residence by a bunch of these very same intellectual queers – from Germany, of all places – and asked the ridiculous question, (paraphrasing) “What makes you think that you can just hate?!” Not missing the point here, the real object was to get this comrade into hot water with his neighbors and his landlord, etc., and, hopefully, to get him evicted. But so exemplary had been his behavior over the tenure of his residency there that the landlord told those fucking brain-raped communists to get the hell off the property and not to come back!

Well, at least it beats the hell out of a trip to the coliseum and a frolic with the lions. But it is the sentiment that counts.

Nerve?! You ask about nerve?! What makes them think that they can confront us or anyone else over the way they think and speak?! As some others have stated in the past, this is still the United States of America!

No. In ancient Rome they really didn’t know what the hell they were doing. Believe it or not. It is obvious that they had no inkling about the facts of race or of the deadly damage caused by race-mixing. And the Roman Empire died a slow, agonizing death not even realizing what was killing them. Worse than that, they went after those people who DID know and sent them to horrible deaths. Human nature and not a very pretty picture.

If there was an agenda then it at least was not at its very bottom a plan to wipe out a specie of human type. And we all should know what the word is for that: GENOCIDE. They were foolish and they were blind. And they as a culture and a society paid the price.

Here in the present there are plenty of what I would call ASSHOLES who are kow-towing to all this “equality” crap for perhaps the same reasons as the ancient Romans… All “citizens” need to be treated equally. But at the bottom of all this today is the stated agenda of our RACIAL ENEMIES to mix us up with former slaves and biological SHIT-HOOKS of all descriptions in order to eliminate us as a RACE.

If this is some sort of “great idea” then look at what it has done to not only American society but every society of the White West. Dismal and hopeless places of shame and despair. And should this agenda be seen through to completion? A permanent state of Third Worldism over the entire globe. And if you think today’s Third World is in a mess, try to imagine how it would be without the nations of the White West to be sending in food, medicine and every other kind of aid.

Who or what would or could be behind an agenda such as this?

And what kind of stupid fools would involve themselves in the furtherance of insanity such as this?

The answer has got to be awareness. And this same awareness has got to be backed up by ACTION. It is no more, no less than self-defense. But to the mind of the trained enemy or the sincerely duped, this all represents HATE.

I state all of this now and in this way for the sake of any newcomers who will be visiting our website. And I state it for the sake of those who are currently with us but who have yet to experience the kind of CHUTZPAH – Jewish for nerve – coming from these “apostles of brotherhood” to again borrow from Commander Rockwell.

These are your enemies. Whether racial enemies or poor slobs of your own kind who have been poisoned by enemy propaganda. They seek to stamp out any resistance to the death sleep which has been cast over our entire people. They do not want us waking up our own people. It is they who HATE. And they are bothering about us now in this fashion because they are worried at the success we are having. That and no other reason.

We take it as a badge of honor.

And we determine to double down in our efforts.

Whenever and wherever confronted by these self-supposed bullies, the proper response is, “Satan, get thee behind me!”

(Or in more modern parlance, “Kiss my ass!”)