New Book by James Mason: Out of the Dust

The American Futurist is pleased to announce the release of James Mason’s book Out of the Dust which is a collection of biographical tales, ideological articles and more by James Mason. Volumes One and Two will be available for download below.

Out of the Dust Volume One

Out of the Dust Volume Two

Please keep in mind that these PDFs are simply the raw transcripts by James Mason and not formatted as a proper book. We do not copyright any works published on The American Futurist and everything is public domain, as such we encourage readers to be creative with these raw transcripts and create their own PDFs in their own styles with these texts and we also encourage you to send them to us at [email protected] . We will be coming out with a more proper version soon with images and proper fonts and alike, however we also want to encourage our readership to get more creative as well and knowing how they themselves can do things like make their own books online out of raw transcripts.

This has been an announcement from The American Futurist, Hail Victory!