Lessons of Manson

This series of writings consists of James Mason’s own analysis of Charles Manson’s quotes. James Mason, having been a personal friend of Charles Manson’s for years while he was still alive, has decidedly taken it upon himself to decrypt the sayings of Manson that some might consider ‘cryptic’ based on his own personal knowledge of Manson and from the perspective of someone who knew Manson and members of his “family”.

While we do not speak for Manson or his so-called “family”, we still find what Manson’s outlook (or how we understand it) is not only similar to ours, but relevant to the current times that we find ourselves in. This is bringing you access to Charles Manson’s insight as well as presenting the truth as it is. Readers can find an extensive wealth of knowledge on Charles Manson from the accurate and non-biased book by Nikolas Schreck called “The Manson file”.

Lessons of Manson

We lost Charles Manson in the flesh last year but his was a presence so large that it will remain as though he never left at all. Of course one of the ways in which this is demonstrated is by recounting all the many wisdoms he provided us with over the course of the decades.

One of these involved what he termed as “P.C.”s and “P.J.”s. No, not “Politically Correct” or “Pajamas”. Rather, “Phony Christians” and “Phony Jews”. This was his way of referencing those masses of humanity that go about either thinking or pretending to be something which they most definitely are not. As those of us who hail from the southern part of Ohio might say, a hell of a lot of people out there are running around with their heads up their asses.

Manson was so intensely focused on practically the entire population of the United States and indeed the rest of the Western world living under total delusion that this principle became one his primary themes. One more way of saying, “Wake up!” He always said that, “The truth is one” and so it always has been. In order to get this truth across to as many people as possible, it is necessary to say it in as many ways as one can find or invent.

Let’s look first at the case involving our own people, most of whom think of themselves nominally as “Christian”. This is only what they were born into and they simply don’t know any better. I’ve related the true story of the dear friend of mine who, as a Church woman in her sixties at the time, confessed to me that she had studied the Bible all her life and still didn’t know what it was about. Such honesty is rare.

But that would be exactly the case with 99.9% – or greater – of those considering themselves as Christian. Worse however is that what they think that they know is false, even deadly. “Religion” about equals “superstition” and superstition defines as “belief in the absence of facts”. And I have given my own take on “belief”: You can “believe” even that you are a pair of needle-nose plyers if you so choose but does that make it real?

That this man, Jesus, died to pay for your sins? That’s about the whole cornerstone of the thing. “Grace” is a huge issue among these people also. From all I was ever able to gather on this, it means that you may go on about doing any damned thing with the knowledge and assurance that you are “covered” by Grace. To my mind this could mean that Jesus really died for nothing or that the whole thing is a major misunderstanding and a misread. If not, then it must be a deliberate misrepresentation.

Moving from this stuff which is confused as well as being useless, we move into that which is downright deadly.

This belief holds that, “the Jews are God’s Chosen People”. In a number of detailed works, I have shown positively that this is a most definite misread. As short and as plain as I can make it, the Bible itself traces carefully the development of “Jews” from the time when our own ancestors – the genuine Hebrews or Israelites – first entered Palestine, or what was then known as Canaan.

There they encountered certain native peoples in exactly the way our people have always done whenever taking a land. It was God himself who admonished our Hebrew ancestors that they must either kill off or drive out completely these native Canaanites lest they themselves be diminished and destroyed through lingering contact with them. Our early ancestors failed in the completion of this critical task.

Over the course of the next number of generations, and just like it has happened here in America, these conquered people gradually assimilated into the Hebrew culture, making in many cases prominent citizens and even soldiers. Yes, and even concubines all the way to queens, etc. (Think of Bill and Monica; Think of Harry and Meghan.) They were working their way in and becoming even indispensable. Again, they did this through assimilation which itself was enabled through our own foolish “tolerance”.

But what they also did – exactly as God warned – was to infect the Hebrew Temple with their own, peculiar, native ways, ways which were and are alien to ourselves. However now – once more exactly the way it has come about here – all within the Hebrew Temple, whether true Israelite or native Canaanite, were considered to be “Jews”. The confusion and the corruption has reached that point. (Over here, to day, anything capable of crawling under the wire as nominally “human” and having either the proper paperwork or having been whelped on this plot of soil is an “American”.)

The predictable confusion and rot inevitably set in and the place fell apart. Mass deportations began a la Joseph Stalin and still more from the same racial stock as the Canaanites were sent in to fill the gap in population. These also adopted the now debased Hebrew Temple and became more “Jews”. (After a few more centuries the actual, White Hebrews or Israelites broke out of the area and made their ways into Europe to go on to found the modern, European nations.)

