Keep the Emphasis on Excellence

I’ve said recently that if there exists any real enemy and if that enemy has a name, it is confusion. Certainly part of confusion would have to be the absence of any genuine ideals. Goals to aspire to whether they’ll ever be reached or not. If there isn’t a constant upward struggle then stagnation and degeneration will inevitably set in. So it has become in the United States and in all of the Western nations.

Not so in the colored, Third World countries. They don’t fall because they’ve never risen. They exist just as they have always existed, in a perpetual state of stagnation. Some may have had great pasts as with Egypt, but once their population base went colored that was the end. Sub-Sahara Africa was and is worse. Minus the White colonization following the voyages of Columbus, etc., they’d still not even possess national boundaries, real languages and would be existing at a level not far removed from their simian cousins.

China and Japan. Dead races they have been called. Outstanding at copying and mass production but, again, without the White race, they’d have nothing to copy or reproduce and would still be existing somewhere within the Middle Ages, where they were when discovered by Whites.

For the rest, the mulatto or mestizo races, whatever may be left from the colonial days of the Spaniards or Portuguese, etc., is what they have to lay claim to any real degree of civilization at all. All those great and mysterious monuments of the southern latitudes are from a culture which hailed the “white gods with red beards” who said they’d one day return… and I guess they did with the Spaniards but, once more, they neglected their blood lines and look at the dreary mess today.

I never messed around with “the news” until the Trump campaign two years ago. Then I became hooked as I closely monitored Trump’s rise from hopeless odds to win the presidency. Then it was his struggles against the sicko, neo-commie system and media. But now all that has about levelled out. Now it’s mostly about the stupid and useless goings on within areas of the Third World or else the Third World-esque doings here as well as in Europe. So my disgust took back over – as well it should have – and I am weaning myself back away from what Kaye and Sullivan termed the “Yiddle-Fag” machine.

Even when somewhat dealing with Whites, this media focuses upon things like the “Special Olympics”, etc., as well as how successfully these lost Whites are assimilating colored, Third World ways, if not outright mates. It is dramatic the way naked race-mixing has been ramped up over the past twelve months in the area of televised commercials. And with the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King, these Black leaders are actually claiming things to be “worse” now than they were then! I don’t see how they get this unless, of course, it is coming from trained communist agitators – exactly as King himself was – whose singular goal is the total destruction of everything White.

The mention itself of communism – small “c” – does point up absolutely the goal of that mindset: The removal of excellence; the end of values. The “victory” of absolute “equality” in the only way in which it could ever be achieved: Complete mediocrity through total bastardization. The ultimate and end target of this? The White race itself.

Some decades ago one Japanese leader declared quite publicly that should the White race disappear from the earth, then the final end of all civilization would soon follow. Of course he was right. Most colored types will never say this because it is a terrible thing to have to admit about yourself. And so hatred seems to be the way to go for them. Hatred against Whites, of course, for even existing and – so long as they do – standing as a reminder of exactly what any and all lesser breeds are and will always remain. And so, for these then, breeding Whites out of existence is the answer to their dilemma. That, then, is the very “prize” upon which they must train their eyes.

Now that’s real HATE… capital “H”. We cannot even contemplate or house that kind of hate or resentment because we don’t have it in us, we just don’t stand in that shadow, thank God. And yet it is we who are called by the enemy media the “haters”. Speaking for myself, I do not hate people. I DO hate the destruction of my own people, however, by whatever means. And that, by its very definition, could only be seen as genuine LOVE… and not the bullshit and poisonous “love” pandered by the enemy system as a primary tool to induce Whites to contribute mightily to their own destruction.

But for me to declare something like the title of this piece – Keep the Emphasis On Excellence’- is to seemingly miss the point. As if anyone had any choice in the matter at all. No. This-is just as it has always been a conscious and deliberate drive on the part of the enemy and his brain-raped dupes to poison the minds and spirits of the unsuspecting White masses and to get them beaten down, to keep them beaten down even while the instincts of the coloreds are being simultaneously inflamed against them. It is a strategy that was declared by the enemy well over a century ago even though it has been in effect their program from the dawn of time.

Our mission with this website of ours is to reach and to inform as many of our own people as possible with the message of the truth and of hope. Just as for ourselves it is a matter of the will and the initiative of the individual. It is not a matter of mass taste or brainwash as with the drive to death of the enemy media. Unless and until the enemy power over the masses of Whites everywhere can be broken, it will remain a matter of great numbers of otherwise good people continuing to fall like flies, helpless against this artificially generated Pied Pipet’s call to death. And with a few who have managed to save themselves, and thus some form of a future, by awakening to and resisting this mass poison.

And so back to excellence and ideals. Look at the faces on those statues of Classical Greece and Rome. Except to those who are irredeemably lost and gone, that still represents the ideal of physical beauty. Except to those who are either alien to our blood or who have totally succumbed to the spiritual poison of that same alien enemy, then – culturally the highest ideal remains the music, art and literature of Europe of – over a hundred years ago, before things lost their way and the influence of the enemy grew so strong.

Those stoics of Classical Civilization struggled and wondered why the great days of their own culture appeared to be over with. Apparently it never really occurred to them because they weren’t able to halt and reverse the decline. It was, of course, because of the integration into their society of former slaves – coloreds – who had managed to earn their personal freedom and then to assimilate into the greater society… and to do so, of course, as “equals”. This suggests a rottenness that is practically bottomless and, unless it can be seen and caught in time, irreversible.

We however know the score. We can and do stand up and do and declare something about it. We are like those that are furiously striking pieces of flint over small piles of leaves trying to get a fire started. About all I can assure anyone of is that we continue to strike those flints – with ever increasing facility as with the addition of the internet – even as the same pile of leaves becomes drier and drier. We won’t quit because we can’t. And if there should ever come a climax to all of this, then our input will surely be a part of it.

Physical beauty as I just described as reflected in Classical sculpture is even today not uncommon upon our streets. And in those days they had not even the faintest glimpse of the recording of sound which means that we have not and well not lose what our own great masters gave us as part of our culture and will keep it until such time as we again- once freed from every alien dominance and influence – can pick up where they left off. As for technology, that has never left us and would be the last thing to go in any event. But I’ll only paraphrase the great Wernher von Braun – a former SS colonel – who lamented once that had Germany won the War we’d already have landed on Mars… and at a time before man had landed on the moon.

I’ve said it before from out of deepest conviction and I’ll keep on saying it that, if the veil of darkness could be but suddenly lifted from the eyes of our people, then the situation could be reversed literally overnight. That, of course, represents the big “IF”. Nonetheless that is our undertaking just as it should be the sole undertaking of any capable and responsible White person who hears and comprehends this message.