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An Article written by a longtime personal friend of The American Futurist Staff and an American who has been affiliated with Azov and the conflict in Ukraine since 2014 known as Kent. This piece is for American National Socialists/Fascists to best understand Azov and the Ukrainian Nationalist Movement and why they should support it as well as addressing misconceptions with Azov specifically and the Ukrainian Nationalist Movement in general from someone who has been involved since 2014 and is an American.

No doubt you have heard of Azov already, whether good or ill. As a fighting unit of National Socialist it has been object of praise of the righteous and hatred of the kikes and slander by their media. But how does the age-old saying go? If the Jew media slanders us, we know we’ve done something right. The internet is choke-full of “exposés” of the evil Nazi battalion claiming all sorts of falsehoods about Azov and the greater Ukrainian National Socialist Movement, from CIA ties to Israeli ties to Jewish ties and more, make a claim up about Azov and I promise you it’s already been claimed and without evidence of course, since every single article that anti-Azov shills bring up, it’s always either citing rumors with “just trust me bro” as evidence or in many cases, just straight up lying or taking things out of context in bad faith. This is to be expected but it is absolutely shameful that there are people calling themselves National Socialists/Fascists who are just mindlessly and unironically citing Israeli or Communist Newspapers as gospel about Azov despite those sources having no real evidence to them and are just lies and rumor spreading.

Facts first. Azov is all-volunteer infantry military unit whose members are largely National Socialist. The unit was initially formed as a volunteer group in 2014 out of National Socialist Street Gangs such as Kharkiv FC when they crushed the Communist Kharkiv People’s Republic and wiped them out. Azov Regiment is one of the most well-known and most capable Ukrainian units. It earned the respect of millions of Ukrainians, including those living outside of the country, for its fighting glory. It was Azov, who freed Mariupol in 2014 and Azov fighters who carried out the service on the front line of the Joint Forces Operation in the Svitlodarsk Bulge area, where they brilliantly performed multiple combat operations and inflicted countless irreparable losses upon the enemy. The regiment repeatedly proved loyalty to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, and demonstrated its willingness to fight for the Motherland in order to completely destroy the Russian occupier.

Contrary to the claims that Azov is supported by the Jews, in reality the Jews have blocked the United States from giving aid to the Battalion for its “Nazism”. “I am very pleased that the recently passed omnibus prevents the U.S. from providing arms and training assistance to the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion fighting in Ukraine.” stated the brown subhuman Ro Khanna (U.S. House of Representatives from California’s 17th district). In addition, the Jew representative Max Rose from New York’s 11th District rallied members of Congress to ban the Battalion as a terrorist organization! 40 members of the US Congress led by Representative Rose signed a letter unsuccessfully calling for the US State Department to designate Azov as a “foreign terrorist organization” (FTO). Last April, Representative Elissa Slotkin repeated the request – which included other white supremacist groups – to the Biden administration.

Azov has also been baselessly attacked as “satanic” because many of its members adhere to native European beliefs. The organization Patriots of Ukraine (a predecessor to National Corps) was interested in the Heathen warrior religion Mithraism, along with the Roman cult Sol Invictus, and they have many who also take interest in both Indo-European and Norse heritage. Even the leader of National Corps Andriy Biletsky is inclined to this Heathen, mystic aspect.

Azov members have erected statues to native European gods in their garrisons:

“Perun as the primogenitor, as the real defender of his kin, will also protect our garrison” states the Azov militant in the video. Azov stages annual prayer to a wooden idol in honor of the anniversary of “Svyatoslav’s victory over the Khazars”. According to a Commander of the regiment with the call sign “Mose”, “Svyatoslav’s victory over the Judaic State is one of the most significant events in Slavic and world history. The invincible spirit and weapon of descendants of Perun destroyed the parasitic system. We can draw many parallels to today’s events … in this memory the understanding of how to build the future is saved,” stated the militant.

During a parade of the Azov regiment in Mariupol for the “third anniversary of liberation of the city from separatists” one of the militants of the regiment marched with a sledgehammer symbolizing Mjölnir. The hammer is symbolically presented to each new Chief Sergeant, only he has permission to touch it. On one side of the weapon is Evgeny Konovalets, and on the other – the emblem of Azov – the rune Wolfsangel. And on the handle are quotes of Colonel Evgeny Konovalts “The fire melted iron into steel, the struggle transformed the people into a nation”.

“There was always many Pagans in the regiment, and rodnovers. And the command very much encourages Paganism in the regiment – there are rituals that are carried out by preachers of Pagan cults. They are invited to the regiment, they live for a long time and even go to training grounds with the regiment, to carry out the initiation of soldiers,” said one of the demobilized fighters of the regiment Vladimir V. In addition People’s Deputy Andrey Biletsky asked the Kyiv authorities to register the community of pagans known as “Rodobozhie”.