And then Jesus. A White man of the finest breeding. His genealogy is provided twice within the Gospels. A direct descendant of King David, he truly was the rightful and proper king to that one-third of the population remaining which was still White. However his directive to his followers was to go to the “lost sheep of the House of Israel”, which, as everyone who knew anything then, meant those of us already in Europe. Our former Holy Land was lost through our own carelessness and the Bible – our own Book of Truth – was in the hands of our worst enemies, pretending now to be “God’s Chosen” by default after our leaving the Temple and the area itself.

Jews being Jews and being fully aware of this situation, took the only action they’re capable of and arranged the murder of Jesus. But by his coming and, yes, his knowing sacrifice, he threw the split between the opposing races, ended the confusion, with the Whites now becoming Christians and leaving the Canaanites as Jews, God’s accursed. In that sense then he did save us from the “sins of the fathers”. If this were to be taught in these churches, what a different society we’d have.

Going on even further into the working nature of this deadly poison which passes as “Christianity”, just a little hocus-pocus and a little “belief” makes equal the finest racial example alongside the most stupid and primitive racial cur. Even the most conservative of these priests and ministers will and do lay it all on the line for this dirtiest and most dangerous of all lies. They are hand-in-glove with our Communist/Jewish race-mixing enemies where it counts most. And they profane and blaspheme the name of God and of Christ by their so doing.

The earliest Christians fully knew and understood all of this. Those Crusaders who returned to our Holy Land, killing as they went, weren’t doing so from out of any kind of bullshit consideration. They knew who they were and they remembered what those enemies had done to our Lord. The “pogroms” which followed were based on the same things. But what, I ask, were those bastards doing within our midst anyway? Up to no good, to say the least. Perhaps even to try and finish the job they were prevented from doing through the coming of Christ.

Which brings us up to the present. Just have a look around.

Then, of course, there is Hitler. Enough said.

As to the “Phony Jews” of Manson, by far most of those calling themselves “Jews” in the present have absolutely no connection even with the Canaanites of the Bible who, unfortunately, do. It is estimated that from 85% to 95% of these people descend from a pagan tribe having originated in southern Russia and known to history as the Khazars. Just as with the en masse Christian conversions in Europe among Whites, these Khazars converted en masse to Judaism around the year 800 A.D. However it is interesting to note that even these are racial cousins to Canaanites and they were known in the Bible as “Gog and Magog”.

It is unfortunate that when Manson would speak of things such as “P.C.”s and “P.J.”s, most people would not only not understand what he was meaning or would, most of the time, simply write him off as being the insane lunatic that the Jewish media has always made him out to be.

Better have a second look and listen up.

This has been the first, but not the last, in a new series: Lessons of Manson.

Beware of the Eagle

That line chosen for this entry into this on-going series is taken from one of Manson’s song lyrics. “Beware of the eagle; don’t do anything illegal.” The eagle, of course, refers to the badge of the law.

It seemed to me as though the decades of the Eighties and Nineties were one big mess of involvement with the law. A state like this will evoke every kind of hostile resentment toward that which appears to be focusing its full interest upon fucking you up or taking you down. All will be familiar with the little slogan on the sides of many of their police cruisers which reads, “To Serve and Protect”. I thought it best and more accurate to change that to read instead, “To Harass and Disrupt”.

It would be too easy for me even at this remote date to go pretty wild in my assaults and jabs against “the law”. I’ll need to restrain myself if I’m not to expend all of my ammunition in just this one article. This because there are too many facets to this to be covered independently if proper sense is to be made.

How about this for a start? The regular police in Germany harassed the hell out of Hitler’s movement. Mostly petty garbage but they were there to carry out the orders of the state which, itself, was in the hands of Germany’s enemies. After the 1933 seizure of power, many within the police were still quite reticent to fall properly into line behind the new state. However they soon enough came around and in short order were doing a magnificent job in cleaning Germany up and keeping it clean. A good many became part of the Gestapo.

But one has to understand what goes into the making of a cop. It seems to be a universal thing. That one particular dirty rat and fink on the south-eastern plains of this state – even as he was sizing me up for a fall – said very plainly that, “You change the laws and we’ll enforce them.” There you have it about as plain as it can be made.

