On White Gangs

To add to the tradition with my own personal writings going back to my criticism of Patriot Front several months ago, which turned out that I was completely correct in my criticisms regarding that now rotting corpse of an organization, I’ve seen a new form of counter-productiveness in tactics and strategy crop up in its place with the collapse of Patriot Front, that of the White Gang Strategy and its related ideas within the American Movement.

For those unaware of what I’m speaking of, the basics of the White Gang Strategy are simple; it’s basically a street gang of National Socialists/Pro-White Individuals and basically picks fights with everyone you don’t like. Basically the Skinhead Gangs of the past but revamped and instead of shaved heads, you have masks or some other form of apparel. Beyond that, the tactics are the same, that being picking fights with Antifa and various other individuals/groups you don’t like on the street and showing up to their meeting places. You get the picture. Now let me get into the details of why this is bad tactics and just another false path for our movement.

There is nothing politically to gain from White Gangs, they solely exist as an Ego Trip:

The title is self-explanatory. White Gangs don’t accomplish anything whatsoever; they solely exist as an ego trip for those involved. I state this with the utmost sincerity and belief and not just making cheapshots, since what is the point in picking fights with Antifa in urban areas? What’s the point in threatening people? What’s the point in just constantly telling everyone through your propaganda and messaging how you’re this big bad fight club? It’s all ego and wanting to be beloved by others and demanding respect that isn’t earned.

All resources; time, money, manpower, etc., spent on such goals are squandered and diverted from actual, politically effective goals. I expressed in my article regarding the Battle of Blair Mountain and how Leftists in Appalachia successfully turned the population of the rural and poor into hardened insurgents for the Leftist cause. They didn’t do it by picking fights with rivals on the streets, threatening people or posturing, no, they did it through Social Services, Taking Local Positions, Revolutionary Agitation through Leftist Publications and more. If groups such as the IWW and others just sat around constantly picking fights and posturing for clout, then they wouldn’t have accomplished anything, period.

If anything, these so-called “White Gangs” are nothing more than friend groups than political organizations/movements since, as stated, their goals are strictly just about what makes them feel cool and what they think gives them the most internet clout rather than actually focusing on anything effective. This may be tolerable for some, but to me, it is a setback for our movement. If you don’t care about what we can do to actually achieve our goals of a Fascist Society in North America, then you’re not a part of this movement; as far as I’m aware, you’re just here to make friends and nothing else, not actually achieve anything.

I often ask myself  “what purpose does this action serve?”  in regards to anything I do with my own political actions, whether it’s writing, activism or alike. You as a reader, should ask yourself this as well. For what purpose does constantly beating your chest, picking fights with weirdo transvestite communists on the street or alike actually do for this cause? Think about this because it’s obvious that this only serves to serve one’s ego more than anything else. There is no benefit to these things whatsoever. If we’re to win with such odds against us, we’re not going to win by confronting weirdos on the street or acting like some weirdo NS mafia. We have to be serious and act seriously. I’m aware this is a tall order to ask for some, but that’s irrelevant since what matters over all things is truth above all else and how we can best apply truth, not what seems the most cool to us. In his recent Telegram QnA Livestream, James Mason said on this topic how when he was in the American Nazi Party in the 1970s, he and his fellow ANP members would spend their time punching up blacks and others on the streets, doing marches, and passing out fliers to strangers. In his own words, those were some of the most fun times of his life. However, it was all for nothing and only served himself. While he and his ANP members were fighting niggers on the streets, the White Traitors, Jews and alike, further entrenched themselves into powerful positions and further strengthened their hold on power. If we’re to win, we must take this seriously.

At the end of the day, our real enemy isn’t Antifa or some random niggers on the street, it’s this rotten system, and you’re not going to beat the system by punching up their lowly underlings on the street. If that worked, then we would have won a long time ago, but it isn’t enough. This is also why I reject most mass shootings done in the name of the movement, such as El Paso, since if killing a bunch of random non-whites worked, then we would have won. The system isn’t scared of you going after the underlings; they’re scared if you go after those at the top and organize against them, or the mechanisms that keeps the system perpetuating itself. Who gives a fuck about what transvestites, communists, niggers, and the like are doing? Focus on those at the top, and then they’ll really fear you.

The RICO Act and You:

*Revision added May 14, 2022: The American Futurist has talked with those involved with NSC and they’ve given pretty good explanations regarding how this part of the article doesn’t apply to them whatsoever in terms of RICO and providing evidence how they’re not going around telling people to break the law and how they actually tend to study the law and try to keep on the border whenever possible and we were just misinformed about them regarding this since its an easy misconception to make. We appreciate them talking with us about this, however this part of the article will still stay up as we feel that people should know and learn to keep the law into account of all things and stay out of trouble when you can. However this section doesn’t apply to NSC specifically though this can easily apply to other White Gangs that did get fucked such as RAM as well as various smaller current groups like it that are actively telling members to engage in these activities like idiots. The American Futurist still felt the need to make this revision as we refuse to peddle in disinfo/misinfo as we’ve been the victims of it ourselves, no matter how much we disagree with someone, truth above all else.

