Nazi Humanitarians?

Sounds highly contradictory, doesn’t it? That however is due entirely to the atmosphere made up almost exclusively of lies, generated and maintained by the enemy, alien Jewish media. In effect, the image held in the minds of most people regarding anything “Nazi” is really of a JEWISH “Nazism”! Take that piece of crap, “Hogan’s Heroes”, where all the Nazis are played by Jewish actors. (And to take that illustration even further, try to imagine a comedy situation – where the captors are all idiots – set not in a Luftstalag but in a Soviet gulag or maybe even the “Hanoi Hilton”. Recall that even the Black American airmen shot down by the Germans said openly that they were treated better by the Nazis than they were by the people back home.)

Now maybe with minds better set into proper place, we can begin to discuss what I currently have in mind.

Not being of the “1984 – Doublespeak” set, I still call things exactly according to what they are. No prettying up, no soft-soaping and most certainly no P.C. Here we are overrun with bums. That they are homeless is but a circumstance of their being bums. And so they are not “the homeless”, they are bums. The Bible says that a righteous man need never be a “bagger”. Not a beggar but a bagger. The sight around here of the back packs, not to mention the shopping carts which have been appropriated by these people in which to transport all their worldly belongings is a commonality. What the Bible means is that any righteous individual, in the event of sudden, personal catastrophe, will have family and friends upon which to fall back until the situation can be brought back into control.

During my professional career, I promulgated a number of sayings of my own and one of these was this: If you ever wonder why the homeless are homeless, just take one of them into your own home and keep them on the couch or in the extra bedroom and you’ll soon learn why. Basically, they have blown off any charity or goodwill that may once have come from family or friends. Soup kitchens and day or night shelters? Yes, but these are merely bandaids, salve on the cancer and serve just for that moment. They are no answer.

Today’s situation is different from that of the Great Depression. At that time practically anyone apart from the very rich might suddenly find himself out on the street due to the artificially created financial panic on the part of the Jews who controlled all finances. And this after they had grabbed for themselves this same financial control in the form of the Federal Reserve, going partly on the argument that such a thing would PREVENT any such panics in the future. This action on their part was meant for two things: One, to “redistribute wealth” a la the Russian Revolution of not very many years prior (and, to be sure, some of the “favored” were tipped in advance to take steps to protect themselves.); Two, to create just such a panic in which to take full advantage and get installed a demagogue of their own which, in that case, turned out to be Franklin Roosevelt, himself a partial Jew.

Today I see all these poor wretches and I can’t help but think to myself, where are the asylums for these people? I at one time had a companion who, whenever being approached by one of these people for a handout, would angrily retort, “Get a job!” He was missing the point. These people are unemployable. Again, during my working life, I would tell those who might complain of this or that task not being part of their supposed “job description” that indeed this was a non-union workplace and that, were there a pile of manure out back fifty feet high and they were told to go and remove it, they’d have to grab a shovel. Along that same line I would say that one had to have at least a modicum of something on the ball to even shovel manure. And these people don’t even possess that much.

But I saw quickly that there were different levels, different classifications of bums. There are the demented. And there used to be what commonly were referred to as insane asylums for these types. Not necessarily pretty or happy places but places where the inmates would not starve, would not freeze and would have access to sanitation and medicine, etc. I mean, is not “insane” a legitimate application? Or mightn’t it be found “offensive” to the insane person? Therefore then, it mustn’t be used. P.C. Back to the job place, when .I would train a new person in the security area the time would eventually come for them to become “certified” to make apprehensions, etc. But I invariably would tell them, “It only takes a judge and two family members to get certified.” These days that translates legally to certified INCOMPETENT and not necessarily as insane. But there never were any “incompetent asylums”.

Then there are the dopers. Nobody, anywhere it seems uses this term anymore. Might be offensive to the dopers. Nobody calls anybody a “dope” anymore, either. Where do you think that came from in the first place? Back about the same time as the Depression when dope was certainly around but was confined to the very fringes of national life, just as was queerism and race-mixing. If you weren’t demented going in, then the use of dope will bring on that very same condition. But worse, the addiction, the craving will drive them to – literally – sell out their own grandmother for a nickel. One may ask what prompts any individual to go down the dope highway in the first instance. They again miss the point. Manson – according to the Jewish media the great dope-master of all time – explained it this way: If one wanted to get a group of kindergarteners to throw rocks and make it appear to be of their own volition, he first must inculcate into their brains that the worst thing they could possibly do was to go to that pile of rocks nearby, take them and throw them. The next step would be to piss off that group of kindergarteners.

