Rage. It’s a feeling I’ve felt nothing but for nearly a decade. A righteous rage, but rage nonetheless. How could anyone with an IQ above room temperature not feel rage at the state of things? Rage at injustice, corruption, and more.

Why such the rage friend?:

Where I grew up in the United States, corruption is rampant. It’s not uncommon for the local politician to be working with businesses or embezzling money for themselves. All while you get to see your friends and family suffer through drug addiction, alcoholism, and despair.

In the rural parts of my home state, it’s much worse. Drug addiction and alcoholism are more common than not, as are suicide and poverty. Institutions are hollowed out by corruption by local businesses scamming the local governments for contracts, and your local sheriff is the one dealing the drugs.

All the while, in these rural areas, social services simply do not exist. Mental health? Have fun with an institution that doesn’t help you and holds you against your will as they pump you with random drugs that they can charge up your insurance fraudulently and those drugs don’t help at all. Regular health? Enjoy rampant medical malpractice that’ll cause severe lifelong injury or even death. Oh, don’t worry, the hospital will threaten and bully you to make sure you won’t sue.

I knew a guy, let’s call him Dean. Dean grew up in a very rural part of my home state. Gets in a bad accident, and his legs get crushed. They have to replace his leg bones with steel rods. The only hospital in his area has them and a surgeon at the ready. However, due to incompetence, the steel legs were improperly stored and rusted. The hospital staff simply ignore this and put the rusted rods in his body without telling him.

Dean’s blood gets poisoned from this operation, and until he dies, he now has to take a cocktail of drugs to make sure he doesn’t die from their fuckup. He is also in constant pain and has to take pain medication, which he’s now addicted to. In turn, the hospital threatens and lies, claiming that he can never sue and that if he does, they will countersue and take everything from him. Instead, they offer a pittance in exchange for a signed agreement that he will not sue them.

Dean isn’t the only story; however, he is the most memorable. I remember multiple. I’ve heard of medical malpractice that has caused the severe injury or death of so many people that it’s like a parody. This story has a point, however. The political class of my home state itself conducted an inquiry on medicine in my state. Great, right? Wrong!

Their concern wasn’t rural Whites suffering, being made addicts, injured, or even murdered by a corrupt and incompetent medical system. No, they were concerned about the many niggers in my home state who die of obesity as a result of eating too much goyslop garbage filth. That’s their number one concern.

I saw public statements about this, councils convened, and money pushed around. Why? To figure out why niggers are so fucking fat. My home state spent tens of millions of dollars to find out that niggers are fat because they eat too much garbage. All so that the politicians here can virtue signal with nigger pastors and nigger community leaders to get more nigger votes. What a fucking joke!

To add insult to injury, I have met and conversed with the upper-class filth of my home state. You know what they think about the suffering of rural Whites? It’s a joke to them. The idea of “dumb hicks” dying of drug overdoses, alcoholism, suicide, and worse is a big joke to them.

All while they focus on the “real issues” like whether middle class transvestites get to have their pills or not, if niggers get more free shit, how we can get more migrants in (which these upper class filth don’t live anywhere near, by the way, and if you’re not one of them and you go in their neighborhoods then prepare to be pulled over and harassed by the cops and given bullshit tickets), and more.

Now, in the rural areas of my home state, especially, there has been an uptick in radicalism. Both general right-wing militia and accelerationist activities. My home state has always been a haven for such radicalism, and how could it not be? These problems are over a century old at this point. This environment breeds such radicalism.

Going back on point, the FBI has even declared it a “threat”. A threat to whom? The politicians who openly take bribes, embezzle money, and ignore legitimate problems? Upper-class scum who mock and laugh at the plight of rural Whites while virtue signaling their support for niggers, migrants, and faggots? If that’s the case, then they’re correct. Of course if those FBI agents in that field office in question are reading this, which I know you are, let it be known that in your interviews discussing why people like me are the biggest threat, you’re all old flabby obese boomers and the biggest threat to you assholes is too much McDonald’s.

Yeah, I’m the biggest threat because I’m angry over these horrid conditions and seeing people suffer and die before my eyes, and I want change so that this doesn’t happen. It’s totally not the scumbags who run this system who are openly breaking federal laws without a care in the world that are causing these issues that you all refuse to even look into, those guys aren’t threats at all.

