National Socialism

Modern politics are just that: Modern. Very recent developments as human societies were becoming ever more complex. Basically it became no longer possible for a king or an emperor – even with his prime ministers, etc. – to govern alone. But I am recalling an observation made by one old time Right Winger many years ago when he said that, as a student of history, he wasn’t aware of any king or emperor who deliberately mislead or betrayed his own people. The same cannot be said for a great many of these modern politicians.

The origin of the terms “Left” versus “Right” is said to have originated at the court of Louis XIV of France. Those ministers seated to the left of the king favored more “power to the people” while those seated to his right supported the power of the crown itself. Louis was known as “The Sun King” for France probably achieved its highest greatness under his reign. He is quoted as saying, “After me comes the storm.” He was right.

If there ever was a genuine First World War in recorded history then it in actuality took place between England and France during the Eighteenth Century. As part of this global struggle the British colonies in America decided to revolt and declare independence but without the active support of France, now under Louis XVI, they wouldn’t have made it.

The French support might have been unnatural as it was the basis for the treasonous action taken by General Benedict Arnold who feared that this would give France the upper hand in the New World. It did not. The new American republic – as it was calling itself – at first offered a crown to George Washington who refused it. The governmental arrangement then established hearkened back to the system of judges known to ancient Israel of which the Founding Fathers were quite aware. But very basically, only White, land-owning males held the franchise. Some “democracy”, eh?

Behind this American Revolution was the Masonic Lodge. A direct offspring of the Knights Templar whose own roots traced back to at least ancient Egypt. But so far as I’ve ever been able to ascertain, it was not only a good thing but in fact arose as a direct part of biblical prophecy. Joseph, head of all the Tribes and father of the Anglo-Saxons, had divided his birthright between his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. The two would in time become Great Britain and the United States. They indisputably remain as heads over all the Tribes to this very day.

But then something ominous took place. At about this same time, as even mainstream history provides, they was a “merging” between the Masonic Lodge and the Illuminati. What this meant in reality was that the Masons were TAKEN OVER BY the Illuminati. The Illuminati was a solidly Jewish affair, founded by one Adam Weishaupt of Germany and it was they who, some years onward, would hire another Jew, Karl Marx, to pen the Communist Manifesto in order to subvert and recruit disaffected White commoners everywhere and lead them in unnatural revolt against their natural leaders in support of a Jewish overthrow of Godly, White order. All, of course, in the name of “freedom” and “liberty”.

Now the “new” Masonic Lodge went to work in France. The nation had bankrupted itself in support of the American colonies and these enemy burrowers saw their chance. The “French Revolution” was no more French than was the so-called “Russian Revolution” of a century later Russian. These were violent Jewish take-overs done in the midst of a general chaos and utilizing masses of disgruntled and basically stupid White masses as their tools for overthrow. The respective regimes of the King and the Czar, far from being “bloodthirsty” and “oppressive”, were rather and in fact merely too weak and too tolerant to have withstood these devilish conspiracies against them. The respective people merely traded one autocracy for another and gained no genuine freedom at all but rather tremendous blood-letting and, as I said, the overthrow of the Christian and White order of things in favor of a Jewish and essentially COMMUNIST one.

So began the big push on the part of the Jews and their duped minions to go forward with this general assault upon Western, Christian civilization. A great deal of order was restored with the coming of Napoleon but a great deal of damage still remained. The general uprisings of 1848 represented one more communist, Jewish attempt toward anarchy in Europe but these were put down. Once more, however, the somewhat weak-kneed monarchies of Europe thought it best to “give in a little” and allow Jews, liberals and socialists to enter their respective parliaments. Like giving a hungry tiger just a piece of yourself in hopes he’ll be satisfied.

Insane rivalries among the brothers of the Tribes of Israel heated to the boiling point by 1914 and then broke out what is officially known as the First World War. Advances in technology and increases in populations made this the most destructive war, by far, in all of recorded history. Brother against brother – particularly as it involved England and Germany, Ephraim and Judah – and all in the name of what? Battlefield deaths must be weighed along with the terrific damage done to the respective home front societies. This was the upheaval of civilization.

In Russia, whose vast territories contained most of the Jews of the world at that time, the communists saw their chance. Exactly as with France in the disorder following their involvement in the American Revolution, Russia, as a result of its involvement in the First World War, was in a state of civil and economic shambles. The intensely organized and fanatical Jews seized the day as the only ones knowing or caring what they themselves were all about. In their tens of millions they seized the Russian Empire and began killing White Christians, starting with the Czar and his family and working their way down through over thirty million other innocent, White Russians as they established their own dictatorship. Of course, through the already Jewish-monopolized media in the West, these developments were painted as being otherwise.

