Last Chance Cafe

Round about these parts there are a lot of places named “Last Chance” this or that. And back in the Nineteenth Century this was no joke. But today it has assumed a kind of “cute” ring to it.

Last evening as I was poring over some old Hard Right tracts I pulled one up which read, in part, “White Man, this is your last chance!” It dated from 1976. Same people around the same time were publishing features entitled, “Rhodesia Must Be the Turning Point!” etc. Well, I was damned sure in my own mind that Rhodesia was NOT going to be any sort of “turning point” in the downward trend of the fortunes of the West.

Furthermore, I felt then that it was a bad mistake to take any such stance and, especially, to publish same. Looks bad and only goes toward the disheartenment of those who might be, first, exposed to and, then, embrace this sort of “blue-skying”.

(For the record, Rhodesia was sold out from the inside. Whites there were deprived of the chance to really fight… as I have said… a fight which they would have won.)

How many “last chances” have we seen come and go right here in this country over the decades? “The Coming Red Dictatorship”, etc. Well, I promise you that in effect the “Red Dictatorship” has been here in force for quite some time already. I don’t care what it calls itself or what symbolism it uses. I don’t care who is aware of it or who is not. I don’t care that a Donald Trump may be in office at the moment, etc. This great, big “pie graph” which we all inhabit just keeps trending toward a bigger slice for them and a smaller slice for ourselves regardless. That’s all that I care about.

That, as I have said many times, is the key note and the cornerstone of the communist agenda. Period. They don’t care how it gets there, only that it does get there. And it’s getting there.

Last chances? Some in this movement will insist that Hitler was our last chance. Oh, that would have been too easy, too pretty. Hitler’s was an orderly, legalistic and humane answer to the world problem. He was answered with the utmost violence and illegality. Maybe he was in reality THEIR last chance. “No more ‘Mr. Nice-Guy’”.

Here, more lately, it might have been the murder of George Lincoln Rockwell who, again, had a solid and workable plan to peacefully and legalistically deal with the overriding problems of the time. Again, I say, too nice and neat.

You must realize exactly what we have been up against all along.

This is savagery in slow motion. This is brute force in a suit and tie. This is super-sophisticated BRAIN-RAPE unlike anything George Orwell could ever have come up with. They moved in on our people and culture with one thought in mind: To destroy us. This is HATE the kind of which our people can’t even conceive of. (And it is we who are labelled by these types as the “haters”.)

You have to understand that these types will not tolerate even a hint of self-defense. They will perceive it as “fascism” and generally call it as such. No. It must, according to them, go all their way all of the time. At worst for them they may take the old one step back and two steps forward. They are deadly determined. They hold all the playing cards. It’s sickness and death all the way as far as they are concerned for us… or else – as far as they are concerned – it is “fascism” and it is that notion which they have propped up to become the new greatest evil possible.

“Big Brother” is a totally outdated term. It has become long ago clichéd and we should avoid its use as it now only goes to cheapen the enmity which needs to be taken with the greatest seriousness. “P.C.”, to me, is a better term. From mere name-calling and over to actual operation. And who is it that’s behind “P.C.”? It might get some people thinking.

But as for any last chances, I suppose it all has to do with what you consider to be any sort of “line in the sand”. I assure you, you’re going to LOSE each and every time. Why? Simply because THERE’S NOTHING TO HALT THE PROGRESSION!

It must and it shall play itself out, wherever that may lead. Only a couple of things at this point may be certain: It will get worse before it gets better; and any actual climax will not be pretty.

The “last chance” frame of mind is deadly poisonous. By adopting it you only set yourself up for disillusionment. It represents a dangerously limited appreciation of the world situation. It makes a fool and a victim of any who fall for it.

I say we as a race are going to overcome and survive this most deadly of any challenge we have ever faced and then go on into the brightest future ever. But it will be done not only in spite of the all-powerful enemy, but in spite also of OURSELVES. For we have clearly shown that we do not DESERVE redemption but that the enemy has clearly shown himself as too vile to ever become the master over this or any other planet.

I’ve said it before many times that we have faced in the past some absolutely horrendous – and what would have been permanent – threats. Well, for one thing, in those times, we had ourselves, our own leaders and we FOUGHT. But I’ve also said it time and again in recent years that not only were these challenges of old fully anticipated and laid out in writing long before their actual occurrences, so too is the present and final one. Does it really require a lot of blind faith to see that, if there is an answer, this must be it?

For the rest, they can jump up and down all they like and see where it gets them. Draw that line in the sand for it just might be your final chance.

It doesn’t matter if a world picture is not to your liking. It doesn’t matter if yours or anybody else’s great plans do not seem to be working out. There only is what there is. People want more than anything to hold onto some form of a past which – when compared with today – looks really wonderful but which, in fact and reality FAILED because it succumbed to the machinations of an insidious enemy. It along with that enemy must BOTH GO AT THE SAME TIME. Quite obviously this is the way it has to go and the way it is going to go.

Deterioration speeds up all the time as though time itself is being compressed. This can’t go on forever as there is a bottom which must be reached, sooner or later. Culture is dead. This is a police state and even that is creaking and groaning. What? Half the population guarding the other half? But even that insane picture couldn’t hold. The shift in the demographics dictates positively that it can’t and won’t. This is the ball which they have kicked off. They couldn’t stop it if they wanted to… and they don’t want to.

Just as an aside, in the month of July I finished the proof reading of the upcoming fourth edition of my book, Siege. It was written nearly forty years ago. In places I would comment that this whole drama might well require “another twenty years” before completion. Some hopes! But then, Dr. William Pierce in his own masterwork, “The Turner Diaries”, set his futuristic scenario in the Nineteen Nineties. So I guess that we’ve been seeing and learning all this time, at least I hope so. And I would also hope that some of us have been transmitting what we have seen and learned to others so that some degree of enlightenment might be gained and perpetuated.

I once asked Dr. Pierce, point blank, “What’s going to happen?” His answer was, “I don’t know.” Well, I’ll say once more that we will come through this. However, the time-table, the in’s and out’s, etc., are for the moment unquantifiable. Save to say once more that it will be rough and it will be bad. That you may count on.

Hitler in Mein Kampf posited in reference to Central Europe that should the racial situation as it was arising there at the time continue on for another five hundred years, then at the end there would be very few examples left of the “Image of God.” That certainly was the issue then just as it is now. And the time-frame of five centuries?? I don’t want to think it will require that long. But I am fairly certain that it will not come in my own life time. That’s a broad expanse.

Think of the continuing degradation. Think of the genetic damage. Think of the MESS that will somehow have to be cleaned up.

But it is coming and it will be.

There’ll be no lines in the sand.

Last chances? Maybe there never was a chance in the first place because if there ever was, it surely was blown long ago.

Was it blown in the Garden of Eden where and when the first instance of race-mixing took place? Probably. But, again, the entire saga from that moment to this was recorded and projected.

And now here we are.