The cops are not the natural allies of the punks, the shit-hooks and the bums. Much less the niggers and the queers, etc. They love order and they hate trouble. They hate, as I like to say, punks and punkism. So if you don’t come across like a punk with them, you’ll generally do all right. I was never a punk and so I always made out well. Same would go inside prison. Prison did for me what expensive resorts do for most. (Well, at $30,000.00 per man per year, that’s pretty damned expensive.)

One has to watch out. The typical jailer is a wanna-be cop who couldn‘t make the grade. Pissed off at the world in general. Back then I was fond of saying that, if it weren’t for us prisoners, they’d be the scum of the earth. Or if this were a hospital instead of a prison, they’d be wiping our asses. I liked to vent a lot in this manner. (But it was Mark Twain himself who said that if you want to observe the real scum of the earth, just go see a prison… at the changing of the guard.)

I witnessed terrible things visited upon prisoners by guards. But there are those who rate such treatment and there are those who are just helpless bad luck magnets. My advice to you is don’t be either. These people don’t mess around. You can only lose in any kind of confrontation. As a kid growing up, I had multiple family members who were prison guards, two of whom were there at the federal reformatory while Manson himself was there as a youth in Chillicothe, Ohio. I know the type well.

Let us say that here there exists little or no political or philosophical underpinning. A lot of reaction and a lot of testosterone. It’s only what you would want in a peace-keeping force, whether prison or police. Let it be fully understood that a political cadre is a thing rarest of the rare. Anyone would be foolish to think otherwise. And, realizing this, it is important that we play it accordingly.

Yes, the police will come after us if and when given the cue from their present masters. Never doubt it. But, consider, Donald Trump himself is basically of a police mentality. He largely sees it as it is and, insofar as he is able, likes to call it as it is. And for this he is both hated and feared by the Jewish/Liberal System and coloreds alike. Not to mention all of the bums, queers, punks, etc. Seeing Trump as a sort of archetype, we have to also see that he’s not in possession of the facts we are in possession of and – ironically – due to that very same media he has declared to be the worst enemy of the American people.

But look at how he balanced things out after the melee in Charlottesville when confronted by the media. They just about had a stroke over this display of evenhandedness.

But neither he nor the cops in general will tolerate out-and-out lawlessness. Trump, like cops everywhere, will act out of an instinct that is deeply recessed. Some people just haven’t been gotten to yet by the poisoning of the media. The enemy fears them more than it does us. A strong, sudden reaction there could bring them down. They represent the giant, not us. As Kipling outlined beautifully and poetically in his, “When the Saxons Began to Hate”, it requires a lot of shoving before our people on their own get the impulse to shove back.

We are the clear and steady mind and thought process of this now and, most importantly, when that time arrives for the counter-shoving to begin. We cannot squander ourselves. We cannot make of ourselves the kind of easy targets the enemy would delight in if we were to be so stupid. I’m not hailing Bannen from the early days of the Trump campaign or presidency but I do know that the enemy was screaming a lot more about him then than they were about Trump himself. The enemy knows the value of political ideology behind any amount of political power.

That’s us.

The media plays its propaganda games. The nigger shown in his graduation robes versus the same nigger gallivanting down the middle of a highway in the wee hours of the morning, no doubt higher than a cat’s ass, and basically daring the cops to do something about it. And, more than likely, carrying a weapon of some sort. He refuses to halt. He refuses to stop resisting. He makes threatening gestures. Then he gets shot and killed. It is as it should be. Except that, as we well know, no such scenario should even be possible as there ought to be no coloreds within our society and our media should not be controlled by our worst enemies.

You may be certain that cops everywhere feel this if only by gut instinct. And it will be gut instinct that turns the tables on these enemies which now arrogantly occupy our land and dominate our people by their power of ”chutzpah”. We are the real brain, the mind and the intellect – the WILL – behind this gut instinct. And Manson always emphasized the central importance of ORDER. Again, that will be us in the final survey.

Anarchy? It’s here and it will increase. Why? Simply because of the hellish mess the occupying enemy has made of our formerly great society. The alienation is here, growing and out of all control. This not to mention the increasing colored element of the general population. They are dark, primitive and basically lawless. As the God that created us said, we carry within ourselves, each one, the morality as well as the law. “Kings and Priests” we are, each one. Those others represent the jungle. When the enemy bemoans the fact that this society has never been more polarized than it is at present, he voices his deepest fear. Polarity, by its very definition, is one more term for clarity. Clarity is our own estate while it is confusion that is the estate of the enemy.