I don’t use the term, “piss off”. I prefer “alienation”. And I will stress always that this, along with every other Western society, has become thoroughly alienated. A strong, happy and healthy people will not even entertain the thought of using dope. But if I may borrow from what I know Manson would say, a fucked up bunch of people most certainly will. Who – or what – is in the perfect position to so fuck up an entire population? Those in complete control of all opinion-forming media, of course. After all, where do these people receive every thought implant that they have in their brains? Not from the Nazis, I can assure you. Remember we are regarding here those very ones who literally INVENTED psychology. They know everything there is to know about manipulation. Then create the market and fill the demand. Never doubt that the very government itself, at all levels, is behind the dope trade.

Then there are the attitude cases. Again from my years of dealing with bums and thieves, etc., I came up with this one: Those with the most attitude are the ones who can least afford it. (Oh, yes. And to me always they were THIEVES and not “shoplifters”.) “How dare you?!” “You act like it’s your stuff!” “Why are you chasing me?!” I never knew a thief who wasn’t also a liar and vice versa. Yes, dope was common across the board. So was chronic alcoholism. A favorite new-speak term is “entitlement”. These types feel absolutely entitled to steal what they want. We were not supposed to even touch them when they were detected. But I and my team simply ignored all that. We did so at the risk of our jobs. The arrogant statement on the part of a confronted thief that, “You can’t touch me.”, got them “touched” in a most dramatic way. For these types ahead of any of the rest, I had no sympathy at all.

This plague of bums on our city streets is a national disgrace. It is WRONG to permit people to exist in this fashion. And it is WRONG to permit these types to sully our civic life. Rights? It know it to be true that a great many of these types exist as they do WILLFULLY. But no matter. Nobody has this right. Nobody has the “right” to be a doper and nobody has the “right” to be a queer or a race-mixer. It represents national CANCER and cannot be tolerated.

Rights and duty? Hitler summed it up perfectly when he tied it all together with the right and the duty to keep the race pure.

For the sake of genuine humanitarianism as well as for the sake of the well-being of the society as a whole, these types must be taken off the streets and deposited in fresh, new communities where they’ll be properly taken care of, on the one hand, and no longer a blight upon our civic life on the other hand. They must have no choice in the matter. For their own good and for the good of the rest of us. This shame must END.

There was a problem like this in Germany. The answer to it was the creation of the system of KZ Lagers. And KZ Lager in German means Concentration Camp. Forget the Jewish lies. Don’t forget the pictures of the piles of dead bodies but know that all that carnage was caused by the Allied bombings which resulted in the inability to transport food and supplies to these installations. And realize absolutely that there were never at any time or in any place such things as “gas chambers”.

Jews, communists, queers, dopers, such things as Jehovah’s Witnesses, subversives of all kinds, common criminals, pornographers, sex traffickers, child molesters, etc., were scooped up off the streets and placed in these camps. There was one more major classification and that one was the “Work Shy”. The bums. The society, therefore, was cleaned up and in record short time. Quite naturally, the so-called “Allies” released all these types at the end of the War. A crime wave instantly spread across the land and, within a short time, most of these types had been rearrested by the “Allies” themselves. Other, less dramatic shit-hook types were placed in government positions in “liberated” Germany by the same “Allies”. Look at what we presently have here today!

The signs atop the main gates of these concentration camps read, “Work Will Make You Free”. In other words, you had the possibility of getting yourself straightened out and rejoining decent society. Different sections of the camps were for different classifications of inmates. Different handling. But, I assure you, the attitude cases might actually face the chance of being worked or beaten to death.

I have visited Auschwitz. To my travel companions I commented that this was a nice place and that I myself had been locked up in far worse places in the United States. “Yes, but did you have anyone trying to kill you?” Are you kidding me?

As Manson would say, everything today is upside-down. It is our task to get it turned right-side-up once again.

That’s a radical concept and it is why we are radicals.