James Mason Prison Articles

As an announcement, the essays and articles written by James Mason in the 1990s under the pseudonym of Robert Burns (James Mason’s favorite cigar brand) while in Colorado State Penitentiary for Firearms Charges, all the essays are in the form of two PDFs and made as books.

Volume One of his essays tends to deal with his beliefs around Christian Identity, UFOs and Aliens and Charles Manson. Volume Two is much more like Siege commentating on events at the time and more from a National Socialist Revolutionary Perspective. These will be added to our Library as well.

Click below on the covers for download:

These books as well as James Mason’s other works are all public domain (as well as all works created by The American Futurist such as but not limited to The Futurist State and Why We Fight Translated). James Mason refuses copyright on all his works and one can without fear of legal reprisal publish his works including Siege without his permission or compensation (James Mason hasn’t made a single cent off of Siege and to this day plans to have it that way until his death). Intellectual “Property” should be abolished as it hinders creativity and allows greedy assholes to use the legal system against the spread of ideas and innovations for their own personal profit at the expense of everyone else.

Hail Victory!