Remember the 9th of November

This piece was meant for November 9th, 2021 but technical problems caused our site to be down for that day sadly.

Today is a very auspicious and important day of remembrance for our people! Nearly a century

ago today, in 1923, 2,000 determined NSDAP members marched on the city of Munich in a supposedly “failed” attempt to liberate Germany from the corrupt and degenerate Wiemar Republic. Lead by the Avatar of Man and some other godlike men of the time, they marched bravely against a tyrannical regime and, sadly, many of their own people who were still yet blinded by the propaganda and conditioning of the same parasitic; leech-like species who has been bleeding the life, identity, culture, soul, health and heart from, not only Aryan man, but all civilizations throughout recorded history and, no doubt, from the first moment of their advent.

History’ has recorded this day as an embarrassing mistake and non-success of the leaders of the Nazi Party, while simultaneously crediting it with leading to the almost instant notoriety and ultimate triumph of Adolf Hitler later on. In my humble opinion, it was not what lead to his triumph, for that was predestined, but it certainly wasnot a failure! Whether or not one believes in the divinity of Hitler or even in destiny at all, doesn’t really matter. For anyone should be able to see that failure does not always or even often end in defeat if your will is strong. Failures do not preclude victory, but are often the path to it.

The truth is that any major achievement takes a vast amount of Will and Sacrifice and when it comes to battles, whether of the body, mind or spirit the magnitude is incalculable. Right now, we are facing a battle on all fronts. We are facing an enemy with apparent fathomless strength, but it only appears so daunting because our people have not, yet, fully realized the depth of our true strength. Many do not even see the necessity, let alone the certitude of our victory. Many are afraid of what they may lose as an individual to fight a seemingly hopeless war for the collective. I call those “men within time” faithless, selfless cowards! Who will never find happiness, peace or even contentment in their miserable, pathetic little lives. They will never acquire honor, glory, or the immortality that a great man’s deeds achieve, even in death.

While there is much honor in a quiet; simple life in times of peace, there is only shame, cowardice, and disgrace in clinging to those things whilst your people are in a war for our very existence. To sit idly by on the sidelines or worse, hiding in the shadows of compliance, platitudes, and slavery to this sick, degenerate system makes you complicit in the enslavement and genocide of your own kind. It makes you a special kind of traitor and mark my words, when the day of reckoning arrives, all traitors will woefully regret it. Even if you manage to survive, you will regret not having the glory and honor that goes with the sacrifices we must make now. But even IF that day never comes, your fate will be just as bad, if not worse. I curse such cowards with every fiber of soul to live their own worst hell.

For those of my comrades who have struggled, fought, and sacrificed so much; for those of you who have felt that you have made mistakes or even sometimes have felt like giving up (DON’T!!!): Remember all who came before you (and those that will follow) and know that they smile down on you from the past, future and even the present. For though it may seem, at times, like you are not alone in this struggle, you are NOT! And you never know what fortunate, favorable circumstances your mishaps and careless blunders may bring for either yourself or those who come after. Take heart and even a little sheepish pride in your mistakes. They may one day turn out to lead to the path that is our saving grace. The way of Wyrd is a strange and mysterious thing. Know that by living life boldly and honorably, and remembering, celebrating, and striving to emulate our martyrs and those who share our destiny and ideals, you force the fates to smile upon you.

Happy Beer Hall Putsch Day and Ave Victoria ad infinitum!

Your faithful sister and comrade. Jai Kali Maa!