National Socialist Order Announcement

An unbroken chain of events has led to the founding of the National Socialist Order.

With the founding of Iron March in 2011 by Alexander Slavros, our brand of revolutionary National Socialism finally had a modern voice. The website had a large influence worldwide, with its promotion of unrelenting, no-apologies National Socialism being just what many people needed to see.

In 2015, Brandon Russell, drawing on knowledge gained via Iron March, founded the Atomwaffen Division, the first group to truly represent the ideas of Iron March, and the first group to follow in the great footsteps of Joseph Tommasi and James Mason’s National Socialist Liberation Front.

The Atomwaffen Division faced many trials and tribulations throughout its four and a half year lifespan, but it emerged as an incredibly influential group, spawning at least a dozen copycat organizations, and becoming the most prominent National Socialist organization in the United States.

Much good came out of AWD, the word was spread, connections were made, and worldviews were strengthened. However, due to the decentralized and sometimes confusing nature of the group’s inner workings, ideological coherence was not fantastic, and mistakes were often made.

In February 2020, a string of arrests nearly decapitated AWD leadership, leaving the group rudderless. The remaining leadership made the difficult decision to disband Atomwaffen in America.

The remaining leadership was dismayed, but not disheartened. We have bided our time, learned from AWD’s mistakes, and laid our new group out in a way that the same mistakes would not and could not be repeated.

That group is, of course, the National Socialist Order, an organization founded and led by the remaining leadership of the Atomwaffen Division. We have a strong executive leadership, a clear and concise National Socialist Worldview, and program that strongly reflects that worldview.

We intend to build an Aryan, National Socialist world by any means necessary, and we shall not rest until our goal has been accomplished.

Hail the National Socialist Order!

Hail our Aryan Race!


Please note that The American Futurist is itself a separate organization. We, The American Futurist, are not involved with the National Socialist Order. They simply requested we advertise their organization on our website. We will advertise any and all NS/Fascist organizations that are in line with our worldview and interests as it is stated in rule #8 in our media submission rules. We are not responsible for what any individual members or its leadership within the NSO do or say. Please keep in mind proper OPSEC and join organizations advertised here at your own risk. While we do check organizations that are advertised here, this doesn’t guarantee safety and security. Please use common sense.