Those familiar with prison life will instantly recognize “P.C.” as synonymous with “Protective Custody” or “Punk City”. But the more recent application of P.C. has been and is “Politically Correct”. Everyone knows this. However it seems no one pauses to ask the important question: Politically correct according to who, to what?

This is one hell of an admission when one stops to consider it.

It means that there exists a rather rigid “standard”, if that is the right word, of speech and behavior. When I was a very young person there most certainly was a standard of speech and behavior, not to mention of dress, morals, appearance, even hygiene, etc. But that’s all gone it seems. It’s been replaced. We can see what it is but, again, who replaced it?

I didn’t even hear the “F” word until I was about fourteen years of age and I knew instinctively that there was a time and a place for its use. Today little girls are adept at its common usage. I enjoyed going to the carnival and entering the freak shows. But today who’d pay money to see the tattooed man (or woman), the geek, the fat man (or woman) or any description of weirdism when they can be encountered regularly on the city streets?

There was the “Wild Man of Borneo”. He’s everywhere today.

Yes, we had a time and a place for everything. And we knew it. It was the code of behavior. We enjoyed our filthy stories alright. The two biggest genres of the dirty joke involved the sexual pervert and the colored type. Yes, we knew they were there but they were solely the objects of ridicule and derision. We would poke fun at one another by humorously intimating this, or that schoolmate or chum was somehow mixed up in some of this business.

When it came down to seriousness, queers and/or those who would step outside their own race – as rare as this was in those times – could quite easily find themselves at real and immediate risk. It was no more or less than the society caring for itself and its own well being. It was no more or less than the community expression of healthy instinct. But why was it that the government and the media wasn’t backing us up?

Perhaps lesson #1 in becoming aware, in becoming part of the movement, beyond the possession of your own healthy instincts is in learning and in realizing that this nation’s – and every white nation on the earth – own institutions have long ago been usurped by a hostile people, their fellow travellers and the alien agenda which they share. Usurped over a century ago with the full intent of turning them against the people of this land.

That much accomplished long ago, we see today the predictable result upon the general populace.

The freak show has escaped the circus tent and has become the norm. In Europe in the twenties and thirties, Bolshevism was also referred to as “the end of values”. And in Europe in the twenties and thirties, anyone who knew anything realized that Bolshevism was Jewish. And maybe lesson #2 in becoming an aware individual and a prospect for inclusion into this movement is the coming to the knowledge that all of this, every bit of it, stems from the Jewish control, the white sellouts, and “Americanism” over our societies and culture.

A deliberate breaking down of the strictures of our formerly white society. And I say strictures because that’s what they were. Sounds repressive, doesn’t it? And that’s exactly what our racial enemies would call it. They’d call it that and in the same breath raise the cry for “freedom”. But their version of freedom isn’t really freedom at all, it’s anarchy. They’ll set you free so as to be able to destroy yourself.

Lesson #3 might be to learn and to accept that the ONE issue on the fact of this earth is that of RACE. And race only matters to whites because it is they and they alone who have anything to lose genetically. All the rest, the blacks, the browns, and the yellows have either already lost it or they never had it in the first place.

As yourself this: How free are you really to buck the unwritten precepts of so-called “P.C.”?

No, this isn’t freedom one bit. It is the replacing of one set of standards with another. Or perhaps better put it is the deliberate destruction of all genuine standards and their replacement with a very literal dictatorship of the end of values. That can’t be anything other than a hostile take-over.

What had been, not just in my early years but over a thousand years of white, western civilization, the worst disgraces have now become “okayed” and are protected by law. It couldn’t be worse had this nation succumbed to the hostile military invasion. Abominable things are now impressed upon this people by what the movement long ago came to call the Z.O.G., or Zionist Occupation Government.

“P.C.” is as filthy as it is alien.

Human nature. Not always a pretty thing. Even among whites. Whites have most highly evolved – or divinely imparted – instincts of any of the various human species found on earth. Hence our magnificent civilizations and societies, our art and our culture. Yes, even our governments and systems of law as perverted as they have become in recent decades. Even the colored third worlders are wanting desperately to escape their own, colored Third World and come here. But a place full of third worlders is and has become third world itself.

But the most highly evolved also means the most easily tampered with. When all of one’s institutions are taken over and every evil is unleashed and made even to look acceptable if not appealing, and then add a huge and growing colored presence, nation death approaches quickly. And all in the name of “freedom”.

According to P.C., anything filthy seems to go. Anything weak or depraved is to be admired, even emulated. Deviants and race-traitors are “bold” and “daring” and certainly “progressive”. But of course it is a progression to the grave. Poor devils who are born as failed experiments in this greatest of all biological experiments are lauded for being able to breathe, to walk and perhaps utter a few syllables. Again, the freak show has escaped the tent. The back alley has come onto the boulevard. The third world … and that is their term as I recall when Africa was referred to as “The Dark Continent”… has invaded civilization.

But what won’t P.C. tolerate and what does P.C. hold up as its own prime example of subjective “evil”?

White pride. White awareness. White self-defence. White Sovereignty. Certainly there must be no criticism of itself. We all saw its reaction when the very mild Donald Trump surprised the world with his win last year. They are the most intolerant of all and this becomes all more apparent the more power they wield. This found its fullest expression at the times of the French and Russian revolutions when Jews seized power in the name of “freedom” and then commenced killing Whites on a vast scale.

But ultimately it is and has got to be Hitler and Nazism which drives them into the greatest frenzy.

There it is. They point out the answer themselves. With the universal recognition that there is indeed a P.C. in this world and that its most hated – and feared – enemy is Hitler and Nazism, you have everything you need to know.

The minute enough people see this, and remove this alien System, OVER THEIR DEAD BODIES, the power of P.C. will be broken forever.