No White Leadership

There are certain themes which need to be never overlooked and this is one. Rockwell said it first and best when he simply pointed out that there is no White leadership. Sure, there are plenty of “white” faces up there but that’s a far cry from being a genuine White LEADER. These types are mere place holders, mere errand boys. Theirs is the task of the slow and orderly sell-out of White interests and, ultimately, of the White race itself. This is anybody who doesn’t directly stand up for the White race. And you know how few those are. They are nowhere within officialdom. That much is for sure.

To stand up against the phantom of P.C. Lately from Papa John to Meghan Kelly, to even be suddenly “fingered” or “ratted out” by whomever due to having made some utterance deemed by whatever as being “racist” and their careers are either over with or severely threatened. And they run like rabbits, falling all over themselves to “apologize”. What the hell is this? Well, I’ll certainly call it cowardice. And it most certainly is a sure sign of a tyrannical dictatorship set in place.

Ignorance of the facts and the reality of race? No question. Victims of the same brain-rape which has infected the land for several generations now? Yes. But then there are ourselves. We offer no excuse because we don’t need one. We stand up and call it exactly as it is and tell the Jewish would-be masters to shove it up their asses. And it feels mighty satisfying. But of course we are no part of officialdom and exist on the margins of the society because of it. That’s fine. All honor is ours.

Could Papa John or Meghan Kelly be much worse off had they done this very thing? It naturally would follow that if more and more people would have the guts to buck what everyone knows is P.C. then P.C. would be quickly on its way out. It is in effect the old story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” where all of the “responsible adults” somehow “know better” than to call it like it is and declare that the emperor is up there butt-ass naked. And it takes an “irresponsible” but innocent, and therefore honest child to come out with the plain truth. That “child” here and now is represented by us.

This cowardice is what’s killing our people. And of course Hitler said that best when he stated that the world is not for cowardly people. Every kind of colored “leadership” – hell, every kind of PERVERT leadership – is not only fully tolerated, never denounced, but everywhere HAILED as something great. Anything at all White is attacked and denigrated. And we still make up the majority in this land. Another proof of an enemy occupation. Trump is right now the best example of this: Elected by the WILL OF THE PEOPLE but hated and slandered and everywhere undermined by this very same occupying enemy presence… and particularly by the MEDIA which he himself has tagged “the worst enemy of the American people”. How very right!

He can’t say that it is a JEWISH MEDIA because he is partially in bed with this enemy. But, as we have stated, Trump is a nationalist and there are also Jewish nationalists but these types are not represented within the cabal which presently rules here. (But note how some of the Jews Trump had been surrounding himself with are cracking under legal indictment and turning like the rats that they are by their very nature.)

So anyone with any sort of brain or instinct left can see that nothing even approaching anything like honesty or appropriate action will be tolerated by these filthy swine who are controlling the strings of P.C. As one German veteran I knew long ago once commented to me, “It seems as though these Americans are wanting to give it away as fast as they can.” No. That’s only as the result of the creeping liberal influence that has infiltrated into our national life. These Americans voted for Trump because he spoke much of their own will.

That’s what just a little truth and courage can do. At the same time it will invite a firestorm of fury from the enemy, alien occupation regime which is only what is to be expected. But to not back up from their “charges” of “racism”, etc., and to literally TELL THEM TO GO TO HELL… what’s left to them then? GO TO HELL YOU JEW BASTARDS… Or GO TO HELL YOU SICK, LIBERAL BASTARDS. We’re either going to ignite a fire within the collective breast of our own people or we, as a whole, are going to continue to diminish. That simple.

“Take out the shepherd and scatter the flock.” Make sure that no shepherd appears and you’ve accomplished the same goal. The enemy knows that not everyone is cut out to be a leader. This is true. One thing the tiny, Jewish minority has going for it is the “chutzpah” that is born within every Jew. That is the brassy, overweening NERVE to push himself or his agenda forward, ahead of anything and everything else. But that’s not true leadership. Whites are inherently decent and do not possess this kind of nasty trait.

Rockwell saw the value and critical need for true, White leadership and gave his own life even as he took the point position in supplying this very same need. Robert Miles saw and stated the it is woe to the people who fail to take heed of any such display of true leadership because it will, as a result, start to diminish in the face of a people so unworthy. And Tommasi said, rightfully, that “leadership is those who are DOING IT.” It may have Theodore Roosevelt who uttered words to the effect that anyone could criticize and even condemn “the man in the arena” but, in the end, it is ONLY the man in the arena who is actually DOING IT.

White division. This recent conservative backlash which has had the enemy system so incensed lately was, for me, way too close. This has been demonstrated by the most recent retaking of control of the House of Representatives by Democrats. Only White division can account for this. Paying attention to bullshit considerations and not “keeping your eyes on the prize” as the coloreds like to say. Even inside of this movement the division is great and is predicated on such tripe as personality and this or that minor and insignificant consideration, the MAIN POINT of THE RACIAL MOVEMENT is set aside.

And where is OUR EXCUSE for this? We have none. It is endemic. It has plagued us and given our racial enemy the opening he has needed from the very beginning of time. And today it approaches its ultimate climax. The challenge, the revolution in thought, has got to be a truly RACIAL MINDSET. Let the enemy call it whatever he will. It matters not. Nothing else matters but a racially consciousness, a racial awareness. All else is trivial, about like professional sports as I enjoy saying. That has to start here and that is why we operate this website. That is certainly why the enemy keeps trying to shut us down.

What does it mean? It means that the present and future cadre of White leadership starts HERE. It gravitates and move out from HERE. It starts with YOU. I still, for the moment, subscribe to a very old publication which keeps on asking the rhetorical question, “Why doesn’t our leadership wake up and smell the coffee?” They are referring to these elected, useless bastards whose job it is to NEVER WAKE UP and start acting the part of leaders rather than mere custodians. Any who would even ask or entertain such a question are really NOWHERE in themselves. Waiting.

Hitler wrote of a period, a very short period, in his own life of “waiting”. It was again after an extremely short period that he decided that the wait was over and took things upon himself. Nothing half-hearted and the followers were there. And when I say “followers”, I mean the type of persons who, today, would more than constitute the type of real LEADER than has been seen around these parts in a very long time. And the enemy was rolled steadily back. It was a furious, tiring and super-human fight. Mainly it was the fight to overcome the divisions and the doubts of the German people themselves that were being taken advantage of and exploited by the common enemy.

The truth is hard to come by. Manson said words to this effect. He also said words to the effect that “these people don’t know-the truth, wouldn’t recognize it if you showed it to them and would try to kill you if you did try.”

The possession of the truth and the courage to state it openly. That is what is lacking. That is what permits this enemy to trample all over everything that is clean and noble and decent. And it is what will in the end snuff out all of the above.

The truth and the courage. That’s leadership. We invite you to join us and be a leader.