And in the general chaos and collapse in central Europe following the bogus “armistice” of 1918, more Jews went to work establishing even more communist dictatorships in places like Hungary and Germany. In the West such violent activity wasn’t necessary as Jews had long ago, already made their inroads with the “legal entry” provided by a blind and sold-to-the-highest-bidder American plutocracy. The lands of the West were already tools of the Jews. The world was either set for or, more accurately, was now in the grip of a global, Jewish conspiracy.

Again, it needs to be constantly stressed that all of this was in large part accomplished under the banners and slogans of “freedom”, “liberty” and “democracy”. None of it could have been done minus the active support of masses of duped Whites.

The very final verses in the Old Testament of the Bible refer to a certain “Elijah” whom the Lord would send just ahead of the return of God in order to turn the hearts of the children to their fatherland the hearts of the fathers to their children. He must be heeded lest the Lord should smite the earth with a curse.

Every theologian I’ve ever asked about the identity of this “Elijah” has said the same thing: He hasn’t yet arrived. We however say very differently. He came in the person of Adolf Hitler.

One thing anyone ought to catch right away is that the Bible has a most curious turn of phrase. What exactly, in common terminology, do the words at the close of the Old Testament really mean? I think it should be obvious that the reference is toward national unity and away from what here, in recent decades, has been called a “generation gap”. After all, it has been White confusion and division that has permitted all of this alien, Jewish mayhem to take place at all. We have broken God’s commands and it is we who have been suffering the cost for it. God told us in the plainest of terms NEVER to permit “strangers” of any kind to dwell amongst us and NEVER to place them in positions of power over ourselves.

Hitler was a man who loved his own people beyond the power of mere words to convey. And he was a man who, as he matured, came to see and to realize exactly who and what World Jewry represented: The World Enemy or Die Weltfeind. He took direct action.

Even his detractors – who alone are capable of getting their “opinions” into the mass media – have come to admit that Hitler had to have been some kind of super genius. Hitler’s own contemporaries – even those who, under great duress after the War – have said the same thing. All of the “experts” who surrounded Hitler had a hard time keeping up with his overall understanding of things. It’s now being admitted that had the generals held strictly to Hitler’s direct orders, the War might have taken a different outcome. What revelations yet might the future bring?

But this man of whom George Lincoln Rockwell said was “the greatest mind in two thousand years” – in direct reference to Jesus Christ himself – devised what he termed National Socialism.

The old order was dead, had failed. I have said that all of this represented the END of the Thousand Years of Christ. And now it was the time of “Satan’s Little Season” when the accuser or adversary would be calling all the shots. The rule of Jews. If anyone can see it as being otherwise, then, I fear, they are to be counted among the duped. Of course, it is they who make up the vast majority. And, as I like to poke and prod, doesn’t the overall situation rather reflect this?

Hitler saw the task as being one of WINNING AWAY his own people from the thrall of Jewish lies and confusion. He not only chose a name like National SOCIALISM but also the use of the RED FLAG – albeit with a bright, white dot and a big, black Swastika in the center – to help further this effort. Plus he had a set of lungs along with that intellect and, more importantly, THAT PASSION to win over individuals and masses. Plus even more than that, his answers, his alternatives RANG TRUE to any who were healthy and honest. Fourteen years of the most intense struggle and Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party came to power legally and peacefully in Germany on January 30th, 1933.

Of this, at the end of his life in 1945, Hitler said that the power of the Jews was forever BROKEN. Jesus said much the same thing on the Cross at the time of his own death. “It is done.” Those of us who remain behind shall indeed experience great tribulation but “the world” is beaten. Jesus’ words were vindicated only after the passage of a thousand years when his own “Thousand Years” appeared to mark the blossoming of Western, Christian civilization. But this too, as written in the Bible, would be undermined and would pass. Indeed, so it has been done.

As to the practical workings of National Socialism, it is merely a matter of our own people looking after our own people. No “agenda” which overrides all other considerations. No concern over any other peoples apart from our own whose interests do not coincide with ours. No hidden conspirators pulling the wires whose only real interests are the accumulation of power and wealth and which, at the end of the day, have as their ultimate aim the homogenization of a diverse humanity into one, big, brown, mediocre mass of confusion… minus any past, present or future… the PERFECT SLAVES.

Such it was “as in the days of Noah”.

If the debate on “freedom”, “civil rights” or “democracy” should ever once get in the way of the welfare and betterment of our own people THEN, IT MUST GO!!! The people are suffering and in more ways than most even suspect. They suffer and are BEING DESTROYED. Whatever it may take to END THIS condition is what has to be immediately undertaken!! One can only accomplish this if there IS NO OPPOSITION to it. If this implies dictatorship then so be it. But at least let it be a WHITE DICTATORSHIP and not an ALIEN, JEWISH or otherwise colored dictatorship.