Besides the tactical errors regarding the White Gang Strategy, there are plenty of legal errors as well that you run into. The RICO Act as well as many other anti-organized crime laws, are the most obvious here, since these laws literally make the strategy of White Gangs a federal crime. Due to how these various groups operate, they have a pretty simple top-down gang structure; you have the gang leaders at the top, enforcers in the middle, and regular members at the bottom. These various organizations openly do criminal activities as ordered by their leadership or done by their leadership.

Things such as making interstate threats, using your gang to physically intimidate and threaten in person, committing acts of vandalism as an organization to terrorize those against your gang, and more can all easily fall under RICO as well as their own federal/state crimes. Now for myself, I’m not crying over the fact that the law is being broken for the sanctity of those laws. Not at all. My point being is that the very tactic of operating what is essentially a criminal gang at the end of the day is to be explicit here. Fucking retarded and a one-way stop to setting yourself up for prison. Considering the system has many laws on the books that deal with criminal gangs and organized crime, I’m sorry, but if the FBI can get men like John Gotti, then they can get you.

Granted, while I personally don’t advocate for militias myself, militias are legal and protected legally by things like the 2nd Amendment. Not exactly saying that’s the way to go per se, but many of these White Gangs mock many White Militias for having members arrested, yet ironically, they themselves are doing something that is far more illegal than running a militia, that being running a criminal gang. So if you really want to run the gambit of having a group, having a militia makes far more sense to me than running a criminal gang. Though I suppose no one really takes things into account anymore other than what’s cool or what gets them the most internet clout these days.

If one were to engage in political activism towards our worldview, it’d make more sense to spend one’s time on revolutionary agitation and social services for those most prone to our rhetoric and radicalization. Not falling into system traps, especially ones so obvious as to fall into Anti-Organized Crime Laws that are vague and give the system an easy method to swoop in and arrest everyone with trumped up charges. We as a movement must always take the law into account and watch what we say, not out of respect for the system but because you do no good for the movement when you are dead or in jail, so don’t give our enemies an easy avenue to put you in that position and take you out of commission. 

As a historical example within the movement on why White Gangs are stupid tactically and legally, I suggest all readers study the Rise Above Movement and how the FBI swept them all up on things like Conspiracy to Riot and alike and how the founder Robert Rundo now lives in exile in Serbia to dodge federal charges, so why should we be emulating these failed tactics again? I’m a former member of Atomwaffen Division and while there was a lot the group did right in my opinion, I have opposed people either trying to bring the group back or starting a new group that’s just copying it since Atomwaffen Division, while it succeeded in spreading its message, tactically and organizationally, the group failed and we should learn from those mistakes and build something better. The RAM case should have been a massive red flag on why White Gangs don’t work, yet people, through arrogance, still persist in thinking they know better and alike. It’s all so tiresome.

To be a real revolutionary, one must be aware of any and all laws of the land. Since going to prison on long sentences or even giving the system an excuse to shoot you down makes you no use to any real revolution, you’re only burdening yourself, others, and the cause itself. 

Ideological Garbage:

Another big glaring problem is unrelated to the tactics of the White Gang Strategy. Instead, it’s the weird ideological baggage that comes with it that I feel needs to be addressed. So I’ll be making some sub points below just to address each of these.

White Secessionism is Unrealistic and We Must Put Our Efforts On Other Matters:

Most, if not all, White Gangs openly advocate that their goal is to move all the Whites of America to a specific point on the US map, then secede. Whether this be the Pacific Northwest, the Southern US, New England, the Midwest/Great Lakes, California, etc. This has been a pipe dream of many in the movement for decades and is something advocated by basically all White Gangs that their respective areas are going to break off from the system and be this NS Paradise while the system rots away.

I’m sorry, but if you unironically believe this, then you’re not with reality. I’m sorry, but the system will never just allow you to leave. The system is the most evil thing on this planet and they want us all dead. They’re not going to allow an NS state to crop up within the United States, its most powerful golem. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the system would rather fucking nuke your little stronghold than let it succeed. This also applies to people who advocate we go move into the woods as ourselves too, which look at Randy Weaver, the system will just follow you to where you’re running to and murder your family as punishment.

