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As a statement for the current Russian Invasion into Ukraine from The American Futurist, we felt we needed to make this post explaining our position more so than our brief statements on our Telegram and Gab accounts. To make it clear we do not support Putin or Zelenskyy during this conflict, however that does not mean we’re neutral either. We support Ukrainian National Socialist groups such as the Azov Regiment and we support the people of Ukraine currently fighting against non-white muslim churkas that the Russian Federation has currently been throwing into Ukraine due to White Russians being unwilling to fight against their Ukrainian Brothers over petty geopolitical reasons.

Photo of White Russians siding with Ukraine

We especially came to an anti-Russia position due to Putin’s reasoning for war to “denazify” Ukraine, citing Ukraine being a hub for NS organizing and support around the world, specifically cities such as Mariupol and areas of Kyiv. We, The American Futurist, cannot remain neutral on this whatsoever and it is disgusting to see so many ignorant or malicious people in our movement (most of whom are Americans) take the side of Putin and specifically citing how Putin is this great and wonderful man and how he’s going to save the White race and stop the Jews. When in reality the Russian Federation is just as against our race and very much a Jewish controlled and very much an enemy of our race, let us explain further.

We’re willing to forgive those who are simply ignorant on what the Russian Federation actually is and just tend to have a reactionary mindset of anti-US means good in the movement, they’re just ignorant and this is especially common with Americans in the movement due to American Culture disincentivizing learning about foreign policy. However we condemn individuals such as Eric Striker and Andrew Anglin for maliciously supporting Russia and Putin and even outright lying to act as if Putin is this Pro-White Savior that the Jews fear, though in Andrew Anglin’s case, Andrew is just a state actor who gets money from Russia and China so his point of view supporting China and Russia is to be expected. However we do have to condemn Eric Striker as well for openly spreading falsehoods that the identity of Ukrainians is something Jews such as Leon Trostky made up and demanding NS individuals support Putin despite he himself being a Strasserist, though in the case of Eric Striker, we feel he’s more of just a contrarian idiot more so than a state actor similar to that of Andrew Anglin.

Russia hasn’t been anti-Jewish since the Russian Empire and has been under Jewish Occupation since 1905. We can see this openly not being the case since even right now under the rule of “Based Putin”, Ethnic Nationalism is denounced as “Cavemind Nationalism” by Putin and how Putin demands people to accept mixed race countries and cities as the norm. We can also see that the Russian Oligarchs in power, literally everyone of them except for two are Jewish and one of the non-Jews is married to a Jew (you’ll have to look into each one listed individually but you’ll see what we said is the case). We also shouldn’t forget when Putin murdered Russian NS Activist Tesak for exposing Jews and High Level Government Officials in Russia for being Drug Peddling Child Rapists too. On top of this, one of the top reasons, if not thee top reason for Russia’s invasion into Ukraine is to “denazify” the country and destroy and kill all Ukrainian National Socialists due to Russia getting angry over Ukraine being used as a hub for worldwide National Socialism.

Before we get comments relating to Zelenskyy and the government of Ukraine, we are aware that the current Ukrainian Government sucks shit, it’s a bad government run by a literal Jewish Clown. However, a government does not equal the people. To act as if all Ukrainians are Zelenskyy is just dishonest, yeah most Ukrainians are conservatives and reactionary, no better than American conservatives. However this doesn’t mean we should just go support Putin flushing Ukraine with a bunch of non-White Mongoloids who will most certainly pillage and rape the White population of Ukraine the same way that the Red Army used non-White Mongoloids to rape and pillage Eastern Europe and Germany. We don’t care that only 2% of Ukraine supports National Socialism, that to us is the most irrelevant shit on earth when it comes to seeing a non-White horde being sent in yet again to rape and pillage because the Jews in Russia know that sending in White Russians will just result in surrenders and lack of effectiveness and possible defection, they did this in WW2 and they’re doing it again.

Man in Chuguiv covering the body of a child killed after Russian Forces bombard the city with rockets hitting his home.

