November 9th

As National Socialists the date November 9th stands out on any calendar along with April 20th and January 30th as the most sacred and significant of holidays. (And what is a “holiday” but a Holy Day, to be kept separate?) However it is of the utmost importance that we never allow our holidays to become empty and meaningless the way that the present dying culture and society have done with theirs.

The world knows that November 9th, 1923, was the date of the Munich Putsch. Some nowadays prefer the term “revolt” but I’ll stick with the original calling of “putsch”. As often as not, the event is still referred to as “The Beer Hall Putsch”, mainly by Hitler’s detractors, etc. But I don’t even mind that one, either, as it does seem to capture the mood and the atmosphere that must have prevailed then. The climactic moments of November 8th and 9th took place there, at Munich’s Burgerbrau Keller, one of that city’s premier social gathering points.

The enemy press paints the occasion as just a power-grab on the part of Hitler and his “gang”. The truth is quite different. The situation in Germany and in Bavaria as of late 1923 had suddenly become so desperate that no one who loved their own people could possibly have stood by and remained inactive for another moment. The economy in particular had literally bottomed out. Your money was worth more as fuel for your stove than it was as currency with which to purchase commodities.

The weak-titted “conservatives” were proving useless against this kind of collapse. As always, their principal concern was form over function. Some sort of set agenda as opposed to the good of the people. Hitler’s movement was strong in the area even if little known outside of Bavaria at that juncture. It seemed clear that the time had come to act. As recalled by Ernst Hanfstaengle – who was present – Hitler entered the Burgerbrau, jumped onto a table and fired his pistol into the ceiling. This not as any sort of melodramatic or threatening gesture but to literally WAKE UP THE AUDIENCE who were being bored to death by all of the conservative rhetoric that had been going on to that point.

He announced a national revolution. Then he ushered the main luminaries in the local government with him into an antechamber for discussion. The three conservatives swore allegiance to the cause of saving the German people from further starvation and humiliation. Hitler then took his leave to go and organize the march that was set for the 9th. He left the three officials in charge of General Erich Ludendorff, an erstwhile “ally” and hero of the First World War. Later, when Hitler returned, he asked Ludendorff where the three were. Ludendorff told him that he had released them on their “words as officers and gentlemen”. Hitler was disgusted but decided to go forth.

All was in readiness. The people of Munich were with Hitler and his movement. The march was set off. The route of the procession went from the Burgerbrau, winding through the streets of Munich, with its ultimate goal of the Feldherrnhalle (Hall of the Generals). Meantime, the War Ministry had already been secured by others of Hitler’s team. The march first encountered a cordon of Army personnel blocking their way. The three conservatives had broken their word and given the order to stop the march. But the soldiers saw Ludendorff as part of the head of the procession, then simply stepped aside and allowed them to pass.

However, further along the route the marchers encountered another cordon, this time made up of police. Accounts vary wildly as to who fired the first shot. But it really matters not. Sixteen Party Members were killed and a smaller number of those on the other side. But accounts, following all the decades of lies coming from the enemy sources, have settled and subsided and the truth now rests that as he was instantly killed, Scheubner-Richter, marching arm-in-arm with Hitler in the front rank, fell, dragging Hitler down with him and dislocating his shoulder. Hitler was hustled into a nearby car where he was taken to the home of that same Ernst Hanfstaegle.

Arrests, surrenders and exiles followed. The Party was wiped out, all of its assets seized. But the trail which followed put Hitler literally on not only the national but the world map. Can you imagine today a conviction on a charge of “high treason” bringing a five-year sentence and with less than a year of it to be served? (But here, today, it is the traitors who hold power everywhere and, as the saying goes, when treason prospers none dare call it treason.) But Hitler did serve nine months throughout 1924 in Landsberg Prison, outside of Munich, where he dictated the first volume of Mein Kampf to his loyal secretary, Rudolf Hess.

The rest, as they say, is history. An intensive campaign for power through the electorate on a national scale. This effort – the scale of which alone would have killed normal men – culminated in victory on January 30th, 1933, with the Machtergreifung, or taking of power.

We must ask ourselves: What if Hitler’s putsch of 1923 had succeeded? The likelihood of a civil war inside Germany was very real. And such an event would have been of tremendous benefit to the communists who were still very powerfully organized and financed at the time. It went the only way it could have gone. Some of the rats of 1923 got theirs subsequently during the equally famous “Night of the Long Knives” of June, 1934. We’ll have our own, corresponding, “Day of the Rope” here one day as well.

Is it conceivable that we have experienced a decades-long “Munich Putsch” here in America? I’m thinking so. With our nation, our culture and our people being spat upon and the very vitals of our society being slashed and eroded by an arrogant enemy, seemingly unopposed, we felt compelled to take action. This same enemy calls this “hate”. We call it love and devition. However we face a situation different from that Hitler and his followers faced. The people aren’t as sound as they ought to be and this due to decades of enemy brainwashing coming from their totally monopolized media. They aren’t responding in an appropriate way.

Our own long and protracted “November 9th” saw a great many heroic and desperate attempts at awakening our people into action against this Enemy Occupation Government but they failed to respond. They, as a result, continue – along with their children and their children’s children – to suffer the consequences.

The follow-up to this is that those sixteen martyrs each received their own bronze sarcophagus and these, in turn, were placed in the Temple of Honor in Munich’s Konigsplatz where they were the center of the annual event commemorating the November 9th, 1923, march. The motto that arose was: “And yet you have been victorious.” Following the enemy occupation of Germany, these graves were taken and dumped into the Baltic Sea and the Temple of Honor was erased. This enemy knows no honor.

But time and events do not stand frozen and the enemy is not and never has been omnipotent. The very real division we have been witnessing in American and even in world politics is changing the complexion of the struggle. It no longer appears hopeless as it might once have seemed. We are never to be trusted. But it is this DIVISION that we have to keep our eyes upon. For it is REAL and it can and must be EXPLOITED. There is a certain TIDE that we have to ride in order to affect things in our own way.

As our own heroes from the past, who gave their lives, were saying at the time, HEIGHTEN THE CONTRADITIONS! Now is when we might best accomplish great things through the traditional “educate, agitate and organize”. The Left has as it hard core the communists. We must step in and provide the Right with its hard core, the National Socialist. This can be accomplished in a myriad of fashions, all of them legalistic. In modern day parlance, “Don’t work harder; Work smarter.”

The enemy himself is telling us that this is the way. Go on the basis of his fears, outrages and reactions. As another old saying tells it, “When you have ‘em by the balls… TWIST!” Break the enemy power and all of the terrible ills presently afflicting our people can be blown away practically overnight when, once more as we would say, “The big giant stirs.”