Funny enough, we’ve already seen what happens when a remotely pro-White state secedes from the US, the Confederate States of America, and the US declared war on them and fucked their shit up and burned their cities and farms to the ground as punishment. So in the age of nuclear weapons and a strong US military, what the hell makes you think you and your friends are going to form some breakaway state in the US and the US is just going to accept that? Again, they’d rather nuke you into oblivion before they allow that to happen. That’s why we here at The American Futurist openly state that the whole system needs to go. No breakaway states or voting our guy in as President. Nope, sorry, the ENTIRE SYSTEM must fall by any means necessary. It’s that simple. Dylann Roof himself said it best as well, that White Secessionism is just White Flight to Suburbia, but on a grander scale, if we’re to win, we must take the only system on first, then move on to whatever dreams we have after the fact, whether that’s an Independent State or a Grand Confederation of North America. Either way, you need to get rid of the system first.

Pro-Eastern Contrarianism:

I’ve already addressed this in my Contrarianism Article so just read that and I’ll keep this short. However, most but not all of these White Gangs are all of the same school of thought in terms of shilling for Russia and China, and the East in general. In simple terms, they want the US destroyed, which I agree with, but at the expense of ourselves in favor of basically handing over all world geopolitical control to a different tribe of Jews (that being Russia and China). It’s retarded contrarianism and, literally, cuckoldry, trying to hand over your lands and people to foreigners because you don’t like your current rulers.

I do not oppose US imperialism in the sense of the US imposing its will on other countries; I only oppose what is being promoted. I don’t want the Chinese and Russians to rule over us in a series of warlord states similar to how foreigners broke up China amongst themselves during the Warlord Era. As I outlined in my book The Futurist State I want a strong and united North America, one that dominates the rest of the world in a Fascist Worldview with ourselves running it. I’m no cuckold, so I don’t wish for us to be dominated by the East. There are many in the movement who want this, but I refuse to even consider such people as fellow Fascists. They’re just Anti-American Contrarians with no principles other than hating the US for vague reasons that they can’t even explain fully or list things that China and Russia do too.

I don’t want a balkanized North America filled with various warlord states ruled by the East; I want a strong and united North America that espouses our worldview and is a superpower that dwarfs all superpowers of the past. If you claim to be Fascist/NS/Pro-White and live in Canada or the United States, you should want this as well. Not a broken up, divided and conquered continent.

National Bolshevism/Strasserism (or, as we just call it, Racist Communism):

Another big issue within White Gangs that relates to the above point is the promotion of National Bolshevism/Strasserism. Again, not all of them engage in this, but plenty do, either publicly or privately. Something that, at least, is inherently anti-Fascist and just leftist ideological garbage trying to seep into our movement and poison our worldview. Hitler was right when he had all of them killed during the Night of Long Knives, and for ourselves, if Hitler wouldn’t tolerate such ideological poison, then why should we?

We shouldn’t tolerate for one second in our communities the promotion of the Bolshevik worldview. I can understand and even support someone reading individuals like Lenin and Mao for their revolutionary tactics, but their ideological worldview of Marxism is Satanic and Jewish and should never be promoted or accepted. We, as Fascists, are and always have been anti-Marx. If you promote Marxism or Bolshevism, then you’re not a fellow brother of mine but a leftist with racist opinions.

This is why I refuse even to recognize people like Matthew Heimbach, Eric Striker, and others such as Dugin as being a part of our movement at all. They’re just racist leftists, and their opinions and presence should be firmly rejected along with those that promote their worldview. Hitler himself remarked on this worldview, dubbing such people “parlor room bolsheviks.” I tend to agree with Hitler here, and I hope you do as well, dear reader.


In conclusion, White Gangs and their tactics, and in the cases of some organizations, their bolshevik worldview, should be disregarded and ignored. Instead, as a movement, we must maintain our Fascist worldview, we must invest and plan in future revolutionary agitation and social services, and we must radicalize and mobilize disaffected Whites. We must stop these childish games of having street fights with antifa or random weirdo queers on the city streets. We must stop wasting our time since we have so little of it left before we turn into Brazil 2.0.

The US is already a majority non-White nation, time is not on our side and our manpower, resources, and efforts are already as stretched and limited as they could possibly be, hence why I feel (and so should you) so strongly about time-wasting bullshit in the movement and why it needs to end. We should only invest in activities that we know will be useful and fruitful, promote ideas, and surround ourselves with people who promote such worldviews and ideas.

Oh and before anyone asks, yes, this is a criticism piece on organizations such as but not limited to NSC-131 and other copycat organizations around the United States that work with them. I simply did not name specific examples since I want this to be a general criticism of tactics and worldview, so bogging it down with specific examples by certain groups is counter-productive and takes away from the general message. I’m not and never will cower away from naming groups or people I take issue with, like I did with my Patriot Front articles (which Patriot Front is still mad about by the way), but in the case of this article, due to the many White Gang Organizations across the United States, with NSC-131 being the most prominent, it’d be more timeless to just not mention any specific group until the end.

This has been a message from myself and The American Futurist! Hail Victory!