Me Three

Always wanting to give credit where it is due, our title line comes from a standard “Three Stooges” gag. Moe says, “I’m in.” Curly says, “Me too.” And Larry says, “Me three.” Thoroughly Jewish, the long-running act at last has been recognized as the greatest ever after having been panned and shunned for decades. I would never want to be without my complete set of “Three Stooges” twenty-minute shorts.

Jews makes the best entertainers no doubt due to their “chutzpah” together with their own, inbred twisted take on things in general. This can make for terrific comedy as well. But when applied to politics and culture, etc., it can be and indeed has been devastating. Just as Hitler observed in Mein Kampf, Jews are an agent for disintegration. Picture the familiar courtroom scene full of either “The Three Stooges” or “The Marx Brothers”. Or the soiree where a pie fight erupts.

Comedy can turn dark hardly without one really noticing. Then it changes and becomes communism or liberalism or the like. And then if you don’t laugh – or at least “go along” – you can find yourself in some rather serious trouble, maybe killed. So goes the Jewish “thing”.

But now recently we have seen the “Me Too” movement among some of these more “liberated” women in business and in media, etc. I cannot and I do not come to the aid of foul Jews the likes of Harvey Weinstein, etc. But I like to think that I at least pay attention to things as they happen and do not simply swallow things whole the way most seem to do.

Two things appeared salient to me in connection with all of this. One, the timing of it. Here they all come straight from out of the woodwork, just as though someone had flipped a switch, right on cue. And the media stood poised to lap it all up and get it broadcasted to the masses. Two, what did ever happen to “due process”? Someone can stand up and accuse you of something and, right away, you are through. This, after all, was the main hallmark of the very real witch hunts of centuries ago.

No, this is all rigged up. One question would be, “Why now?” Well, we may be certain that the enemy Jewish system is doing this for purposes of its own and it feels that things at present are “ripe” enough for it to have its desired effect. Next and most important, “Toward what purpose?” It’s so important to realize what the enemy is up to while he is up to it. And one really needs to be careful for, as the great Arthur C. Clarke once said, “It’s easy to be wrong.” Best of all is the ability to anticipate what the enemy will do even before he does it.

I think this has to do with upcoming elections in this country. The enemy was stunned by the surprise upset victory of Donald Trump for President of the United States over their own, hand-picked, shit-hook variety, slime-ball candidate… Hillary. She was set to win. I expected that she would win. But recall how, at the last minute, they pulled up an amateur video of Trump from years before purporting to have him saying some pretty crude things in regard to women. And I expected that surely would be the final nail in the coffin. But, miraculously, it was not.

Yes, the enemy and all his minions were genuinely stunned by their loss. And, yes, we must certainly take a large measure of hope from this ourselves because it shows that the enemy’s arrangement is not foolproof as he would like us to believe. And surely the enemy must and will – and is – taking serious steps toward correcting the situation which he sees as very critical. Things like the way Trump reacted to the scene in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year still has them jumping up and down. You see, they will not for a moment tolerate the slightest even-handedness.

We’ve seen how this current ploy has worked effectively against the man running for the Senate in Alabama. A former – maybe current – Republican majority voted in a Democrat reacting on the unsubstantiated charges against the former involving sexual improprieties. No proof. No due process. Sensing a winning formula, they’re going to milk it for all its worth.

Now I would have been the very last one to have imagined myself talking in serious terms about Republicans versus Democrats, After all, these are the twin gangs which have ruined this society over the course of the past century. However, I do come from hard-shell conservative, Republican territory. But the reality of the matter is that things do appear to be polarizing as they have not done before. The enemy loudly bemoans this in his media. They blame Trump for it. They, of course, want us all to “come together” into that one, brown mass of nothingness and to do it in the least amount of time possible.

They are in a hurry. There can be no mistake about it. And therein might be their Achilles Heel. Just leave it alone the way it stands and time will take its course, exactly as it has always done with racially mixed societies. But it might require centuries for the completion. The enemy either can’t or doesn’t want to wait. He seems to need and want this NOW. So, perhaps, he’ll overplay his hand. We can only hope and keep on doing our best.

Talk of late has been for there to be no more a White man as head of the Democratic Party. Great! Just as Tommasi said, heighten the contradictions. The talk has surfaced only this year regarding the actual REPEAL of the Second Amendment to the Constitution so that they may be able to disarm White Americans. I promise you, the First Amendment would not be far behind ensuring that we would be legally muzzled and would face prison for exactly what I am saying here.

And, getting back to the so-called “Me Too” movement, they are hard driving toward the unseating of the Republicans starting later this year and, ultimately, with the next presidential election. Once more, I think their chances of succeeding in this are very good. Even as Hitler would say, it is a case of simple mathematics: Our “side” – or should I place the quotation marks around “our” instead – hasn’t got anything to compare to the iron solid, fanatical drive enjoyed by the enemy side (because for that to be the case, they’d have to stand up and declare themselves to be racists and neo-Nazis); They can’t put masses of people into the streets; And they most certainly don’t possess anything comparable to the enemy media which can sway the public mind and emotions.

This not even to mention the growing colored demographics which soon will render any talk of “elections” as totally moot.

Well, there you have it. I don’t think it’s even possible for me to be wrong in this.

But let’s not leave it there.

I’ve said it over and over that should White awareness and, resultantly, White unity ever be re-achieved, the battle would be won overnight. We have – along with other, similar websites – only recently managed to get ourselves back up on line after having been taken down as a result of enemy actions to get us silenced. Why? There can be but one answer: They do not want our message out, period. Why, again? Poisonous? Maybe to them. But sincere even-handedness – true democracy – would reason that we should be let go in order that our “poisonous” message would discredit itself and then fall flat to evaporate.

I’ve always found the best witness to be the hostile witness. Plus, you can learn much from a liar but that you must first well understand that he is a liar.

The enemy decries “polarization”. He has a fit at a man like Donald Trump being elected president. This tells me that the old comparison between ourselves and the man with the two pieces of flint and the pile of leaves is closer to the truth than most would accept.

Just about as primitive as it gets, we’ve been striking those flints together over those leaves for a heart-breakingly long time now. Just trying to spark a flame which could be fanned into an inferno. What we today see going on around us and what I’ve taken some time to look at here might indicate that that small pile of leaves is getting dryer all the time. The enemy fears we might just catch on after all and he moves to forestall it. Only natural, only to be expected.

But he’ll need to do better than he has been doing. All this silliness of getting some punk outfits to take down our websites!! And in order to do better he’ll need to grow a set of balls. The last time I said something like that was just before I was S.W.A.T. raided by the local sheriff’s department. But that really wasn’t “balls” after all. I tried but couldn’t count the number of cops involved. But that, along with everything else that followed, only led… to this.

Heighten the contradictions.

Then we’ll see who’s got what.

“Me three.”