The Bible refers to the relationship between Jesus and his people – and make no mistake that represents NO ONE other than OURSELVES – as being like unto that of a bride and groom, himself as the groom and we as the bride. Under a so-called “democracy” any such relationship is reduced to the state of an “open marriage”, nothing more than a whoredom. Once more, doesn’t the state of things reflect this 100%? For myself, I long ago came to view so-called “democracy” as being in reality nothing more than “managed confusion” with Jews being the managers.

The present system is mainly worried about matters of economy. This is a falsity. Look at a White nation and you’ll see prosperity. Look at a colored nation and you’ll see poverty or at least a great and unfair disparity with the masses existing in squalor. God said that such would be the case for these fallen racial types. And these Jews have as their desire to MIX OUR BLOOD WITH THEIRS!!! The result would be THE END of life on this planet if one but thinks it through.

If Satan ever had a goal then THIS has got to be it!

The good and the betterment of one people: OUR PEOPLE! That is what National Socialism means. Through whatever devices as may be required, and names and titles mean nothing here, this goal – the safety and the welfare of our own people – is the paramount concern. No debate, no vote. Only swift, direct and decisive ACTION.

Those will wonder about the closing words of both of these men, Jesus and Hitler. I have said that, minus the unifying effect of early Christianity, we in Europe would certainly have been OVERWHELMED and WIPED OUT by invading hordes of Moors, Mongols, Turks and Huns even before the Thousand Years could begin. But what of Hitler?

Even by losing the War, even by seeing Europe and the rest of the world jointly occupied by Communists and Capitalists – Jews – of East and West, Hitler brought to bear a latent nationality which, militarily at least, did contain the march of Jewish Bolshevism across all of Europe. The remainder of the world, the vast colored portion, never did really matter. And by the end of the decade of the Eighties the Soviet monster fell and died, exactly as Hitler said that it would ultimately.

But is there still more?

Yes, the Jewish stench still pervades every White, Western land, including even Russia. But carefully note that this much is due to a case of “legal entry” on our own part. We permitted him to creep in, however stealthily, and take over every sensitive point of our society… against the admonitions of God in the Bible. And we pay the consequences.

Most anyone, however generally ignorant of the things which have been put forth here, is at some level aware of the predicted apocalyptic fate of the world at the end of times. “Armageddon” or whatever you may want to call it. A thing like this might well take place after all. But the causes and the line-up as presently accepted are totally erroneous due mainly to a total lack of understanding as to which people in today’s world represent the people referred to in biblical prophecy. Remember that WHITES ONLY are the true PEOPLE OF ISRAEL. Remember always that the forces of GOG AND MAGOG are RACIAL JEWS and are NOT RUSSIA. And remember that most Jews of the world ARE RIGHT HERE AND RUNNING THE SHOW. And in that correct sense, Gog and Magog are INDEED and RIGHT NOW bringing the colored peoples of the earth – numbering as the sands of-the sea – AGAINST ISRAEL!

The terrible devastation as described in the Bible about that last huge battle. Is it still to come? Or has it passed? I’ve had sincere if mislead Christian veterans of the Second World War ask me – aside from “What happened to my country?” – why no mention of the Second World War in the Bible? Didn’t it rate? Well, if the world “missed” Elijah then I think it entirely possible they might have “missed”, or at least misidentified, the Apocalypse.

What I think is that Germany – NATIONAL SOCIALIST GERMANY – was made the sacrifice for all of us. Aware, willingly and intentionally. The best, most discriminating minds on the Bible and on prophecy agree that what is written has already happened before. A case of parallel dimensions. But it doesn’t mean that it is an exact mirror image. It means that there are certain variables. Jesus demonstrated this in his own final prophecy about the last of the faithful getting out of Jerusalem BEFORE the attack of the Romans… AND PRAY THAT IT DOESN’T HAPPEN IN WINTER. It is going to happen but it could be far more severe.

Not down in flames but up in flames went the Third Reich. They point to the Crucifixion as a super-human sacrifice for all of us but, as we’ve seen, few realize its true significance. Ultimately, way down the line, that horrific act saved us all from literal extinction at the hands of colored hordes. Jesus might easily have avoided this fate of his but deliberately chose not to… it had been detailed five hundred years before by Isaiah. Hitler could have – conceivably – taken a course similar to that of Francisco Franco in Spain and died an old man in a world not much changed. He chose otherwise knowing the outcome.

This, I believe, will become part of the great “edda” in the distant future for White humanity. The devastation had to come, it was seen and written of. But it might be confined and redirected if only some super-human force of personality could be there to do it. “Lest I smite the earth with a curse.”

There’s your discussion of National Socialism.