Indeed, the occult symbol of Wewelsburg is in the very symbol of Azov Regiment. Azov hasn’t shied away from controversy, on the contrary, Azovites wear their heart on their sleeve. Azov recently organized an Ukrainian version of the The Cathedral of Light or Lichtdom, the main feature of the Party rallies in Nuremberg from 1934 to 1938. Even more recently a video shared by National Guard of Ukraine shows Azov fighters dipping bullets to be used against “Kadyrov’s orcs”, the Muslim Chechen fighters in pig fat.

In 2010, Biletsky said Ukraine’s national purpose was to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade … against Semite-led Untermenschen [inferior races]”. Biletsky was elected to parliament in 2014. He left Azov as elected officials cannot be in the military or police force. The 42-year-old is nicknamed Bely Vozd – or White Ruler – by his supporters. He established the National Corps Party in October 2016, whose core base is veterans of Azov.

As the conflict froze for several years, Azov didn’t combat purely foreign enemies, but domestic ones as well. Azov organized countless of demonstrations against Petro Poroshenko and Azov has been connected to attack against an anti-fascist march in Kyiv in 2018, an intervention in a lecture about discrimination in film in Mariupol, and an attack against feminist scum demonstrators and liberals on International Women’s Day. These are only a few examples of the violence carried out against their opposition, and while “they do not possess a complete monopoly on violence, Azov has certainly established political control of the streets in Mariupol. To maintain this control, they have to react violently… to any public event which diverges sufficiently from their political agenda”

The “political arm” of Azov, the National Corps has also taken part in the combat against domestic enemies. The Corps founded the National Druzhina (also known as the National Militia) in 2017 as a street patrol and paramilitary group “multiple instances of violence and hatred connected to the movement can be noted. National Corps members have been associated with disruptions and violence towards the LGBT community, liberals, Roma community, and anti-fascists. For example, in August 2018, twenty people carried out an attack on an “anti-discrimination punk concert in Mariupol, where the performing artist was known to be anti-fascist”. The Israeli state’s recent report on antisemitism noted that Ukraine had more instances of anti-Semitic activity than all other post-Soviet countries combined.

Addressing Concerns and Rumors:

Now just to give a lightning round to claims not addressed within The American Futurist’s first Ukraine article (for example the rumors of Azov being funded by Jews and Israel being addressed there for example), other misconceptions have been raised and should be addressed, so they’ll be addressed individually.

Azov supports Israel:

This comes from Azov founder Andriy Biletsky stating how he sees Japan and Israel as models for Ukraine, this has been brought up by bad faith actors to show how Azov isn’t Pro-White or NS, however anyone with even half a brain cell should be able to read through the subtext here. What do Japan and Israel both have in common? They’re ethnostates, so reading through the subtext, one can see easily that Andriy Biletsky wants Ukraine to be an ethnostate.

Azov (and Ukrainian Nationalists in general) support and love NATO:

I’ll just include this video that pretty much sums up that Ukrainian Nationalists as a whole (as well as other Eastern and Central European Nationalists) tend to oppose both NATO, Russia and the EU in favor of their own bloc, in this case an Intermarium.

While it is true there has been some collaboration between Ukrainian Nationalists and NATO, this has strictly only been realpolitik and temporary toleration by both sides due to a common enemy. Hitler himself even did such things with literal communists for the sake of long term benefits and goals, Hitler for example making deals with the Communist Party of Germany in order to focus on weakening the ruling Social Democrats of the Weimar Republic, yet no one rational would ever claim that Hitler “supports communism” because of this or more famously the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact between the Third Reich and the Soviet Union.

To add onto this further of goals relating to the goals of Nationalists within Ukraine regarding their vision of Ukraine and of Europe as a whole, I heavily suggest reading this article regarding Olena Semenyaka which goes into the their vision for Europe in more detail than I could ever explain as an American, including Intermarium and many other things, please give it a read.

Azov supports the Kyiv Government:

Anyone who claims this is a fucking moron who hasn’t read into anything and their information on things solely comes from infographs on /pol/ and ideologues spouting their retarded babble on podcasts. Azov and its allies more often than not have been heavy critics of the Kyiv Government from day one and have used their force to push against policies by the Kyiv Government such as the time Kyiv wanted to give representation to the Communists in the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics and give concessions regarding Ukraine’s Territory back in 2016. Andrey Biletsky led a 3,000+ person protest against this and threatened the Kyiv Government directly if they even attempted this, obviously this never came to pass.

This isn’t even including the many more times Azov and its allies have been hostile to the Kyiv Government as recent as last August in fact.

Azov attacks Police and National Guardsmen in Kyiv with violence as they tried to go towards the Ukrainian Presidential Offices in Kyiv to confront over Zelenskyy trying to crackdown on Azov and other NS movements in Ukraine.

Azov firebombs Kharkiv Police Houses in relation for crackdowns.

Last December, Azov attacks gay bars and drug dens in Kyiv with tear gas and breaking windows and physically attacking homosexuals and tranny perverts.

