One Hundred Years of Failure?

It was during the summer of 1967 that Commander Rockwell wrote his second book, “White Power”. He had then a much easier go of it than he had in getting published his first book, “This Time the World”. Such was the degree of development of his American Nazi Party over the preceding five years or so. Both books became blockbusters and are still in print, albeit on the underground press. The tragic part was that he was dead about the time the first edition of the book appeared.

But Chapter Twelve of that book was entitled, “Fifty Years of Failure”, and dealt with the abysmal record of the U.S. Right Wing in being able to do anything about Jewish-Communist inroads against decent, White American society. That of course was fifty years ago. And so now I entitle this piece, “One Hundred years of Failure?”

However note that I have included a question mark in my title. No, I will not trudge on in futile criticism even if it should be found appropriate. Yes, the so-called Right Wing/Alt Right has failed and shall always fail. Those identifying with that cause will continue to find themselves bereft of all hope. It is a losing proposition. Perhaps Commander Rockwell was making the same point fifty years ago when he stressed that we, as National Socialists, are NOT PART OF the right wing/far right.

The Commander began that chapter, “Had I been born a thousand years ago, I would have been a leftist.” Meaning that things were rough, exceedingly so. White civilization was only then starting to be able to get up onto its feet after nearly a thousand years of darkness following the collapse of Classical civilization. I know one thing, the Commander would have been on the side of civilization.

I’ve said it that when circumstances dictate that there is no room for bullshit, then there’ll be no bullshit. And there was no room absolutely for any sort of bullshit a thousand years ago. The best, the strongest would lead and the rest would follow. Period. It was survival,. Without this firm grasp of reality, we would have never withstood the onslaughts of Moors, Turks, Huns and Mongols.

My favorite scene from the film, “Braveheart”, was when Edward I (the great English king who expelled all Jews from his realm) caught some asshole whispering garbage into the ear of the queen, and without hesitation, flung him out of the tower window. Thus perish all “liberals”, all shit-disturbers.

And it lasted and Merry Old England would thrive until the civil war of the 1600s when Oliver Cromwell permitted the Jews to reenter England. So our problems of today found their root.

What can you really expect while tolerating “a little cancer” within your body or your brain?

We were forbidden from “money handling” or usury”. But the Jews were not. So bring in filthy Jews to handle your filthy money affairs, right? But the Jews have long had a saying, “Give me control over a country’s gold and I care not who writes its laws.” Aside from that, they had to mind their “P”s and “Q”s as they were originally expelled on account of the growing charges against them of ritual child murder. So they bided their time.

They sank their roots deep and took a deadly hold before revealing their hand this time. Before it could be realized, it was too late.

And still the “love affair” with these Jews goes on.

Today we are broken. It’s not a game of “Left Wing” versus “Right Wing” any longer, as if it ever was. It’s just that before things get too bad one may be able to continue fooling himself into believing that he can master the situation on his own.

Fools in the past have called for a return to “a kinder, gentler time.” Fools today call for “an earnest turning to the Lord.” They say, “Pray for our leaders.” When this society departed from its White ways and admitted colored into its bosom, that spelled the end of kind and gentle times and the opening of the way to savagery and degeneracy. When we as a people forgot that RACE is the foundation of everything then we began electing traitors and sell-outs into government and surrendered everything, every recourse we once had to solve our own problems as a free and sovereign people.

One doesn’t “pray” types. They FIGHT them!

There were no Jews or coloreds on any frontier except those whom we encountered in our way and were required to KILL.

Once things settled down, however, became much more “civilized” and safe, then slowly incrept the merchants and the money lenders. There became “leisure time” and the opportunity for bullshit thought and action. Former slaves were granted citizenship. Jews introduced their poisonous lie of human “equality”. (And don’t quote to me the documents authored by the Founding Fathers about “all men are created equal” as these were mainly slave holders and were speaking only about other Whites.)

Media monopoly accomplished the rest until Whites today make a sad and sorry comparison with their Viking ancestors.

But it isn’t new.

This is how high civilizations have always died. Same causes, same symptoms. Except for two things: This time it has been deliberately RED-LINED and this time there is no frontier to retire or in order to begin afresh.

We as a people might begin to sort this out were it not for, #1, a hostile, alien clique of Jews and fellow travellers in control of all opinion-forming media and positions of sensitivity and power and, #2, a vast and increasing body of colored aliens right in our own midst as “fellow citizens”. This amounts to a DEATH TRAP unless and until sufficient Whites can come to a full awareness of the nature of the situation.

And “Right Wingism or Alt Right” is nothing but a game. Has always been. “A little more of this and a little less of that.” We’ll either be a people unto ourselves again or we’ll cease to exist as a people. Then where will your bullshit of “Left” or “Right” be? Ask this to any of the billions of poor bastards caught in the Third World. Nothing for them matters anymore as they have already lost it all and forever.

So “A Hundred Years of Failure?” Yes, when one looks at it as a bunch of amateur game-players up against the master game-players of all time: The Jews.

There never was a time for game-playing. But previously there was a lot more room for escapism and excuse-making. That’s about all but dried up now.

Do you realize that the tables could be turned in an instant in our favor should this kind of awareness become general?

More mesmerism than anything else. And, unless I am mistaken, Mesmer was a Jew who came up with hypnotism. More “Emperor’s New Clothes” than anything else. Commander Rockwell long ago stated that there were more people out there who knew and felt the real score than most imagine. But this enemy alien control over taste-making has everyone convinced that they are all alone in a world governed by “P.C.”.

That spell – for a spell it is – must be broken.

“A Hundred Years of Failure?” For game-players, yes. For the march of history and the iron laws of reality, no. This shit we see today doesn’t work. Hasn’t ever worked. Will never work. The Soviet Union fell because enough at the top who weren’t Jews saw that crap had never worked and it was time to give up the game.

I do not say to place any faith or confidence is any of these swine in government here today.

I do say that with the aid of our own White genius – in the form of the internet – with the TRUTH as our weapon we can awaken sufficient numbers of our people so as to be able to at least AFFECT something to the positive and for the first time in over a hundred years.