A Letter of Support for Hamas

With the recent news from Palestine, specifically regarding the news around East Jerusalem and the recent missile attacks against Tel Aviv by Hamas, The American Futurist and its permanent staff as well as James Mason gives our open support towards the Palestinian Organization known as Hamas and we wish them success against the illegitimate state […]

Effectiveness of Terrorism

The following is a screencap of an 8chan post by an anonymous user detailing to an exact what terrorism is, its tactics and how its applied by even groups that most people wouldn’t see as terrorist entities such as the ADL. It was felt that giving the direct image rather than transcribing it is better […]

Cum Nimis Absurdum

The following is a Papal Bull from Pope Paul IV written on July 14th, 1555 both banning Jews from any and all positions of authority and power and banishing them to the ghettos. These laws being used as template for the Third Reich’s own anti-Jewish laws banishing their own Jews from power and into their […]

Public Transportation

A topic that always comes up in my mind when going out for a drive either to the grocery store or to the market or else what is “why?”. Why indeed. Why do I have to spend my time driving a car which after its all said and done ends up being nothing but a […]

How is this site legal?

A common complaint we have been seeing in regards to this site by our opponents within the greater movement is that “That Siege site is a fed site because there is advocacy of political violence and they host books that advocate for that! Advocacy of political violence is illegal and if you don’t get arrested […]

Modus Operandi

A previous article discussed the new domestic “War on Terror” and went into how to approach political movements in this context. This article will discuss what YOU need to do to secure your own personal safety and identity in the wake of this new move by the system. Many people, even in this part of […]

3D Printed Guns

As a sort of announcement at my own request. The American Futurist will be adding the coveted and feared 3D Printed Firearm to its information collection available at the Library (3rd to bottom section). As a result as well, we will be accepting non-book items and materials for the Library as long as it meets […]