“Put On the Full Armor of the Lord”

We were sent a letter to the website recently making a few statements and raising a few questions about the subject of Aryans in the ancient Middle East. Well, of course, yes. The fact is that the entire area was a lot Whiter several thousand years ago than it is today. All history supports that with the possible exception of the directly lying and downright delusional so-called “Black history” which claims that even Beethoven was a nigger.

Photos dating from the time of the First World War depicting King Faisal and some of his entourage shows essentially a White man surrounded by a retinue of gradually darkening types, all the way down to solid black. Look at Assad today in Syria. A White man. You’ll find a few Whites everywhere but the issue will remain: “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” That was posed by King David of ancient Israel. We put it this way: If you lose your White population base, you’re through as a nation.

This is the great lesson of history and, yes, any failing to take its lesson are doomed to repeat it. And what of the prevailing mood in all White lands today – dominated as they are by enemy, alien regimes and their own, private medial? There is “no such thing” as race and any who would beg to differ are tarred as “racists” and moral lepers, etc. Laws are everywhere on the books for the prevention of anything remotely resembling White self-defense. Outright race-mixing is openly pushed everywhere.

This goes beyond ignorance. This represents a deliberate agenda and one which is clearly anti-White. One must ask: How can this be happening in a land that was ninety percent White only a generation ago? The answer is: By the work of a conspiracy, against the will and the best interests of the Whites. One has to be old enough to remember the time before so-called “integration” set in. Yes, it was real and it was wonderful. Life was a joy. But an entrenched conspiracy began saying that this “wasn’t fair” to the colored minority and so it had to be “changed”. (And how I hate that word “change”.)

And so you see the result of all this today and, let me assure you, it hasn’t reached its end yet. “Keep your eyes on the prize”, the coloreds love to repeat. Well, what exactly is this “prize”? A situation without Whites or one where Whites have been relegated to insignificance? Well, anyone may make personal and direct use of a veritable “time machine” into the future by booking a flight to any Third World country just to witness what this would be like. Actually, you only have to view the nightly news to see it any day of the week from right at home. Is this condition desirable? Is it what anyone wants to bequeath to their children and grandchildren?

Our friend who wrote in warned of not trusting Blacks. He also quoted the line from the Bible which says that the leopard can’t change its spots, not the Ethiopian his skin. True. But this only means that one CAN trust them both, implicitly. Trust them to BE WHAT THEY ARE. But it is up to us to be aware of exactly what they are. And as we have covered, all of history stands to tell us just that. However, when an alien media has the power to erase or falsify history that is where the danger reenters, just as it has done throughout history.

Now, getting into the Bible, it would seem that most of the people in the racialist right view the Bible as being some sort of alien text that, when absorbed by our people, amounts to but a formula for national suicide. I know this because for a long time I was one of them. But consider: The Church and its representation of the Bible is but one more of our own institutions that has gone rotten and/or has been infiltrated and taken over by the enemy and thus turned against us. No institution has gone untouched in this way. My personal feeling is that the Church – along with the rest – had come to represent, in effect, a neutral propelled along by sheer inertia and had already become a prime and easy target for any invading conspiracy.

One old Right Wing saying had it that, “Priests don’t become communists but communists become priests.” No doubt in my mind at all that Stalin ordered this to occur during the Twenties and Thirties and so there came Pope John XXIII, or the “Red Pope”. It most certainly isn’t confined to Catholicism but to every branch and level of Christianity just the way it applies to every form of government in the White West. And this forms a great PRINCIPLE for all to keep always in mind.

Then there is reality. Reading the Bible is the literary equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. And even should you make it all the way past every word through sheer force of will and determination, unless you have had in your possession a few key insights throughout, you’ll come out probably knowing less than when you went in. Once more, it had been the same with me. It just isn’t taught correctly. As the Bible itself states, “strait and narrow” is the gate to truth and wisdom but wide is the gate to falsity. So it remains.

I will tell you this as I discovered it myself and as the series of volumes I wrote on it to explain to everyone demonstrates: The entire Bible is OUR BOOK, dealing with OUR origins, OUR history and OUR destiny; and it is also a great WARNING to us saying DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! It is WE who were and are and always will be God’s Chosen People exactly as the historic record proves. And the great danger has always been our permitting those of alien race to infiltrate our societies and thus “turn them away from the Lord.”

Even Right Wing Christian types will moan that “we” must turn our hearts back to the Lord. They even urge “praying” for “our” leaders to do this same thing. They obviously understand nothing. First, if the image and the universal idea of the Lord is so utterly Misconstrued as it currently is and has been for such a long time, then it is rendered IMPOSSIBLE to truly “turn to the Lord” because he is accepted as virtually some kind of Clinton liberal and, in any event, won’t be at all receptive. Second, our people generally just can’t grasp the concept of the alien infiltrator and the internal sell-out which is what make up our so-called “leadership”. They will only turn to their own, personal God: The dollar bill.

As part of Ephesians, Chapter 6, Verses 10 through 20, it is stated to put on the full armor of the Lord. We, at Siegeculture.com, have as our motto, “Toward a higher awareness.” It is the same thing. The enemy knows who he is, knows who we are, knows what he wants and is well along the road to getting it. In contrast, how much of any of this is known and appreciated even by those in forefront positions ostensibly on “our” side? Virtually unarmed. With predictable results.

Our friend who wrote in goes into all the very extensive mention in the Bible regarding Hittites, Hivites, Jebusites, Girgashites, Perizzites and the other tribes of aliens that the ancient Israelites were obliged to remove from what had been promised to us as the Holy Land and he also quite correctly compares this to the case here in America when our pioneer ancestors were required to kill or drive out the Red Indians in order to occupy the land. The comparison is exact.

But Red Indians – savage and fierce as they were – were not the same stuff as Canaanites as the tribes named above were collectively known. The Bible carefully recounts how these conquered people eventually, over generations, assimilated themselves into the Hebrew Temple and, at the end of it, became “Jews” along with the rest of the population there in the same way that all groupings here today are “Americans”. The Bible’s warnings of this and against this are dire and they are constant. But at least every member of the racialist right is generally aware of the role that racial Jews are and have been playing in the plight of our White race worldwide and historically.

Now, hopefully, more and more will see that this is a situation far broader and greater than anything they may have previously imagined. And that will amount to their having then put on the full armor of the Lord.

Neither Red Indians nor any other conquered race have ever posed this kind of threat to Whites. It’s something unique, something special and, certainly, something Biblical.

The great Reverend Jack Crites would bring down the house anytime he would end with his outline of the “Edomites” or “Canaanites” being racial bastards by definition and by saying, “And I think we all know that they’re DIRTY bastards, too.”