Their “diversity” is the death sentence of civilization.

Craziness and disorder? It’s here and it is increasing. But let us not ever permit this trend to become associated with ourselves. This trend toward ever greater polarization has got to be taken and used by us and turned ever toward our greater advantage. I wonder how many of those that we are going to need might be at this moment reading this very article and what their reactions to it might be. A light coming suddenly on? At the very least a certain clarification? The initial steps toward a proper orientation of thought?

Greater things have hinged upon far less.

So don’t be petty, don’t be criminal. If for no other reason than that one given by Manson himself: “Beware of the Eagle”. Your life and your liberty are most precious. And if you feel you must sacrifice them, do make sure that the price is well worth paying.

The Media Only Reports 5% Of What’s Happening And That Much Is Distorted

Charles Manson and Donald Trump in sync together?

Manson never came out in so many words to declare that, in the words of Trump, the media is the worst enemy of the American people. But he knew it and he meant this very thing nonetheless.

The media is a broad term but it basically takes in the entire apparatus of taste-making, of dream-making, of opinion-making, image-making and basically everything which goes into “P.C.”, “Politically Correct” and, by the same token, all which lies without those parameters and is, therefore, strictly taboo.

This would of course take in the newspapers, radio, television, etc., and go on to include Hollywood, Broadway and so forth. What Manson was referring to in the statement used as our lead for this article was the news reportage facet of this machine. I’ve known this all my life and for this reason I never used to waste my time “watching the news”. The thought to bear in mind always is this: Television at the best of times is trash.

But during high 2016 as I was having coffee with some friends, one of them said to me, “You know that Trump guy is wanting to build a wall along the border with Mexico.” Well, I was hooked at that point and began right away to follow Trump’s campaign. Along the way, of course, I happened to see a lot of other things as well.

For one thing the term “lock-step” needs to be taken in mind. Some of these brain-raped clowns – most of them professional types – like to get their faces on camera and in all dead earnestness declare that “freedom of the press had never been more important”. This as a direct swipe at Trump for his 100% correct statement regarding the media but also as a demonstration of their own bullshit hypocrisy and/or ignorance. Every facet of the media says exactly the same thing on any matter. Anyone with a brain left will have to know that isn’t right.

I was shown only recently a brilliantly produced piece exposing how a large number of television stations – all owned by the same concern – have their news announcers mouthing the exact same words in precisely the way parrots do. It’s a very old trick. Get these comparatively attractive and professional looking and sounding types up there on camera and hand them a script. There’s even one of these types locally who comes out with the statement, “you might not believe this but the bosses here let me speak my mind.” Yes. Just so long as he has really nothing on his mind worth speaking.

From the time I was a kid it struck me the way all of these news programs are constructed. Approximately one-third “news”; a second third weather and the final third sports. News, if it is to be taken seriously, I can see as I can the weather forecast. But sports? It’s a naked contrivance. No matter what happens there, nothing changes and nothing is affected. This is wrong. Attention and priority are seen by this to have been badly misplaced and for a very long time. But to paraphrase something said about one who died of a critical illness, “You don’t get that sick overnight.” Anyone who ever caught the “Protocol of 1919” will know that undue attention to sports had long been a major plank in the communist platform to get the American society – indeed all Western societies – taken off base. The even older, Roman “Bread and Circuses” of mass distraction.

But another one of those 1919 Protocols involved getting the masses all swept up in undue preoccupation with sex. We are no moralists and no prudes but there is such a thing as healthy outlet and the media is using all of its power to distract people away from that. Putting the “okay” of “normalcy” – not really a word but we’ll use it anyway – to all forms of perversion beginning with plain, old-fashioned immorality and going on into homosexuality and, ultimately, miscegenation or race-mixing. The media makes it seem not only “normal” but downright glamorous and, even worse, makes the participation in these acts – acts that were not long ago on the books as criminal and outlawed behavior – appear as expressions of “personal freedom”.

Remember anytime considering human reaction to deliberate conditioning: “Monkey see, monkey do.” That plus the word of advice shared with me in regard to handling large and possibly dangerous livestock: “You’ve got to make them think it’s their idea.”

We come to abortion and the fact is that even our own movement is split on that subject. Some say – and maybe right – that most of the abortions performed here involve colored types. Fine and dandy. But I say that some more or less of them means not much while some more or less of our own stock means a great deal. But I also say – and many will reject – that abortion is one more abomination in the face of God. Murder. If Manson made any pronouncements on this subject, I’m not aware of them. But I think he would be in agreement with me. Manson is well known to have placed the greatest value and emphasis upon children.

