I’ve never been accused of being a moralist and so I think this qualifies me well to outline the National Socialist stance on pornography… at least THIS National Socialist’s stance on pornography.

By the name alone it must be ruled out of any decent, healthy and above all, White society.

For the word defines literally as “gross stimulus”. And gross is not part of our game. It is part of the enemy’s game and it belongs properly to him.

Also, by this definition, pornography doesn’t have to pertain to anything sexy. It can just as easily be applied to the scary as well. Witness all the countless gory and disgusting horror films which flood the market.

Hitler in Mein Kampf – or at least in the Ralph Manheim translation – used the word “delimitation” quite a lot. I’ve never been able to find that word in any dictionary. But going off of what Hitler was saying, it obviously has to do with staying within certain bounds. Therefore, it could be connected with the term, restraint.

Now think about it. This is exactly what the enemy is pushing for in literally all things. An end to all restraint.

Cleverly, the enemy calls this “freedom”.

And get this always: The enemy even today cannot take us militarily and he well knows it. Not with the billions of the world’s coloreds, not with anything. But he has an ages old hatred which demands of him that he does destroy us as a race, as a people, and the only way he can get this accomplished is to induce us into DESTROYING OURSELVES. The only way to do that is to make us think it is our own idea, that it is our “right” and our way to “freedom”.

How better to do that than to have previously sewn up all forms of media, entertainment and so-called education? The perfect place from which to perform a monumental brainwash job on an entire populace. After all, how would they know otherwise? Their parents would have grown up under somewhat better standards but they cannot compete with the might – the “thrill” – of the media. Generation after generation becomes a little more lost.

It’s part of culture distortion. After of course an alien presence takes hold of all sensitive spots within a society, all the while having as the end of his agenda the destruction of that people, the first thing to do is poison and distort the culture. To falsify history, remove truth and to insert lies, etc. Then, with more or less everyone in an admittedly diverse population, all sharing the same distorted culture, the real damage can begin.

The dope, the queerism and – at the end of it all – the race-mixing. Hopping into bed with a nigger takes a lot of desensitization. No normal, healthy person would ever contemplate such a thing. It is the original sin and it is the unforgivable sin. Because to blaspheme the Temple of the Holy Spirit – that is your body and the genes carried within it – means to have your name excised from out of the Book of Life.

In plainer terms, it spells the end of your family line which, it can hardly be denied, began with the Creation. Worse, it creates a new SATANIC line. (And take that! All those who accuse me of being a Satanist.) Farmers in their barnyards understand breeding as it comes to animals. It has required generations of BRAIN-RAPE to get things to the present point where open race-mixing is today commonly presented in television commercials. It is desensitization accompanied by monkey-see, monkey-do.

And gross, when it has become the new normal, amounts to desensitization. That is a thing which you positively do not want when it comes to your reproductive habits. Our ancestors kept covered up and sex was confined, or limited, or restrained, to marriage. But WOW! What a sky high birthrate! I think they must have been onto something.

An old saying has it that, “Beauty is Aryan; Glamour is Jewish.” Of course, all import upon the sex act, consequently, is Jewish, while the love and the prospect of the child is Aryan. That was, of course, until generations of mastery over our media, etc., has rendered most Whites as little more than spiritual Jews. Distortion.

I’ve don’t have to tell you how it is out there with regard to marriage, family and childbirth. It’s bad.

As often as not, I use myself as a sort of weathervane, or litmus test regarding such trends. I’ve lived it and I’ve seen it. I easily recall coming across some of my father’s “girlie” magazines stashed underneath his car seat back in the Fifties. POW! I wish to God some of that same sensation could come over me today!! And these were just “cutie pie” magazines, nothing hard or rough.

I used to have terrific fun in describing to the “young-uns” I worked with all the hoops we were forced to jump through just in order to get our hands on what were then commonly referred to as “stag films”. And these were nothing more than straight sex. Forty dollars in 1970 was a lot of money and that was the cost of a two-hundred-foot reel of silent film. About twenty minutes running time. We had to drive fifty miles to the State Capital to even find a porno store. Then we had to produce our own I.D. plus see the I.D. of the shop owner to make sure no police were involved.

