Article by Templar and Hydra

Nature is full of amazing things: unbelievable beauty, transcendent views, and fascinating creatures.

Nature is one of God’s greatest gifts. However, many waste their minutes and years on the computer. This is always a temptation and a pitfall within our movement. Action must be everything; I encourage you to act in your life. There are no excuses for anyone to sit around and do nothing while we are fighting and struggling to preserve the blood and cultures of the Aryan race. We must leave behind something that inspires others to follow us. We must honor our ancestors and make them proud.

If you sit behind a screen all day and the only thing that comes out of your mouth are excuses to not act, then you are a coward and a disgrace to your folk, your family, and your ancestors! In the Third Reich, the healing power of nature was heavily studied. National Socialists took a vow to decrease the amount of reliance on chemical fertilizers that were being used during the Weimar period. They also introduced “back to the land” projects, nutritional reforms, vegetarian and animal protection societies, and emphasized natural healing methods.

Spending time outdoors and reconnecting with nature while building bonds with White Aryan Brothers should be something that every Revolutionary National Socialist must do.

Here are just some of the benefits of connecting with nature.

• Reduces Anger, Fear, and Stress.
• Improves short-term memory by 20%.
• Increases levels of vitamin D.
• Increases pleasant feelings.
• Increases testosterone growth if you’re going out to get sunlight.
• Reduces Anxiety and Depression.
• Increases Creativity.
• Improves Sleep Quality.

You can read more about Nature’s healing power here.

As you can see, the foundation of our body, mind, and soul comes from a genuine connection with nature. Until our Aryan brothers can be reunited with the transcendent power of nature, it is impossible for them to live fully.

Imagine what we can do if we get power! We would be able not only to give nature back to the Aryan peoples, but we could smash the Industrial Revolution and even create something new and beautiful. Cities and machines could be designed around natural inventions. Food quality would increase, eliminating and decreasing many of the diseases due to the American corporate diet. Less stress, more testosterone, less anxiety, and less depression. So much more could be a birthright and not an accident for our Aryan brothers and sisters trapped in inhuman, disgusting, and alienated living conditions.

I encourage you to go outside! Encourage your Aryan brother to go outside and reclaim the spirit of your ancestors who hunted and knew the land like the back of their hands! RECLAIM THE OUTDOORS ARYAN!

Hail Victory!