We’re also going to be addressing some shill points below on the Ukrainian NS movement, since we’re constantly hearing them despite the fact those repeating them are either openly lying or they’re just idiots who can’t read past a headline.

A popular one cited by both shills and fans of East ZOG and Putin, that groups such as Azov Regiment “GET ARMED PERSONALLY BY ISRAEL AND SHIT!” and even just make shit up directly that Israel is funding Azov Regiment personally. This just isn’t true at all, the reality of the situation is that the Ukrainian Government has held a license to domestically make the Tavor Rifle for years and Azov Regiment being a part of the Ukrainian National Guard then gets those rifles. Pretty simple stuff, however retards and shills alike just cite clickbait headlines and act as if the stories claim that Israel is just personally funding and arming Azov Regiment and other NS Armed Organizations in Ukraine. Which is just blatantly dishonest and bad faith.

When we’re citing the whole song and dance meme relating to “DUDE LOOK AT THIS SCREENSHOT OF A NEWS ARTICLE I FOUND ON /POL/, ALL UKRAINIAN NS ARE JEWISH FUNDED!” , we’re sure we don’t even need to go into detail since this is pretty widespread all over the movement to discredit all NS Ukrainians. However when cited, these people just end up showing themselves as retarded and confuse Right Sector with groups like Azov Regiment and other Ukrainian NS organizations and act as if everyone is Right Sector. Leaving out of course that Right Sector isn’t NS, they’re just reactionaries that openly reject National Socialism and Antisemitism and yes are openly funded by Jewish Oligarchs.

To add further to this, we’ve also been seeing many people who are Pro-Putin unironically cite Israeli Newspapers in which Jews state “Yes Goy, We’re Funding all Ukrainian NS Movements! They’re all under our control!” with no further evidence or citations except some will cite Russian Jews claiming the same thing. Just in case you aren’t retarded, why would Jews feel the need to push out news articles claiming that the Ukrainian NS Movement is a psyop controlled by them to trick other NS and Fascists into supporting them? This is just super obvious that the actual psyop itself is just Jews going around trying to discourage support for Ukrainian NS organizations and individuals. Reminder that if someone is presenting you a source on something, look into that source rather than just blindly believing a headline or screencap, what motivations do they have in this? We could go on, all of this is pretty basic common sense.

All this is, is an attempt at using half-truths to lie about a broader movement. We’ve experienced this ourselves a lot and coincidentally from the same exact people, such as for example using us having an undercover FBI agent and an informant within Atomwaffen Division to simply bullshit lie that literally everyone who ever likes SIEGE by James Mason is a federal agent including James Mason himself or many other bullshit lies spread against us. We’ve been through the same ringer of movementarian lies and falsehoods from the same exact people who lie and spread falsehoods about Azov Regiment, professional bullshitters all and worse than any Jew or Fed out there since they come from within. Be aware of that.

Why this war is important for us as a movement globally: by Tim Turtle

Something that I myself wish to bring up in regards to this conflict is just how important this is for us, as it seems Ukraine will fall eventually and probably within this week. At the time this was written, Kyiv is now the #1 target for the Russian Federation for capture and it appears they’re going to capture it mostly by just leveling the city with explosives similar to what they did in Grozny during the Chechen Wars. You level the city into nothing and then you move in and wipe out what little survivors remain, standard stuff.

Personally for myself and many others who work on this project, we don’t really give a single fuck about Zerenskyy. For all we care, a Russian Missile could hit him right now and it’d be completely irrelevant to us. However, what is important is how the population of Ukraine will radicalize over this, specifically radicalizing towards our politics. The comfort for the lemmings of Ukraine has been removed by Russia and in general, Ukrainians are already pretty conservative and reactionary like most Eastern Europeans. What comes to mind for me was another blunder invasion that Russia did, this time the Soviet-Afghan War, in which the Red Army was able to come in with brute force and within weeks completely occupy the country. However as Genghis Khan once said Conquering the world on horseback is easy; it is dismounting and governing that is hard., in a similar situation, the Soviet Union was able to completely take over Afghanistan, however when occupation and war became more and more taxing on the population, they radicalized from conservatives to full blown jihadists wanting the heads of Red Army Soldiers on pikes.