This is what keeps me going—hatred and rage at these injustices. It’s not because I’m some loser who’s blaming my problems on others, like these upper-class cunts always state in the media and in academia.

No, I simply found problems and looked at the causes of those problems. Funny enough, the same people saying you’re mentally ill, an incel, a loser, and alike for even looking into these problems are the same ones causing them.

It seems to me that the only solution to end these problems is to get rid of those causing them. In the state of our current society, revolution is the only solution. Complete overthrow of the system.

Something I remember and will always remember is this statement: “You cannot end suffering, you can only change who suffers and how much that that those suffer receive.”. Which I hold to be true, who suffers, and why? Instead of people who don’t deserve it suffering through pain, misery, and more. Why should not those causing these injustices receive that? It’s a simple question. Something that will end up being answered on its own naturally, despite all avoidance by the system elite and its muscle.

Anger at the state of the movement in the United States and beyond:

I have very much a love/hate relationship with the movement in the United States. On one hand I have met personally some of the best people I could ever consider to be my brothers. On the other hand, the movement is filled with charlatans, con artists, losers, egotistical retards, grifters, and more. All are equally useless and damaging.

I’m so sick of it all. Our people are suffering, a suffering I’ve seen firsthand, which made me want to get involved, yet despite this, these people don’t care for it. It’s a game for them. A social club. An ego project.

Everyone has their hand out for money, granted that asking for donations isn’t bad. Same with selling things. We do it ourselves; it’s what keeps this project alive and its head above water. With these fraudsters, there is a line that’s been crossed.

Where it is no longer about funding your cause, but rather a business for your personal gain. There are too many groups out there that are nothing but pyramid schemes for racists or individuals trying to squeeze every last penny out of you as a personal grift.

It’s sickening. It’s even more sickening to see how successful they are at it. Con artists, grifters, and charlatans are far more successful than the genuine, especially in the United States. Flashy buzzwords and empty platitudes work better than actual conviction and principle.

It just makes me mad because I see others who work their asses off for legitimate projects, yet they can barely get anything working for them. All the while, those who don’t do anything besides make media and do projects to get more money get funding on par with an extremely successful small business.

Fill in the blanks with losers, egotistical cunts, and retards who always end up biting your ass and attempting to screw over whatever hard work you do and take it for themselves. This has happened to me far too often, to the point where it has become a cycle.

Just recently, we all here at The American Futurist got to experience it twice in a record two months. First, we have a couple of loser members of the now-defunct NSO and a sociopathic middle-aged retard with an ego the size of the sun as their leader trying to take over all of our stuff for the sake of an ego project for their leader. That is the NSO9A, where their biggest brag is that one of them knew how to make PDF files for us (yeah, I’m not joking, their biggest brag is that one of them made some PDFs for us. How pathetic.).

Then a month later we get to deal with James Mason attempting a similar endeavor, for which he now runs a blog no one reads where all he does is seethe about us passive-aggressively mixed in with attempting to build a Christian Identity cult around himself, except there are no followers and his only friend is a guy who wants to have sex with toddlers that’s only helping him strictly out of spite of us kicking him out for being a pedophile.

What a pathetic end to a man that I once thought of as a good friend and one of the most intelligent men in movement history. It just shows why the Vikings called old age “the bad death”.

All the while, movementarian con artists are working harder than the goddamn FBI to bring us down on all fronts, fabricating lies and attempting to shut us down and shut us out. This has the potential to lead to depression. Yet we don’t; it’s just a cycle like everything else in this world, and we just need to keep working hard.

I wouldn’t care if I were the only person in the world with this truth and the rage that comes with it. I’d still speak it. I’d still advocate it. I’ll still turn my rage into a fire that I use to forge my weapons to finally seek victory and end this evil. Even though it has a significant chance of leading to my own death. I’d be a liar if I didn’t say I didn’t have at least some concern due to the unknown nature of life after death.

I must say, however, that I’d rather die a free man than live in servitude, for death is the least of the evils that can be put upon you. The struggle is eternal, onward to victory!

Hail Victory!


I’ll be uploading my favorite Hitler speech here that is absolutely relevant. Hitler discussed his own struggles for literally decades until he was finally victorious in Germany. Even when all hope was lost and many abandoned him, he still won.

Even when it appeared to be impossible, it is possible. Alexander the Great said it himself: “There is nothing impossible to him who will try!” and to quote T.E. Lawrence, “All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”

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