Having successfully reemerged on April 20th – deliberately choosing the date of Hitler’s birthday for the occasion – after having had our website “taken down” on March 9th – Rockwell’s birthday (and was this facilitated by enemies or “friends”?) – I, for one, am strongly taken back to the days in Weimar Germany when, between communists in the streets and the sick-o government sitting in power, the attempts to silence us were at least as adamant then as they are now. Incidentally, redeverbot means a ban on speaking.

So, if Hitler couldn’t speak in a certain German province, then it would be up to Rosenberg or Goebbels, etc. If the Brown Shirt couldn’t be worn, then it would be a white shirt. And if the white shirt was also banned, it might become no shirt at all. If the Party newspaper, the Volkische Beobachter or Racial Observer, were banned then a new publication with a new name would instantaneously appear the next day.

Maybe I am wrong but were any such measures ever taken against the communists? Certainly, today the communists are fully legal over there but not the National Socialists. Sort of says a lot. Says ALL, in fact. They’ve gotten a little bit more cool in their tactics of late. Nothing so bold and dramatic as REDEVERBOT. Now it is “hate speech” instead and, surely, we can’t be having any of that! In the countries of Europe so long accustomed to so-called “liberal democracy” – a creepy, cowardly form of Marxism – they will straight-up lock you up for so-called “hate speech”, of even questioning certain historical fantasies. Over here so far they’ll – just like the sneaks and cowards that they are – get you “taken down” from the use of the internet.

But those with the smarts, the determination, the will and the sure conviction that their message MUST be gotten out to the people – to be stopped by NOTHING – shall overcome all and get right back up again.

To go on, a so-called “hate crime”, or that label attached to any other common crime, will automatically have the effect of doubling down on any sentence that may incur. Who decides these things? Well, here at least is the way it works: All of this business is aimed against Whites with the intention of removing every vestige of means at self-defense against colored incursion and outrage. The system of institutions once raised by our own forefathers has now been coopted and turned against us by an occupying, enemy power. It was the same there, in Germany then and it is the same today in every White, Western land. We truly are all together in the same boat.

Who is this enemy power? We don’t need to go into name-calling – even if the name, the identity, is fully accurate. The enemy power is, above all things, ANTI-WHITE. Know them by their actions.

People talk a lot about conspiracy. The enemy media even loves to tickle the toes with “rabbit hole” fakes like “The X-Files” which might titillate but which merely misdirect. Unlimited wealth or ungodly power over the heads of and without the knowledge or consent of the people. But for what real purpose? These media shows never fully, satisfactorily explain this. Some kind of “control”, yes. But control to accomplish what? Merely look at the trends as they exist and have existed for a few generations now and you will know the answer.

Where is it headed? It is headed – being forced – in the United States and every Western land toward a permanentized THIRD WORLD condition. Going colored. Any attempt, any word or even thought to go against this trend is anti “P.C.” It is not “politically correct”. But politically correct according to who or to what? We need a national referendum on all of this but do you suppose such a thing will ever be granted? Hell, no. They very much fear that a thing like that might backfire in their faces exactly the way the surprise upset victory of Donald Trump blew up on them.

And, my God, how they hate Trump. They can’t stand it. Can’t live with it! Jumping up and down, foaming at the mouth. Every snide remark, every slander on the part of the media. Every roadblock, every defiance on the part of the enemy entrenched in government. Every cardboard sign carried by every communist march. All of this and more aimed against this man with some healthy instincts and good intentions, plus the courage and integrity to put it all forth, together with some common even-handedness is more than they can take.

Then what of us? The NAZIS!!!

They know we’d put a sudden end to them. Did it once. But they were successful in lying to the good people of the other Western lands that their “way of life” was being threatened by this man, Hitler, and his nation of Germany. Well, where is that “way of life” that my parents’ generation went and fought for, or so they thought? GONE! Someone was lied to. No need again to name names. All one has to do is take a look at the outcome. That way of life has been eradicated more surely than had this nation been overrun by a hostile foe. Now it really IS being overrun by hordes of these coloreds because they know and realize that “our” government is really their own best friend and that the Whites are basically helpless to prevent this invasion, albeit a slime-dripping kind of invasion.

And why no kind of genuine leadership? It’s been this way all throughout history. Never any shortage of those who’ll do anything for money. Media darlings. Pretty faces. Pretty promises. Take the easy course, Do it the nice way. Piss no one off. Roll over. Grab the ankles. Lay down and die. Above all, never name the real issues, never call it as it really is. But just always condemn the “haters”. Nice and safe. Will win you points with the ugly, violent enemy sitting in dominance. People understand fear and it is fear which rules.

But it’s okay to hate the haters.

That would be ourselves. We, who have NO POWER, NO INFLUENCE over what goes on in the land, in any land. We, who by virtue of whatever never gave up on what our parents’ generation supposedly went to war to protect. What every previous generation went to war to protect… hearth and home. What else do you go to war for? Well, these days it is to force unwanted and un-native – if I may coin a word – “democracy” upon Third World people in Arabia. Insane and criminal. It’ll last as long as it takes water to refill the hole of a finger being withdrawn from a glass of water. But that’s “defending our freedom”?!

Freedom? Sickening hypocrisy. It’s been long ago said that only free men can discriminate. Today discrimination has been outlawed. And that is a main tenet of Marxism, of communism. Not just phony-baloney “equality” as some sort of sick daydream but the violent enforcement of it through the power of the state. The enemy here today has been smart enough to allow them to keep their flag and just about all of the trappings of their former national life. They can talk it all up as much as they want. And, by this, they think they are “free”. But while all of this nonsense is going on, the guts and the vitals of their very nation are being gnawed and eroded by rats in their midst more all the time. Try to point this out or do something about it and you are in for a very special kind of hell.

Freedom of speech here goes like this: You’re fine as long as you are saying gibberish or something directly in line with the program of the enemy. That is, anything nonsensical or anti-White. But say something out of line and you no longer deserve or have the protection of the First Amendment. If this doesn’t describe hypocrisy then the word itself has no meaning.

But we go crying to no one because there is no one to go crying to. We at least recognize that the playing field is not even. That the deck is stacked. That you can have all the freedom which you are able to fight for and achieve. That it is still the jungle and a fight for survival on the part of the fittest. It is the miserable and – even more – the UNAWARE who have awaiting them the pit.

Then back to redeverbot. Do we actually offend their delicate sensibilities by our pronouncements? To the extent that they simply must put a halt to such outrage and indecency? Are we really so obscene? Too bad they took such care to have all of our obscenity laws knocked down decades ago in order to make way for their own pornography, etc.

If we are that stupid then it should be a cinch for us to discredit ourselves. And in that context, it is well for each one of us purporting to represent the racialist movement to bear in mind that we have the heaviest, most grave of responsibilities to keep our message pure and true and not to fall into the trap of making ourselves and our movement look like what the enemy tries to make us out to be. Because, never doubt, the enemy and his controlled media loves the idea of parading our own kooks and nuts out in front of the public just like the proverbial clay pigeons.

But in the world of reality, the true test will be just as it has always been, that of the enemy who sits in control – or through any one of his low-level “cat’s paws” – to get us “taken down”.

It’s very simple: The lie cannot parade successfully or confidently as “truth” whenever there remains one spark of actual truth alive anywhere. We will go on as this light to the end, no matter what, until the climax, the end is reached.