While Russia will probably be able to take the entire country of Ukraine and install a puppet government, the issue is that the Ukrainian people are not going to accept that government. They will revolt and that is a massive problem Russia is facing right now with this invasion. The Russian Military was expecting a quick and low casualty invasion, similar to what the US did with Invasion of Iraq in 2003 with the beginning Shock & Awe and then sending in the ground troops. However the issue is, unlike Iraq which was largely against low morale Arabs, Russia is going against High Morale Ukrainians putting up a stiff resistance at every turn. While the Russian Military is throwing 18 year old disheveled mongoloid conscripts with low morale and not much training in against people who’ve been fighting a war for 8 years. So yeah I’d personally say that this isn’t quite the recipe for success, of course Russia has a long history of just throwing their men into a grinder and hoping for the best since even during the Russian Empire days so stuff like this is normal.

Russian soldiers captured as Ukraine fights back

Picture of the 18 year old mongoloid conscripts in question

However as Genghis Khan pointed out, using brute force and large numbers to conquer and area is fine and dandy, however if your occupying troops are all 18 year old low morale mongoloids who don’t want to be there, that makes an occupation kind of tricky. At least when the US occupied Iraq, we had the advantage of using the Shia Iraqi Population as our puppets to rule Iraq and they were the majority of Iraq. Russia doesn’t have that advantage, in fact they’re pretty fucked for an occupation of Ukraine since all they have to rely on is Ethnic Russians in Ukraine to act as collaborators for their new puppet regime in Ukraine though they fucked themselves even further than that for starting the Donbass Conflict and making it a central point of that conflict that Ethnic Russians in Ukraine are not Ukrainians, so wonderful job there, you just lowered your chances of a successful occupation to zero.

100% what we’re going to see from this occupation is an anti-Russian insurgency in Ukraine against the Russian Occupation. This will be radical and it will be NS. During the Soviet-Afghan War, most Afghans were conservative but they were not Jihadists/Salafi. However what radicalized them was the material conditions of their situation and the visible hard power occupation by the Soviet Union. So more and more Afghans overtime radicalized and became Salafi Jihadists or sympathetic to them. In Ukraine we might and probably will see a similar result, such an insurgency would be a gift from God to our movement globally as it’ll radicalize the movement as a whole towards revolution and reformists will become completely irrelevant just as what happened to the greater Islamic Fundamentalist movement in the 1970s where those calling for reform and peace were shoved out of the movement and replaced by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

On top of this, if an NS insurgency against Russia in Ukraine breaks out, we will see foreign volunteers flock to join them in their struggle just as we saw foreign muslims go to Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan War to get training and experience. Such experience would be invaluable to us more so than the previous conflict in Ukraine which was just trench warfare, which is useless to us. Experienced Insurgents however, that’ll be a gift from God and in the greater NATO v. Russia geopolitical pissing match, just as the US turned a blind eye to the Salafi Jihadists growing and gaining expertise in Afghanistan in the 1970s-1990s until it was too late. We shall see our movement take advantage of Ukraine for our own benefits and have an army of experienced, disciplined insurgents that the system can’t do shit about because they’re too damn focused on petty geopolitics.

We should hope and pray for such an event to occur really, it’d be our key to seeing our politics come true more than anything else in the world.

Hail Victory!

Guide for Ukrainian Readers:

Due to mobile issues, we will be making the Insurgency Guide for Ukrainian Readers on a separate page on our site which will be linked below, it contains all the basic resources we feel our Ukrainian Readers need to combat the Russian Occupation. We apologize for the inconvenience of this but for some reason including the guide in the article itself fucks up the formatting of this article, however making the guide it’s own page maintains the article’s integrity and the guide works fine on mobile too as its own page, WordPress is weird like that. Click below for the guide page.


Hail Victory! Hail to the people of Ukraine!

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