Know What the Hell You’re Doing

A number of years ago I ran into the following quote from a man named Ellis Jones.

“All during a man’s life he is doing something he expects to turn to his benefit, otherwise he would not do it in the first place. After his deeds have all turned sour and against him, the fool sits there and bemoans his actions without realizing that he could not undo his past doings anyway and makes an ass out of himself to boot for the sole benefit of his tormentors… Never regret your past and therefore you will not have to fear the future.”

This is taken from a wonderful book entitled, “They Too Were Americans”, by author Scott Freeland and released by R. James Bender Publishing. I recommend the book most highly.

The book deals with the German-American Bund, a topic most have at least heard of but which practically none know anything about. The book not only establishes the record but at the same time sets the record straight.

All of the high intentions and fine ideals of these thousands of men and women during primarily the 1930s in the United States which were systematically persecuted and finally undone totally by the December 7th, 1941, enemy master-stoke, are detailed in this book at length. It is heart-breaking. If you have been any kind of movement activist and think you’ve ever had it tough, you need to study this book and you’ll know that you’ve only had it ridiculously easy.

But that’s as far as I’ll take it with regard to the Bund. This is a universal phenomenon.

I think of Albert Speer. The only defendant at the initial run of the Nuremberg Trials who changed his plea from “Not Guilty” to “Guilty”. And one of only two to actually denounce Hitler. He managed by this cowardice to save his own life and get twenty years’ incarceration but what he did to his own honor and, even more, the honor of all the millions of heroes and martyrs who never abandoned the faith, the truth and the right, was infinitely worse than any actual death sentence.

Speer went on after his release from Spandau Prison in Berlin in 1966 to become a wealthy man with the sales of his books, all of which painted the Nazi regime in Germany in criminal colors despite the fact that he knew the truth was the exact opposite. He always maintained he knew nothing of any so-called “Holocaust” which was correct simply because there was never any such thing. All of the main defendants claimed the same thing but were called liars by the kangaroo court.

There’s really no defense for cowardice. But one might say that Speer experienced, what I call, tragedy beyond bearing. However, the plain fact remains that the rest of the Nuremberg defendants did not succumb the way he did. So there is no excuse. One authoress who made Speer’s later acquaintance and who was either a Jew or was married to a Jew and whose mission in life was to propound and perpetuate the “Holocaust” myth, recounted the following tale as told to her by Speer during an interview.

It was right after the murder/executions of the main Nuremberg defendants in the gymnasium of the “Palace of Justice” (and I use quotation marks because of the monumental cynicism and hypocrisy which went on in this building already carrying this name.) The place had already been scrubbed up but the remaining defendants, those with prison sentences, were brought in to mop it up yet once more. Speer noted there was a large blood stain on the floor which would not budge. Of course it had come from one of the murdered men when the hanging gallows, which had been deliberately rigged to malfunction, caused the man’s face to be mangled against the floor as he dropped. Rudolf Hess, as Speer noted, stood at attention and gave the Nazi salute to this spot. But the authoress who recorded this interview at least thirty years later told that at this telling Speer was still flushed and mopping sweat from his face.

Tragedy too great to bear.

Now I’ll stop with the Third Reich anecdotes and come to the present time and place.

It seems to me that people aren’t made of the same stuff they once were. I recall seeing at a theater some years ago a documentary on the explorer Shackleton. One of the very last of the greats before the White Man had explored the entire world. It was about 1900 and in the Antarctic. Shackleton’s ship had become caught in the ice and was gradually being crushed by it. By every standard of measure, this appeared to be a death sentence. There was no radio then, nothing. But there was a whaling station some ungodly distance away. The supplies and even the dogs had all been eaten. What faced Shackleton and his men was a crushing prospect. Over mountains of snow, oceans of ice and somehow to the whaling station where help might be summoned not only for themselves but the men remaining back by the wrecked ship.

The long and short of it? Not only did they make it but there was not a single loss of life.

Then, in the present, modern age, a team was assembled to retrace Shackleton’s steps back then. And these were all young, healthy men, well-rested, well-fed and in tip-top shape. They made the same journey but reported that it took everything they had to do it. With radio and every sort of emergency back-up, it was all they could do.

They claim that the testosterone levels have been dropping at a steady pace now for some generations. I tend to believe it even though no one has come up with an explanation for it. That much had better be figured out or else it is curtains.

They say that all men are cowards and only the breaking points are different. Maybe. I know that there are those who have gone the complete distance and beyond.

It does however seem to me that a critical thing is to always do your best to know what the hell you’re getting into before you get into it. Then, just perhaps, you may measure yourself first.

It must be known and appreciated by the individual that when taking on the World Enemy one is very literally accusing the accuser. The “Accuser” – or the “Adversary” – is the translation of the name, Satan. The entire nation of Germany did exactly that – and failed – and have a good, close look at that outcome. Tragedy too great to bear. Better consider a thing like this as regards your own, personal life.

We don’t need or want any more personal or collective tragedies. Bad things will happen but I believe that the price was paid back then and that we, by using good, common sense, may escape so much of that. We certainly don’t need or want any more of our own people making asses of themselves when caught, persecuted or harassed by the enemy system. And a thing like that is 100% within our own control… IF we know ourselves and IF we know what the hell we are doing even as we are doing it!

You’ve GOT to know your enemy. You’ve GOT to know the stakes.

In line with my belief that the price has already been paid, there is that quote from the Bible which states that Satan is absolutely furious because he knows his time is short.

See the way Satan, his dupes and his agents reacted to the surprise win of Donald Trump. And that’s nothing.

This is REAL. This isn’t a game.

It may appear to be stacked against us. It may appear to be a hopeless situation. But have a look at the enemy’s response to our mere presence. Now, once more, it is within our 100% control to MAKE THE MOST of this presence by NOT being fools or idiots. And, for Christ’s sake, don’t crumble when captured by the enemy merely for the sake of some imagined, temporary advantage. In short, BE A MAN!!!

But do yourself and the rest of us the favor of knowing what the hell you’re getting into before you get into it.