President Zelenskyy Rebuked by Azov Soldiers

Damn really feeling a lot of “Pro-Zelenskyy/Kyiv Government/Globohomo” vibes from these news stories. Of course only “Pro-Zelenskyy/Kyiv Government/Globohomo” individuals in Ukraine would firebomb the houses of police officers who crackdown on National Socialist Activities, attempt to personally confront Zelenskyy over his Jewish tricks of trying to fuck with National Socialists and beating up police officers who tried to stop them then of course only the most Pro-LGBT people would throw tear gas into gay bars and beat up the customers and smash windows while yelling “Death to Faggotry!”.

Now that everything has been covered regarding new prominent rumors and even outright lies regarding Azov, I’d also like to go into the future of Ukraine currently albeit very briefly in a simple summary.

The Future for Ukraine Post-Invasion:

The future for Ukraine Post-Invasion is a pretty interesting one, Ukraine itself is at a bit of a cross roads thanks to this and there is no going back to the status quo. It is because of this invasion that the Ukrainian National Socialist Movement as a whole has grown by ungodly numbers since as those of us who are revolutionary might be aware of, poor societal conditions breed radicals, the worse it is, the better it is for radicals. So even if somehow this war is brought to a stalemate and Zelenskyy signs some white peace or ceasefire, that doesn’t mean everything is going back to normal Pre-2022 Invasion Ukraine.

Many Ukrainian National Socialists are already out for blood already and want Zelenskyy’s kike head on a pike, this was something that has been building up for a long while as we saw last August when Azov personally confronted the Kyiv Government in anger over Zelenskyy. Now with the situation Mariupol where the Kyiv Government is abandoning Mariupol to let the Russians do their dirty work and kill off some prominent Azov individuals in the process. This isn’t going to end well, at best, if peace comes with the Zelenskyy Government still in power, there will be a civil war. The best possible case for Zelenskyy the Jewish Clown at this point is for Russia to fully annex Ukraine and for him to flee to the United States where he doesn’t have to worry over being harmed by Ukrainian National Socialists anymore.

Now lets go to the other possible outcome, Russia completely takes over Ukraine. This however wouldn’t stomp out Azov and their allies, despite what putinist shills claim. Right now as of this writing, the only Ukrainians that the Russians can even get to collaborate with them are all tankie neo-stalinists such as the Communist Party of Ukraine, in which the new collaborationist government in Kherson is run by. However this will only fuel a National Socialist lead insurgency in Ukraine even further, as now it makes it clear to every Ukrainian that their enemies are Communists and as a response radicalize to the other side. Combine this with Russia’s brilliant plan disband the Ukrainian Military and remove all “Nazis” (anyone in the Ukrainian Government or Military who isn’t Pro-Russia) from political or military power and you have one hell of a recipe for mass radicalization and an insurgency. In Kherson, CPU traitors are already being gunned down already for their collaboration.

A comparison from recent history I’d like to make is from the occupation of Iraq from 2003-2011, the only political faction the US could find to collaborate with them in Iraq post-invasion was that of the Islamic Dawa Party, a Shia Islamist Party. On top of this, we disbanded the Iraqi Military and “De-Ba’athified” Iraq, this of course was massively fucking retarded because the only thing the US Government was able to achieve was sending a bunch of angry soldiers out on the streets by disbanding the military then through the US “De-Ba’athifying” the Iraqi Government, they kicked out all the experienced government and military members and replaced them with Iraqi Shia Fanatics who were living in exile in Iran for decades.

As a result of this, the US kicked a bunch of experienced and angry soldiers, military officers and statesmen over to the growing Iraqi Insurgency, which later turned into Al-Qaeda in Iraq then later ISIS and still to this day Iraq has massive issues with radicalized and angry men causing problems, with many of them being formerly involved with Saddam’s Iraq pre-2003.

I strongly suggest everyone reading this watch this video below regarding the Iraq War and how it created an Islamic Insurgency out of the same mistakes that Russia wants to do in Ukraine, except instead of Jihadists, Russia is going to have to deal with a radicalized and brutal National Socialist insurgency in Ukraine if they succeed in their invasion.

Seeing as in Mariupol alone, Russia has lost 3 Generals and absurd amounts of troops to NS aligned paramilitaries and soldiers, such an insurgency in Ukraine would be devastating for Russia. This isn’t even accounting for probable terrorist attacks within Russia in places like Moscow, St. Petersberg and more, like we saw during the Chechen Wars over two decades ago as insurgents bring the war to Russia. At least Iraq was half a world away and the best thing Iraqi Insurgents could even accomplish was attacking American Military installations. However, Ukraine is right next to and borders Russia and just like Chechnya, Ukrainian Insurgents could easily slip in to Russia and cause a lot of damage.

Denys Prokopenko, Commander of Azov Regiment and Currently in Mariupol

We are living in one of the most interesting times in human history, Ukraine could very well be a model for the rest of the Global Pro-White Movement if everything plays out correctly, the same way how Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq changed the Islamic Fundamentalist movement forever.

Hail Victory!

Please consider donating to Azov as your money could greatly help them out, especially at this time.

Ceremony by Azov Regiment honoring their dead