You had to of course have access to a film projector. You had to have a secure location to screen this stuff. (Can’t have Mom or Dad – well, at least not Mom – walking in on you.) And you needed, if not a proper movie screen, then at least a blank surface onto which to project the image. (Once when we had nothing but flowered wallpaper to work with, we got the brilliant idea of using a drawn window shade. That produced a lot of car honks from out on the street where the image could be seen in reverse.)

But, again, it always was straight sex between a man and a woman. And I might add, a WHITE man and a WHITE woman.

They say that after the advent of home video, pornography became bigger than Hollywood itself.

And the flood gates were open.

I’ve said in the past that the kind of “democracy” that these bastards today are thinking of first made its appearance in two places: Stalinist Russia and the pornography industry. Think of it. Man, that’s REAL equality! Forced on the one hand and induced through conditioning on the other. We viewed all of that back in the day as something truly weird and most definitely alien and evil. Today it is the norm. As I said, I’ve seen it develop.

Back in the Nineties – using myself again as a test case – I was rediscovering the world of comics. I had been an avid fan back in the “Silver Age” of the 10¢ and 12¢ classics. Things had changed and more than just the price. One dealer told me that someone had been arrested in Cleveland for distributing pornography to minors for this new stuff. But during this same period, I ran across something advertised entitled, “Betty Being Bad”. The cover looked good and so I ordered it. I had not previously heard of Betty Page but when I opened that comic – all photos, actually – I was magically transported back to the Fifties, in the back seat of my Dad’s ’49 Ford, and with a precious few glances at that “girlie” magazine. Here was innocence, here was restraint but what a punch it still could pack.

I became a fan. But as I studied and learned more about Betty Page, I found that she had been victimized sexually as a high school student in Tennessee, had travelled to New York to seek a living as a model, had been “recruited” into a private camera club by a Negro – and I won’t comment more on that – and had ended up with a Jewish soft-core pornographer. Her life was a mess. But in the Fifties, for a young White woman to get herself involved with such as all that, it would have required a heavy lot of damage to have already been done.

Today all that same damage is being done and on a grand scale.

But I was called upon to write this piece due to a comment made by someone within what is called the “Alt Right” (Richard Spencer) and having to do with child pornography. I’ve had this theory of mine on the subject formed up for quite a while but only now do I put it to paper.

The masters of the media and most certainly the masters of pornography – the Jews – do not have at heart the best interests of our people and this includes children. The government being but an extension of all this may have the very same said for it. Let’s get that much well digested.

And so why then – in the midst of all this ocean of filth and depravity, all of it touted and state sanctioned – would there be such a hissy fit about child pornography? Many, many years up the river for mere possession. It doesn’t fit the picture. It is an anomaly of the highest rank. And so, therefore, it really begs for some deep consideration.

Here is what I came up with.

Ads for open, legal child pornography were rife in the men’s magazines up until about 1979. Then they went down as though someone had flipped a switch. They were instantly replaced by “phone sex” ads. A move like that, involving anything, should stir suspicion. It requires a central command, in effect. And who has that power?

Follow the money. If you want to keep something mysterious, hot and alluring the way to do it is to outlaw it. Also, to keep it a sellers’ market. Look at Prohibition. People will brave the law. Flood the market with photos of naked women and the market gets burned out and queerism becomes the new “kick”. Flood the market with queerism and what’s left? It’s not new. Its part of the Jewish religion as laid out in the Talmud. A greater evil would be hard to imagine.

Jesus said, “Suffer the little ones to come unto me.” He also said it would be better for anyone who would offend one of these little ones if he were to have a mill stone around his neck and dropped into the sea.

For the record, pornography was outlawed in the Third Reich and I’d bet the farm that child pornography would have fetched the death penalty. And to hell with squawks over so-called “First Amendment” issues. But is there the will to wake up from such a nightmare as this?