Imagine your life’s goal and purpose, your calling, in favor of life as a homosexual? Or your entire philosophy centered around the “right” to abortion? The media has done this with great masses of people. If there is such a thing as a cult of death, then this has to be it. Or destroying your family line through race-mixing? Or of adopting the offspring of alien, colored races? All of this made “fashionable” by a sick and enemy-owned-and-operated media.

Just as I make it plain that Donald Trump is NOT the answer, I also say that if the enemy hisses and goes into fits over this man, then I have to embrace at least that image. And if the enemy holds as one of its most “sacred values” the murder of children in the womb, then I have to take it upon myself to attack and condemn this as strongly as I am able. It is filthy and we are living in a world getting filthier all the time. It is the doing of the enemy and the enemy-controlled media.

I cannot and will not waste much space here on the common tricks of the media especially as it regards news reportage. Lock-step has been one of the sure-fire giveaways of this domination. Such devotion to mere sports is another give-away to the skewed nature of this. But once the “news” aspect of things has been gotten out of the way, covering as it has just done the further downhill descent of things in general, the remainder of the program will usually be devoted to goings on within the miserable and hopeless Third World, or what nowadays passes as “art”, or what useless and futile doings as may be happening involving poor cripples or morons and calling it “America Strong”.

It has always been and will always be our stance to “Keep the Emphasis Upon Excellence”. The enemy media and its drive is to downplay every form or express ton of excellence and to replace that with the defective and the mediocre. And this, as was brought out most strongly by Dr. William Pierce in the 1960s, is the very essence of communism itself. The bringing low of excellence and of high ideals in favor of the lowest common denominator. This is also the purpose of so-called “democracy”.

Anyone ought to know that the best and safest form of lying is that which contains – or is contained within – an element of truth. That way it can seldom if ever be pointed out and nailed as a lie. But there is manipulation and it is manipulation which this enemy-dominated media excels at. After all, it has no real competition. The fact that cannot be denied is that this population – the population of each and every White nation on earth – doesn’t have a thought in its brain that wasn’t planted there by the enemy media. How could it be otherwise?

“Institutions of higher learning”? That’s largely another topic but, in short, those lost institutions which were formally our own merely take all of this universe full of “P. C.” delusion and put the formal seal of authenticity on it. Education is out and conditioning is in. And I well recall at the time of the surprise and the upset of the Trump electoral victory these vile and arrogant – brain-raped – liberals going on about how Trump has been elected by the vote of “those without the benefit of a college education”. What they were saying without realizing it was that Trump had narrowly been elected by the TRUE and GENUINE American people, or at least those who were left of it and not brain-raped out of all recognition.

It’s “1984” times ten thousand.

This is a matter of awareness. If you are not aware then you haven’t got a chance. All channels of media and therefore of awareness are in the hands of an enemy that is on record as having sworn to destroy us as a people. And how exactly does the situation in the nation and in the world and, yes, in the shape and attitude of each individual line up with this truism we are telling you? By accident, you say?

If it were an accident then it might be recognized as such and could be rectified. Are we that stupid and that helpless? But no. All of this misery and chaos is by design. It goes according to an agenda formulated in the minds of enemy aliens – Jews and their allies – very long ago. It is a reflection of their own idea of a Utopia or an impossible world. By conspiracy they took control of all sensitive positions within the respective nations of our people. One done, they moved to begin to alter the very face and the nature of our societies to suit their particular, peculiar agenda. And they would not and will not brook any resistance or opposition.

That’s why we are the “haters” and the “radicals”, the “misfits” and the “terrorists”. We are the only ones left who are knowing and telling the truth.

Their lie and their conspiracy is today all-dominant, we admit. But what we see and experience all around us is also THEIR result and THEIR responsibility. They would tell you that “the Nazis” still represent and are the real evil in the world. But “the Nazis” hold no power, anywhere. Neither “the Klan”, etc. This isn’t, as they say, “rocket science”, it is merely simple deduction. Their lie and their conspiracy is failing and can only continue to fail. They will continue to lie and to bolster their lie using every power of the State – and, yes, the media which is fully at their free disposal. But it will be to no avail. For it is all a lie.

By their media they will sell you on the image. What you will get is the reality. And when all collapses finally, all you will have remaining will be the damage. Who do you then go to for your money back?