More Truth

Last entry on this subject – although we deal only in the truth – was headed, “And the Truth Is”. In it we stated that the true enemy of all civilization and decency was CONFUSION. Going further we pointed out that CONFUSION is, in all reality, what is represented by EVIL. To the opposite, it is CLARITY which actually stands for GOOD. Thereby we have been able to demystify and objectivize these two most overworked and misunderstood terms. And this remains our goal: The drive for truth and clarity.

Now we arrive at the matter of what we should properly see as our own, personal role in concerns such as these. It has always come up and I expect it shall always continue to come up regarding those adherents to the movement who come in, stay awhile, and then depart under varying circumstances. It’s been called the “Eighteen Month Syndrome” as that seems to be the average term of tenure for so many of these new recruits. Then too, sadly, once a “comrade” and now a “dirty son-of-a-bitch” as often as not accompanies most such departures.

We could continue to examine and to pick apart this unfortunate and on-going trend. But we’ve long been doing so and, no matter what anyone may try to say or do about it, it only continues unabated. Well, anytime confronted by a thing like that, one had just best consider it a “constant” and just go on. The “constants” one must learn not to worry too much about but rather pay closest attention to those developments which are new and unique.

Misunderstanding. That’s one constant. And as long as it remains a constant, we will never stop seeing these drop-outs or “defections” or whatever it is that you may want to call them. One’s own, personal appreciation of what this is supposed to be about. In just about each and every case, all such appreciations are badly lacking. And when these are found to not measure up to actual reality then disaffection takes place and this rarely has a pleasant face to it.

There’s the book, long out, entitled, “The True Believer”, by one Eric Hoffer. It maintains that those drawn to extreme causes are that way due to some inner deficiency. I’ve intended now for a long while to write a piece about how not everything – by a very long shot – is YOUR FAULT. I’ve long maintained that this IS A FUCKED UP CULTURE AND SOCIETY. Many will contradict this. But it has also been said that “one man’s cess pool is another man’s hot tub.” Yes, there are plenty whose perceptions have become equally demented with the sick times as they try to come to an agreement with death and an understanding with hell.

And you cannot undo a billion years of evolution in a generation or two. “You cannot de-Nazify Mother Nature.” When a thing like this is tried, the inevitable result is always ALIENATION. The symptoms? The rush to drugs, to homosexuality, to race-mixing as well as to suicide and to mass homicide, etc. Going crazy. Something inward disagrees. But where to turn? Well, anytime the lie comes to dominate and becomes the “new normal”, then just as naturally as anything, THE TRUTH WILL BE SEEN AS RADICAL AND EXTREME.

Via any “acceptable” channels, there is NO PLACE TO TURN. Therefore stands the UNACCEPTABLE. Cleverly the enemy has taken this into account and has already placed myriad traps to catch the unsuspecting. But he did not “place” Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. What he did do was attach a totally false image to Hitler – one of criminality – so as to perpetually dissuade people from seeking him out as any sort of savior. In the main, in the short sense, this has worked. But then there are those who were not only NOT dissuaded but were, instead, DRAWN to Hitler. I am among these.

Hitler’s true image – right through all of the lies and the distortions of the enemy media – universally dominant – reached some of us in spite. Visceral. Racial. Manly. Then came the learning process, the penetrating of the lies in an academic sense. Slow and laborious. Often painful. Then what to do? Organize for action. Only natural and logical. Only what White Men do. And now back to that seemingly endless cycle of the “Eighteen Month Syndrome”. Some last longer and make bigger splashes than others. Some end tragically. The outcome to date? History continues on its course just as the enemy assumes he is in the driver’s seat.

What to draw from all of this?

Despite anything certain facts cannot be ignored. There are the lost, and this is a fact. Their word and their judgment are not to be accepted as valid. They are lost. They may be in the majority and they may occupy the seats of temporal power but that is only indicative of a sick culture and a sick society. Do not be swayed.

If history contains any certain lessons – so that we may not have to repeat all of those steps – it is that some particular behaviors, whenever accepted as “alright” by the society officially, mean that that society has marked itself for DEATH and that this death is approaching at a rapid pace. That is the truth. However, many will see this phenomenon as “progress”. Yes, if it is death which is your goal and your ideal.

“Keep your eyes on the prize.” I have long been convinced that this is their “prize”. They are welcome to it. Leave me out, however.

The real role of Hitler. Exactly as prophesized, Hitler was SENT INTO THIS MESS at the critical juncture to KNOCK OFF BASE the master plan of the World Enemy which was, up to the time of his coming, proceeding perfectly according to plan. Then they were suddenly forced to deal with Hitler. In ways which we today do not fully understand, Hitler DEFEATED THEIR PLAN through this greatest of miracles and this greatest act of heroism and sacrifice ever known throughout history. Defeated by the enemy? A damned shame? A loss? The ultimate triumph of the enemy? No.

Consider this: Had Hitler prevailed in the temporal sense then, it would have invalidated all of prophecy. He succeeded fully in what his given mission had been. In going over his “Table Talk”, his tone and his optimism remained unchanged from 1942 right through 1944. Hitler set the stage for the final climax. And only a blind fool or an idiot could fail today to see that climax rapidly approaching.

Reasons aplenty. What looks like a failure on the part of the movement ever since is a misreading. When the job has been done, what more is there to do? The gnashing of teeth? The jumping up and down? The going out on a banzai charge? It dawned over me some years ago that it might seem as though Providence had deliberately CONFOUNDED all of our own efforts to “do something” to alter the standing situation. Doomed before they even could get off the ground. The most will not accept a thing like this and will keep on bashing their heads against a brick wall. That is until they are dead or until they become dispirited, disaffected and give up.

What does all of this point to? One thing: This climax will occur with our without our help.

So then, what is our proper role? In times such as these, when the lie is in dominance and, thereby, everything is being led over a cliff, those who enjoy a brush with the truth have a sacred obligation. To cling to and to draw ever closer to the truth. To consider themselves for this reason as being most precious and to value their existence. Leave all the rash actions now up to others as, due to the ever increasing alienation which is naturally generated by the society itself, there will be more and more of these.

Stand for the truth and spread the truth.

Forget all nonsense.

Know the truth.

Function before form.

Keep YOUR eyes upon OUR prize!

Hitler pointed the way and did all of the dirty work – along with so much of the glorious work. National Socialism. Racial community. That’s what’s lacking. That’s what’s under vicious attack by the enemy and that is what will be restored at the end of the coming climax.

The deep down desire has always been to be part of this. It’s as real as you want to – or are capable of making it. You are in charge of this. Watch out for the phony-baloney “leaders” and all of the crack-brained schemes. Stay off of treadmills of supposed “action”. Avoid like poison the siren song of the world as it tries to lure you back into the death trap of its sweet temptations.

Stay aloof from it. Watch it as it transpires for it is transpiring rapidly. This truth, your truth, will be validated every day right before your eyes as the system of lies continues to putrefy and to stink and to fall apart exactly as the rotting corpse that it is.

Represent clarity over confusion and you can’t lose.